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The Carb Binge Hangover

The Carb Binge Hangover and How to Tackle It

Carb Binge Hangover

Ugh, the carb binge hangover.  We’ve all experience it at one time or another, gorging on junk food or big starchy carb meals.  The things you do following a carb binge will make or break you for the next several days.  Just because you over did it on the carbs doesn’t mean the game is over.  It’s all about damage control, and keeping in control better in the future.  Learn from your mistakes.  Understand that you can have a cheat, but keeping in control is the winning ticket.

The Sugar Bomb

A carb binge causes a massive sugar spike followed by a huge dip.  Your system literally crashes after such a sugar load.  If you are not careful, it can lead to a roller coaster effect and knock you out of control.  An occasional sugar-slip is not uncommon.  If you do mess up, it’s what you do afterwards that can help the situation.  The trick to the sugar-slip is slowing down the carb absorption rate.

How to Avoid The Carb Binge Hangover

Calculated strategy is the name of the game to overcome that nasty carb binge hangover.  There are several different avenues you can take to manage the not-so-sweet situation.

The Planned Carb Binge

Yes, there is such a thing as a planned binge.  Perhaps the person doesn’t intend on going overboard or in excess, but a big deal of carbs will knowingly will be consumed.  This can fall under events such as get-togethers, weddings, holidays, meetings, etc.

If you know you will be eating more carbs than usual soon, then you can plan for the event and actually control the sugar rush and stay in control.  This is the best binge, if one must take place.

If this is your situation, here’s what you do.  If you know you are going to an event and perhaps, overindulge in carbs and sugary snacks, simply have some protein about an hour before.  In fact, having a balanced meal containing a complete protein and non-starchy veggie would be ideal.  If not, then simply having a whey protein drink will suffice.

Having either protein or a small balanced meal in your system right before the indulgence will do two things.  First, it will fill you up so you won’t eat as much.  Second, the meal or just the protein drink will blunt the insulin surge.

The Unplanned and Uncontrolled Carb Binge

Oops, you had an unplanned sugar-laden, carb-binge.  Feeling gross and bloated?  Now that it happened, what do you do?  You can put a band-aid on the situation and recover from it quicker with a bit of macro-strategy.

It’s not a pleasant feeling, but you have to grab the bull by the horns and do this.  After your unplanned binge, the best way to recover is to eat some high-fiber, non-starchy veggies.  It can help your body shift gears, slow down digestion, and ease the blah feeling. It helps to stabilize the sugar situation.  Adding protein with the veggies can help as well.

You can do a fiber supplement, but in my opinion, eating real food, natural food, is your best bet to really gain control, recover quickly, and feel better.

Carb Binge Hangover – It’s All About Damage Control

As you’ve learned, the binge hangover can be controlled to some degree.  It’s your preparation or what you do after the event that will seal the deal.  Keep in mind that when you eat a large amount of carbs, your body wants more and the body’s shut-off the, I’m full signal.  This is when things spiral out of control.

But, when you follow-up with some good quality, clean, high-fiber, non-starchy veggies, you can help your body pull things together and get control faster than if you hadn’t done anything to help the situation.

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