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Women’s Physique Program

Women’s Physique Program

If you are looking for a women’s physique program, you’ve found the website for that.  Training for a women’s physique competition can be a grueling task.  Not only do you have to train hard, you also have strict dieting and increased cardio.  Even though your actual training is with weights, the rest of your prep is outside the gym with meal prep and rest for recovery.  Bundle that all together, and it can be quite time consuming.

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Even so, I’m going to break down competition training to make life easier.  Learn how to diet down and lose fat and utilized your off-season training for dense muscle mass.  Follow these simple steps to make your workouts effective.

Follow a Monday through Sunday Plan

To lose body fat, and even build muscle, you need to follow a solid nutrition, consistently, each week. You should outline a dieting plan and training schedule and follow it, no matter what.  The only reason you miss a workout is because you are sick or there is a family emergency.  Yes, training for a women’s physique competition is like being married.  It comes first.

A Monday through Sunday training plan can look something like this:

  • Monday – Hamstrings and Calves
  • Tuesday – Chest, Biceps, and Abs
  • Wednesday – Off
  • Thursday – Back, Triceps, and Abs
  • Friday – Quads and Calves
  • Saturday – Shoulders and Abs
  • Sunday – Off

Wednesdays and Sundays are off training days.  These days are important too.  They allow your body to rest and recover.  Without recovery, you can forget about building a physique that’s impressive.

If you do happen to miss a day, such as chest day, yes, you can make it up the next day, which is Wednesday.  Although this is acceptable, don’t get into a habit of missing and making up.  It’s only passable once in a while.

This is not the only acceptable training split on your women’s physique program.  You can use any type of split that doesn’t over tax muscles that are worked together. Any training split needs to ensure there’s enough recovery time.  You can train every other day, two days on, 1 day off, push-pull, etc.  Tinker a bit and find out what works best for your body and your schedule.

The most important thing is to not overtrain and don’t train a muscle group that’s still sore.  You muscles have to be fully recovered before you train them again or they will now grow.  Treat your muscles like a baby.  What do babies do?  They eat and they rest, and the end result is growth.

Mirror Your Off-Season Training

Your off-season training and contest prep training don’t have to be foreign to each other.  It took the off-season training to build your muscle.  Keep it by using the same principles.  The fat loss comes in your diet and added cardio.  Keep training for what it’s meant for, muscle building.

So, doing 3-5 exercises per muscle group, 3-4 sets in the 8-12 rep range is perfectly acceptable in the off-season.  The only time you need to lighten your poundage is when you lose strength.  You will lose strength due to the dieting aspect.

Your off-season training needs to be high in anaerobic intensity, heavy in poundage used, and decent recovery for growth.   Save the high-rep training for your pre-contest phase, when your strength suffers a drop.

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While your women’s physique program needs to follow certain guidelines to be effective, don’t forget to individualize it.  Now, if you want to start training and transforming like those athletes you see on stage, then check out the FREE program below…


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