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Weight Loss Without the Loose Skin

weight loss without the loose skin

How to Accomplish Astounding Weight Loss Without All The Loose Skin

How many times have you seen an overweight person lose weight, but they are left with layers of loose skin?  If your goal is to lose weight, yet you don’t want to be plagued with all that loose skin as a result, you can rest easy.  I’m going to share with you some tips to prevent that saggy situation.

The best way to lose weight without having all that loose skin hanging around afterwards is to lose weight slowly.  Slow weight loss allows your skin to shrink to some degree to keep up with the reshaping of your body.  Taking weight loss slowly can be hard because you are eager to get the pounds off, but the incentive of  tight skin encasing a smaller body is more rewarding.

Ideally, a 1-3 pound weight loss a week will help maintain your skin elasticity.  This will keep your skin healthy and supple as you continue to lose weight and get to your goal.  Below are some guidelines on how to drop the pounds and avoid the loose skin.

Focus on Nutrition

The primary factor in healthy weight loss without the loose skin is quality nutrition.  Anyone who has followed me online over the last decade knows that I preach constantly about the quality of your diet.  Real and natural food can be used by the body for any task at hand.  Junk food, processed food, fast food as well as fad diets and starvation diets kill your metabolism.  Food is not evil.  Real food is actually REQUIRED for weight loss.  Your diet should be as whole and natural, even organic as possible.

A high-quality diet, free from processed foods, is needed for proper digestion.  In addition, you can better nurture your digestion by eating several small balanced meals a day.  Your body does a much better job at digesting 5-6 small meals a day than 2-3 large meals a day.

Now, to lose that weight and avoid that loose skin, make a plan.  You need to know how many calories you need a day.  Once you map out your calories prepare your meals ahead of time so you always have a healthy meal handy.  As weeks pass and as the weight drops off, you can slowly reduce your calories as needed.

Don’t make the mistake of eating 1500 calories and then dropping them down to 1000. Such a caloric dip will drop the pounds so fast that your skin can’t catch up.  The result is loose skin.  Ron Brown, Ph.D., B.Sc. Dietetics, states, “The droopy appearance of folds of skin is most probably caused by crash diets that sacrifice large amounts of supporting muscle, or lean body mass.”  Take the weight loss slowly.  Pace yourself.

Let’s not forget about water.  Your body is about 80% water and you need to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, if not more.  You can’t drink too much water; it’s an internal cleanser. Proper water intake helps to flush out excess sodium, fat, and toxins. Be sure you are drinking water of quality.  Avoid tap water.  Bottled or filtered water is best.

Move the Weight, But THIS Kind

For weight loss without the loose skin be sure to add weight training to your program.  As you lose body fat the muscle will be building to help your body take a new shape, a fit, hot, and sexy shape.  This new shape building as you lose fat will help prevent your skin from sagging.  Adding muscle to your frame has tons of benefits; it boosts your metabolism, improves your health, builds your self-confidence, and helps with fat loss. You can weight train 3-5 days a week for 60 minutes. That’s all you need.

Add This 3-5 Times a Week

Not only is cardio wonderful for your heart and respiratory system it also helps with fat loss. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and body fat. Be careful to not under-eat and over do the cardio because that combination will cause metabolic shutdown. Remember, we talked about feeding the body for it to let go of body fat. You can’t stave it and overtrain it.  Use cardio as a tool.

You can engage in many forms of cardio such as power walking, treadmill power-walking on an incline, elliptical work, fitness classes, etc.  Once you get involved in methods you like try to work up to 30 minutes of cardio and you can even through in some high intensity interval training sessions to amp-up the intensity.

Supplements for Weight Loss Without the Loose Skin

Fat Burning Supplements

It would be fine to use a weight loss supplement such as a fat burner, but understand that supplements only work when your nutrition and workout program are stable.  Lipo-6 is a popular and powerful fat loss supplement. It can boost fat burning and prevent new body fat from forming.


So, if you want weight loss without the loose skin be sure to lower your calories slowly, engage in cardio moderately and increase it as needed, and drink a lot of water.  Remember, you don’t want to lose a lot of weight suddenly because your skin won’t have time to shrink as you do. Pace yourself and if you lose just 1.5 – 2 pounds a week, chances are you won’t have that sagging loose skin hanging around.


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