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Weight Loss Exercises at Home

weight loss exercises at homeWeight Loss Exercises at Home

Weight loss exercises at home can get you in shape fast. The good news is that you don’t HAVE to go to a gym to workout or get in shape. If you are new to working out or just don’t want to be in a gym, your worries are over.  I can show you some exercises you can do at home to shape up.

Lung it Out

Lunges are great for the lower body.  They stimulate every muscle in the lower body.  The target the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. What better way to zone-in on your lower body than doing several sets of walking lunges?

To do a lunge, stand upright with your feet together.  Take your right foot and lunge forward on it.  Try to go down until that lunged leg is parallel to the floor.  Be sure that your knee stays inline with your foot.  That lunged leg should be a 90 degree angle.  Now, push forward, bringing that extended leg behind you up to meet the lunged foot until you are in the upright position again.

If you are feeling energetic, you can even do side lunges for a change. You can do a mix of 1 set of forward walking lunges followed by a set of side lunges.

Do 10 lunges on each leg.  Rest 1 minute and repeat 3 more times.

lunges for weight loss exercises at home

Push it Up

Push-ups are great for the upper body.  Push-ups target the chest primarily, followed by the shoulders and triceps.

To do a push-up, lie on the floor face down.  Put your hands on each side of your shoulder/chest area.  From that position, push yourself up until your arms are fully extended. In a controlled fashion, lower your body back to the floor and repeat.

If the legs fully extended push-up is too difficult for you to do, you can start by doing them on your knees. As you build strength, try the standard style push-ups.  In time, you’ll get it.

As you get stronger you can vary your push-ups, such as putting your feet up on a chair so your body is in a decline position.  This will put more stress on your upper chest and shoulders.  Doing a push-up from a small elevation, such as a box on a floor, can also shift stress to some degree.

You can target your triceps to a greater degree by putting your hands close together and doing close-handed push-ups.

Chest – Do 10 push-ups.  Rest 1 minute and repeat 3 more times.

Triceps – Do 10 close-grip push-ups.  Rest 1 minute and repeat 3 more times.

woman doing push-ups

Push it Over

Push a weight overhead for building your shoulders.  These are are called overhead presses or shoulder presses.  Pushing any form of weight over your head will build your shoulder area.  The shoulder press is a compound exercise, meaning it stimulates ALL the muscles in the shoulder at the same time.  This means it targets the front and rear delts as well as the medial head.

Grab a pair of dumbbells, hold one in each hand.  Starting with the dumbbells at each of your shoulders, drive them overhead and get the full contraction.  Lower the dumbbells to the starting position and repeat.

Do 10 reps.  Rest 1 minute and repeat 3 more times.

athlete doing shoulder press with dumbbells


The superman exercise is a core exercise and strengthens your back as well.  This is a great exercise to include in your home workout.  It’s as the name implies.  You simply lie on the floor face down.  Stretch your arms out in front of you.  Now, raise your feet and arms off the floor.  Keep your midsection flat to the floor. Hold that position for 3-5 seconds. Lower your feet and arms back to the floor.  That was 1 rep.

Do 10 reps.  Rest 1 minute and repeat 3 more times.

the superman exercise

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