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Walk off 10 Pounds

This is How You Walk off 10 Pounds

walk off 10 pounds

If you want to walk off 10 pounds, then you need to take a minute and read over this article.  It just might surprise you.

Whether you are currently walking regularly to lose weight or you’re looking to start a new walking protocol, I have the perfect eating plan to accompany it.  Eating right and walking provides your body with steady fuel to encourage weight loss and keeps your metabolism on fire.

To lose weight, most people tend to skip meals.  However, just the opposite works best.  Eating more, smaller meals throughout the day, in conjunction with walking can get the pounds down.

Overcome Overeating

Adding in more smaller meals combined with walking will control your appetite so you don’t overeat as much.  You’ll end up eating just want you want or need, and stop before you are stuffed.  When you aren’t stuffed to the gills, you can get out there and walk at a steady pace longer.

Researchers at Georgia State University discovered that people who ate several min-meals throughout the day, ate on average, 8% fewer calories per day and 22% less fat than those who ate larger, less frequent meals.

Close the Door on Excess Calories

When you eat large meals, it floods your bloodstream with more fat, carbs, and protein that what you body can use at that time.  In turn, those extra calories go into your fat stores.  In addition, eating smaller meals helps prevent the rapid rise of triglycerides (a type of fat circulating in the blood that’s linked to heart disease) that typically follows large, particularly fatty meals.

Keeping your fat stores freed up by eating smaller meals more often will allow you to walk at a decent pace for longer.

Boost Your BMR

By eating more smaller meals and adding in walking, you will burn more calories throughout the day.  You see, every time you eat a healthy meals, you burn calories, digesting, absorbing, and metabolizing the food.  Eating 4-6 small meals a day instead of 2 large ones, you’ll trigger this digestive process more often every day.

Better digestion with walking is a win-win situation where you can get results quickly.

Side-Step Hunger and Cravings

Eating several mini-meals a day will prevent those big drops in blood sugar levels.  When your blood sugar drops, hunger increases, as well as cravings, and you are more likely to indulge in anything in any amount.  Low blood sugar levels can also trigger headaches and irritably.

You can avoid all that simply by eating more healthy small meals.  When you eat and keep your blood sugar stable, you are better apt to get your walking in.

Feel Better Mentally and Physically

When you eat a large meal, particularity if it’s high in fat, a substantial portion of blood diverts to the stomach to help digest it. It also takes longer to empty entirely from the stomach.  Smaller meals, on the other hand, don’t divert as much blood and move more quickly to the intestines.

If you feel light on your feet, you’ll be  more likely to take the stairs and do more incidental walking.  This means you’ll burn more calories throughout the day.

The Combination

So, as you can see, it’s not just about walking.  In order to lose weight you have to combine your walking with a quality diet and eating meals that you can digest in a set amount of time so you are not storing excess calories.

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