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Truth About Muscle Building Supplements for Women

It’s Important You Understand Muscle Building Supplements For Women And The Role They Play…

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I recently asked a question on my FaceBook FanPage, “What are your favorite muscle building supplements for women?”  Shockingly, there were no answers whatsoever.  However, I’ve noticed more than half of my Figure Competition FanPage Fans use more than one supplement, and even some muscle-building supplements.  Are muscle-building supplements now taboo in the women’s fitness industry?  Are they really the “dark side” of fitness?  Get a grip!

I’m sorry to tell you, but if:

  • You’ve ever taken a scoop of whey protein, YOU’VE TAKEN A MUSCLE-BUILDING SUPPLEMENT.
  • If you’ve ever eaten a protein bar, YOU’VE TAKEN A MUSCLE-BUILDING SUPPLEMENT.
  • You’ve ever taken creatine, YOU’VE TAKEN A MUSCLE-BUILDING SUPPLEMENT.
  • If you’ve ever taken glutamine, YOU’VE TAKEN A MUSCLE-BUILDING SUPPLEMENT.

What, do you think supplements that build muscle are only limited to steroids, insulin injections, and growth hormone?

People will admit to drinking loads of alcohol and getting smashed before they admit to taking *gasp* a common and natural supplement that aids in building lean and dense muscle tissue.

For All The Ranters

First and foremost, if you are going to say “diet is the key to building muscle and losing fat” I agree.  I never said it wasn’t.  We are not talking about diet, which should be standard BEFORE you start supplementing anyway.  Muscle building supplements for women won’t work at any rate if your diet is all screwed up.

Actually, all this is covered in my Best-Selling eBook, Figure Competition Secrets.  But what we are talking about here in this article is muscle building supplements for women.

What A Muscle-Building Supplement Is

This is going under the notion that you weight train and that you are not the average couch potato.  In respect to that, muscle building supplements for women help with muscle recovery, strength, maintenance, and development.

Most of the supplements that aid in building muscle will generally:

  • Decrease catabolism
  • Boost immune function
  • Spare protein
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Stimulate the formation of glycogen
  • Increase natural growth hormone secretion

All of the above are a shoe-in for building lean muscle mass.

Georgia Simmon UKBFF states at, “Do not underestimate the importance of fueling your body correctly when it comes to building muscle. If you are not using appropriate supplementation you will take a lot longer to repair and it will take longer for your body to build new muscle tissue.”  Hey, we are just stating facts.

Diet Alone Can Build Muscle

Absolutely!  You can build muscle on a proper high-protein diet with added weight training.  I’ve done it, and I know many others who have accomplished it also.  However, you will soon hit a brick wall and either want a little more muscle or strength, I mean, that’s just natural, to want improvement. If you are going to compete in a figure competition you have to build as much lean and natural muscle you can to hold your own against the stiff competition on stage.

Let’s take a look at American Idol.  During the auditions you see an array of raw and natural talent. Soon, their mentors give them a little coaching, polish up their appearance, add some background music and vocals, and viola, you get the perfect package.

The mentor supplemented the performer’s performance.  He or she didn’t change it or do anything illegal.  The mentor just adjusted and tweaked it to make it better.  The person enhanced certain areas to develop the complete package.

Bottomline on Muscle Building Supplements for Womenred arrow pointing down

So, which natural muscle building supplements to take to build muscle?  Well that depends on how much muscle you want to build, do you care if you put on a pound or two of water, how far out from a contest are you, etc.  There’s a bit more to go on than just taking a slue of supplements.


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