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Toxins in Food Stalling Your Fat Loss

Could Toxins in Food be Stalling Your Fat Loss

toxins in food

It’s a proven fact that toxins in food could be stalling your fat loss.  Think about it.  You’ve been dieting and exercising for months on end.  You managed to lose about 5-10 pounds the first several months, but now your weight loss has completely stalled dead in its tracks.  You cut your carbohydrates back and increased your cardio hoping for a gleam of light next week when you step on the scale. Sadly, through all your hard work and adhering to a strict diet of tasteless foods, you don’t see the scale move the slightest degree.

Push has come to shove.  In addition to your low carbohydrates and excess cardio you cut calories and invest in a top-of-the-line fat burner, only to see nothing has really changed.  Does this feel like the roller coaster you ride each week, every month, year after year?  Are you just about sick and tired to putting 100% effort into your program only to receive minimal results?

It’s not your lack of effort, it’s that toxins in food are stalling your fat loss efforts; Let’s go over a few critical matters…

Stop – Look – and Listen

Let’s stop for a minute and examine some areas of your health, nutrition, and well-being.  Maybe it’s not anything you are doing wrong.  Perhaps your body is not performing optimally.  I’m sure you wonder how that can be.  You say you eat right and exercise so that should make you lose weight.  You are absolutely right.  But we must first examine certain areas of nutrition and health in intricate detail to get to the source of your dilemma.

First, let’s take a look at the average American.  Today, more people are on diets now than ever before.  More people are exercising formally than they ever have in history.  Right now, more people are taking dietary supplements to burn fat than ever before. Ironically, today, more people are overweight than ever.  This should make you wonder…  Wonder if toxins in food are the problem.

Diet Foods Are Making You Fat

Many people don’t understand the concept of dieting or clean eating.  A diet is not necessarily a restriction.  It’s basically what you eat each day, whether it is good or bad food choices.  I also think many people misinterpret clean eating.

Eating Clean is NOT:

  • Healthy Choice frozen dinners
  • Low fat Hot Pockets
  • Smart Ones frozen meals
  • Low-Fat Milk
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Boxed cereals
  • Fat-free cookies

Can you see where I am going with this?  Anything that is man-made is not a quality weight-loss food item or even nutritious for that matter.  The above list contains processed foods.  They don’t contain any natural vitamins and minerals.  The synthetic vitamins and minerals injected into the products can’t be assimilated by the body because synthetic matter is a chemical and your body cannot process chemicals.  Chemicals are toxins and toxins in food pose a HUGE health and weight problem.

The Heart of the Matter

To get to the source of why you are overweight or cannot lose weight is that your body is probably loaded with toxins.  I would estimate that 95% of the population is toxic to some degree and toxins in food are the main cause.

If you eat the typical American diet, you are eating toxins.  Anything man-made contains so many chemicals that clog the body’s organs.  Not only that, if you are, or have taken prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications, it has left toxins in your body.  You breathe toxins in every day and you rub them into your skin.

Toxic Personal Hygiene

There are also toxins in commercial person hygiene products.  All the commercial products you use to brush your teeth, wash your hair, clean your face and body, as well as detergent contains toxic chemicals that rob your body of nutrients and when you lack nutrients, your body will not function as it should.

Are you curious as to what kind of toxins you could be rubbing into your skin or absorbing in your mouth?  A few examples are Colgate, Herbal Essence, Salon Selectives, Aussie, Lubriderm, and Loreal, which contains Propylene glycol, commonly known as antifreeze.  Ah yes, the FDA says it’s okay to absorb antifreeze into your body, but they want to ban us from taking basic vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Dr. Mercola reveals, “Propylene glycol (PG)—a solvent that can potentially result in cell mutations and skin, liver, and kidney damage, if ingested in high enough amounts.”

In addition to this warning label, many toothpastes state that if a child under six swallows it, to contact poison control.  Isn’t that what children do, put everything in their mouth and taste everything?  As for the adults, by the time we hit our thirties we have been absorbing these toxins all our lives.  It is any wonder that the average person’s health and waistline goes downhill by thirty?  It’s not your fault. You’ve been deceived and you should be angry!

Toxin’s Effects

Toxins could be stalling your fat loss by diminishing muscle gains, decreasing your metabolism and draining your energy.  The toxins become trapped in your fatty tissues and cells in your body. The trapped toxins bloat you because they cause your body to retain fluid to dilute the foreign element.  When these toxins fill your cells, they also trap fat in them and hold them there and prevent them from being utilized.  The more the toxins build up, the more fat is stored in the cells.

To make matters worse, the toxins alter your bloods pH balance, making you more acidic.  An acidic condition means you are very low on minerals and your body will not function optimally.  In this acidic state, you cannot burn fat, are more prone to illnesses and more apt to develop degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, etc.

How Do You Know If You Are Acidic?

Toxins could be stalling your fat loss if you are acidic.  You can easily determine your pH blood level by taking a saliva or urine test on a pH test stick or Litmus Paper. First morning samples are best. You can get a quality saliva reading about two hours after a meal as well.

Creating A Balance

Now that we know how easy it is to become toxic and how toxins can stall your fat loss efforts, it’s time to do something about it!  If you can normalize yourred arrow pointing down bloods pH level and bring it more to a neutral state, the cells will release the fat and allow for them to be burned.  This, in turn, can increase your metabolism and energy, ignite fat loss, and in my opinion, reverse the aging process as well.

Now that you understand how toxins are stalling your fat loss, take the next step below and do something about it.


What You Need to Know is...

If you want to lose fat and be healthy, you must take it upon yourself to get the true facts and stop listening to ads and television commercials directed to desperate consumers.  You have to educate yourself and tackle the problem at the cellular level.

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What You Need to Know is...

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