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Women’s Physique Competition Training

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Women's Physique Competition Training

Women’s physique competition training is on the rise.  It’s the category just below female bodybuilding and just above figure.  It’s for women who want to build muscle and compete, but not to extreme.  The muscle development is a tad less than the female bodybuilders, but a bit more than the figure competitors.  The women’s physique competitors body fat should be less than the figure competitors, but not to the extreme of the female bodybuilders. It’s the happy medium between the figure and female bodybuilding divisions.

Women’s Physique Training

If you want to compete in women’s physique, you need to hit the gym and start training.  Have at least one good year of hardcore training under your belt before you even begin to think about competing.  You will need that solid muscle base to diet and train on.  Build your base big ahead of time.

Start a training split that allows you to hit each muscle group once a week, with rest in between.  In the off-season, most women’s physique competitors adopt a training split of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, taking Wednesdays and the weekends off.

When it’s time to move into contest prep mode, the training split can change to two days on, one day off.   An example is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on.

Women’s Physique Dieting

The most famous part of contest prep is dieting.  Many competitors these days aren’t taking their prep diet as serious as they should.  If you want to be relaxed your diet, that’s the off-season.  Once you start your contest prep diet, no cheating, no slips, no tastes, no drinking, etc.  You are in training.  They are going to judge you, on stage, under bright stage lights in less than a yard of material.  Do you really think you should have exceptions on your diet?

The goal of the contest diet is to keep the muscle and strip off the body fat.  That can only be done if you follow a strict diet designed to do just that.  If you eat a doughnut during your contest diet, that’s going to set you back about 6 days.  That’s 6 days lost.  You should have started your diet 6 days earlier.  Do you see how one little slip can screw-up all your hard work?

Winners don’t make excuses or cheat.  They do what it takes to win.  If you want to win, get your game face on.  Do what it takes.

Mastering Peak Week

Peak week is the last 7 days you pull it all together.  This week is different from the previous 11.  You do things a bit differently.  Your diet is different, your training is different, and your cardio is different.  Once you get to peak week, the work is done.  You aren’t going to lose any more body fat or build any more muscle.  All you do this final week is use diet and training to pull in tight and hard.

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Most people miss the process.  You have to spend time before prepping to build the muscle base.  People want to rush through things and contest prep is something that can’t be rushed.  You need to plan and pace for a good outcome.  Learn how to go through the process of dieting, training and prepping.  See below…


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