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Triple Your Fat Loss

Learn Exactly How to Triple Your Fat Loss

Triple Your Fat Loss

If you are looking for ways to triple your fat loss, I have some sneaky tips for you.  You’ve been seeing those figure competitors and how they appear virtually flawless. You sit back and wonder how they can eat and workout  to magically strip the fat off their bodies.  How is it possible to lose fat, yet keep all that lean muscle mass?  It doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer. You see, in this short article I’m going to spill the beans on how you can triple your fat loss and look just like those figure competitors.

To Triple Your Fat Loss, Cheat on Your Diet

Every successful competitor cheats on his or her diet. However, how you cheat is the trick. You see, eating the same calories and macros every day programs your body what to expect each day. Eventually, your body will stop responding to your routine diet because it knows what it will receive food-wise. Therefore, by choosing one day a week to cheat, you throw your metabolism into overdrive, forcing your body to melt fat.

Take a Re-Feed Day to Triple Your Fat Loss

Nearly every competitor lowers his or her carbs for competition to reduce body fat. Low-carbs don’t provide much energy for high-powered training and high-intensity cardio. After about 4 days on low carbs your body will begin to feel weak and tired. A quick and simple remedy is to throw in a re-feed day. A re-feed day is one day that you eat the same foods, just more calories and more carbs. This allows your body to refuel and start burning calories and fat.

Engage in High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best forms of cardio to melt body fat. HIIT is a form of cardio where you vary the intensity consistently.  This form of cardio keeps your body off guard. An easy starting method is the 2:2 ratio. To implement this, start your cardio off at 2 minutes of low-intensity and then do 2 minutes of high-intensity. Keep this back and forth method going. It will shock your body and melt fat.

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These aren’t the only fat loss remedies.  Nonetheless, they are some of the best and most embraced by successful competitors. Give them a try and watch your body transform.  Now, if you want more assistance with lowering body fat, you might check out my Contest Prep Crash Course below.  It’s free…


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