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hope body transformation

Hope, a 35 year-old mom, competed in her VERY FIRST Figure Contest, Losing 9 Pounds of Pure Body Fat and Keeping ALL Her Muscle!  “Thank you Karen for your guidance and assistance.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  I’m happy I’m able to maintain my new transformation.”

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Jackie, first-time competitor, made a jaw-dropping body transformation after dropping 19 pounds. “Karen helped me to change my body in just 12 weeks and I competed in my very first Figure Competition.  Success!”

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robin's transformation

Robin dropped 20 pounds and transformed her physique to take it to the next level…. Competition! “Thank you Karen for your knowledge and support.  I feel and look great.  *loving life*”


linda showing her weight loss

Linda shaved off 53 pounds for a new body and new life.  You go Linda!  “Karen made the diets and workouts effective and simple.  I never thought I could lose this much weight.”


missy competes in bodybuilding

Missy lost over 50 pounds and competed in her very first figure competition and placed in the top 5!  “Karen was such a HUGE part of my fat loss, transformation, and competition.  I can honestly say that I could not have done it without her knowledge and guidance.  It feels so great to accomplish such a grand goal.”

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elan 15 week slim down

Elan melted off 47 pounds of sheer body fat and kept all her lean muscle mass.  “Thank you Karen for your knowledge, support and forever guidance.  No one ever believed in me enough to invest the time with me.  Thank you.”

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Alisha figure compeition

Alisha made a stunning body transformation and entered her first figure competition and won 2, 1st Places!  “Karen was with me every step of the way.  She was always one email or text away if I had a question or ran into a situation.  I cannot thank her enough for her support and guidance in helping me make my dream a reality.”

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Check out Paolo’s before and after photos from my Meltdown Challenge.  He lost 12% body fat and built 10 pounds of thick and sliced muscle.  Try Iron Dudes and get the same results…


barbra's body transformation

Barbara lost 16 pounds of body fat and gained 6 pounds of lean muscle mass in 12 weeks, totally transforming her physique. “Karen is such an inspiration.  She has given me my focus and drive back.  She believes in her clients. If you do the work she outlines, the results will come.”


kimberly figure contest secrets

Kimberly made a STUNNING transformation, competed in Figure and earned her pro card!  “Karen’s knowledge about dieting and training is spot on.  Thank you for seeing me through and helping me with my contest prep.”


colleen in first competition

Colleen transformed her physique, losing 7 pounds of body fat and gaining 4 pounds of muscle, and competed in her very first Figure Competition! “Karen’s support and knowledge was my ticket to success.  She is able to personalize diets and workouts to meet your goal.  Her tweaks were always on point.  I saw changes every week.  Thank you so much for your help.”


Diane bodybuilding pose

Check out Diane’s jaw-dropping body transformation.  She lost fat, built muscle and won her female bodybuilding contest. “Karen was such a valuable instrument to my first bodybuilding contest.  I was able compete for the first time and take home a trophy.”


Heidi competing on stage

Heidi Won 6 Trophies and 2 Pro Cards in Her FIRST Figure Contest!  “Thank you so much Karen for your help.  I didn’t think I could ever look like this or even compete.  It’s just amazing what the body will do with the right diet and workouts.  I will keep competing and continue being a success.”


Janey Figure Competitor

Check out Jamie’s before and after photos.  At 5’4″, Jamie made a stunning body transformation, placed 1st in the Master’s Division and snagged 2 pro cards.  She’s a trooper and a true inspiration to all women.


angee's fat loss photo

Angee went for a body transformation.  In the course of 12 weeks Angee lost a total of 10 pounds of body fat.  Her lean muscle mass stayed the same and she went from 17% body fat to 12 %.  She ate REAL food, weight trained and did cardio.

Michele aka: Biker Chick

Michelle took part in my Online Training and competed in her very first female bodybuilding competition.  She sliced body fat, built muscle, and completely transformed her physique.



If you think you can’t do it, just look at what Barbette did.  She dropped 8 pounds of body fat and added 8 pounds of sheer muscle mass and transformed her body in a matter of weeks.  She stole the show in her first competition.


barb's transformation

Check out Barb.  She lost 10 pounds of pure body fat and gained 7 pounds of muscle, transforming her body.  She competed in a Figure Competition and snagged a win.


Bobbi lost 14 pounds of body fat and added 4 pounds of muscle to transform her body.  She did it all through dieting, training, and cardio.


Angie made a simple tweak in her diet using Figure Competition Secrets, dropped 4 more pounds of body fat, and then won her competition!


Check out Bonnie’s hard work.  Bonnie used Iron Dolls to shed 12 pounds of sheer body fat and build 6 pounds of super lean muscle mass.  Lose fat and build muscle… who knew!


Aurora nailed it.  She increased her lean muscle mass and slashed body fat to win overall in her female bodybuilding contest using Iron Dolls combined with my Online Personal Training.


Shanna came to me after months and months of doing a “body sculpt class.”  A 30-minute sculpting class twice a week is not enough to make a total body transformation, and she realized that.  Shanna came to me and I put her on a precision eating and weight training program.  Her first week she lost 10 pounds and continued to lose another 70, transforming her physique.   The gym where I personal train, and trained her, took credit for my work, never even acknowledging that I coached her when they posted this on their facebook page.  Go figure…


Bridget lost 4 pounds of body fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle.  That’s an even body transformation, to exchange fat for muscle.  Cool deal.