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More Stunning Before and After Body Transformations


bonnie side triceps pose

Check out Bonnie’s hard work in her before and after photos.  Bonnie used Iron Dolls (My female bodybuilding system) to shed 12 pounds of sheer body fat and build 6 pounds of super lean muscle mass.  Lose fat and build muscle… who knew!  Nice work, Bonnie.

Aurora moderator posing

Aurora nailed it.  Check it out.  Aurora increased her lean muscle mass.  In addition, she slashed her body fat to win overall in her female bodybuilding contest using Iron Dolls combined with my Online Personal Training.


shanna sanders beforfe and after body transformation by karen sessions

Shanna came to me after months and months of doing a “body sculpt class.”  A 30-minute sculpting class twice a week is not enough to make a total body transformation, and she realized that.  Shanna came to me and I put her on a precision eating and weight training program.  Her first week she lost 10 pounds and continued to lose another 70, transforming her physique.   The gym where I personal train, and trained her, took credit for my work, never even acknowledging that I coached her when they posted this on their facebook page.  Go figure…


women's physique before and after

Bridget is a hard worker and has goals she’s smashing left and right.  Bridget lost 4 pounds of body fat and gained 4 pounds of lean muscle mass.  That’s an even body transformation, to exchange fat for muscle.  Cool deal.  She also snagged an win and sweet trophy.