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Winning the War on Weight Loss

win the war on weight loss by eating
How to Win the War on Weight Loss in 3 Simple Steps

Are you finally ready to win the war on weight loss?  If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried every diet program available.  You’re in for a pleasant surprise when you discover you can do a few simple things to spark fat loss.  Sound incredible? Here’s how to really win the war on weight loss.

Don’t Just Eat Right, Do This Instead

Mainstream’s way to weight loss is cutting calories and fat and now even cutting carbs.  As many dieters venture on low-calories, low-fat, and low-carbs they find themselves lacking energy and not really losing any noticeable body fat.  When you aim to lose body fat you need to, not just eat right, but to eat healthy.  Fat loss occurs when you feed the body the high-quality foods it needs.  Krissy Kendall, Ph.D. states, “[T]hink of the food you put into your body as your nutrition, which is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has people grabbing for fast and easy meals.  To win the war on weight loss, a healthy eating plan should entail food items that are natural and even organic.  A breakfast burrito for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine for lunch, and a Healthy Choice meal for dinner will not pave the path to permanent fat loss.  You can’t just eat right by eating “healthy” boxed foods. You have to go back to the basics and feed your body the nutrients that promote fat loss.  A simple key point to remember is, when it comes to the quality of food, if it wasn’t available 50 years ago, you shouldn’t eat it now.

Add These

To win the war on weight loss you need to be receiving your nutrients.  While eating foods provided by Mother Nature will help in shedding body fat, the downside to our natural food supply is that it’s depleted of nutrients.  Today, we are eating more food, yet receiving fewer nutrients. Often times, when someone has a difficult time shedding excess body fat it can be related to a nutrient deficiency.

Supplementing with vitamins and minerals can help you get the edge on controlling and managing your weight by strengthening and defending your organs from toxins and free-radicals and converting food to energy.

Do More of This

These days we live a convenient lifestyle.  Everything is at an arm’s reach, from the remote control to the almighty smart phone that most people can’t live without.  Most families have at least two vehicles, if not more.  We have become less dependent on physical forms of moving from point A to point B.

To put it plain and simple, we have become a nation that’s fat and lazy; period.  No one is out moving like they need to.  If you want to win the war on weight loss and be healthy you have to move around and get active.  Walking is the most basic form of physical activity and nearly anyone can do it, but very few people are engaging in this easy form of exercise.  Walking stimulates the digestive system, sparks the metabolism, and aids in weight loss.  If you are not walking for weight loss, you are doing yourself and your body a great injustice.

The One-Month Challenge

If you have had trouble losing weight in the past, then I urge you to take these 3 simple steps and apply them every day for one month.  If you, for one month, eat whole and natural foods (nothing processed), add vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to your diet, and walk for one hour every day, you will lose arrow pointing down

But if you want more advanced information and a full working plan, see the following…



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