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Those Money-Hungry, Supplement Companies Are Greedy Liars And They Steal From You EVERY Month.

It's not your fault. I, too, use to think fitness and muscle magazines and their websites were genuine information, looking out for the greater good of the athlete. I use to buy those "fat burners" every month. Month after month, year after year. I can't tell you the thousands of dollars I shelled out for ineffective supplements.

Are you aware that a $40 bottle of your proprietary blend fat burner costs the company about $2 or less? As they rack in the cash, getting their $$$$ results, your bank account gets thinner but your body stays the same.

You have to wonder... Who's the REAL winner here?

The catch 22 they get you in is with their Proprietary Blend. Yeah, sounds like some GREAT stuff that works. Right?

Fitness trainer for over 30 years, Nick Nilsson tells us, "proprietary formula" blend to disguise the fact that they have almost NONE of the active ingredient actually in it (yeah, if a study shows 800 mg of something is required to have an effect, I'm sure adding 50 mg of it in along with 750 mg of other junk will work like a charm).

A proprietary formula gives you the absolute LEAST bang for your buck. It's a waste of money and chances are getting results is none to zero.

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Due to this to this insider information over 12,000 men and women have won the battle against belly fat and saddle bags. They were able to side-step ineffective supplements and false advertising claims and implement a PRECISE thermogenic fat-burning stack to shed thousands of pounds.

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Wikipedia.com tells us, "Thermogenic means tending to produce heat, and the term is commonly applied to supplements which increase heat through metabolic stimulation."

weight loss pills

Taking Fat Loss Supplements WITHOUT Proper Knowledge Is Just Throwing Your Money Down The Toilet, Leaving You Still At Square One

If you are trying to get a lean and fit body, there's something you need to know. Most of the fat-loss supplements marketed today run deceptive marketing schemes. According to a government report, "Ads for billions of dollars of diet products and services sold each year often include false, misleading and exaggerated claims that promise rapid, effortless weight loss and unachievable goals, according to a government report."

Most of these products are what I call designer supplements. This means the company claims to have a pre-designed "fat-loss stack" in the product to get you to your goal. The problem is that the company loads the product with 12-20 or more various ingredients, in meager amounts, to make the supplement look strong and well-rounded. It's your typical Proprietary Blend Supplement and it's a waste of money.

When there are a lot of ingredients in a supplement, it renders it ineffective. This is typically because various ingredients need to be taking at key times, not all lumped together. In addition, when an array of various ingredients are in one supplement, they are typically very LOW in the amount, making the product virtually useless.

Another trick companies do is put niacin in their fat-loss products. With niacin in a supplement, you get a warm and tingling feeling. This makes the person "feel" like it's working.


I know, I sound VERY critical. But, not ALL supplement companies are out to make a quick buck with a crap product and not all use sneaky tactics and supplemental trickery.

Many supplements do work well, if you implement them properly (dosage and time). Over my last 30 years in the fitness industry I've come across a good deal of reputable supplement companies that product above standard products.

The problem is, since the debut of The Biggest Loser, the fitness industry as EXPLODED! This opens the door to scam artists, and they have crawled out of the woodworks in the last decade.

Scammy Supplement Companies

Use underhanded marketing tactics
Use crap ingredients
Use meager amounts of key ingredients
Mislabel their products to make it appear you get more bang-for-your-buck

This company makes their fat-loss product appear full-spectrum by adding a variety of ingredients to make you "think" you are getting more bang for your buck.

The unsuspecting eye thinks this is a great product, but the buyer may not be aware that it contains the incorrect dose of the active ingredient.

It's a weak supplement mostly composed of rice flour and maltodextrix which are fillers used to take up capsule space.


Supplements don't work alone. The hardcore fact is, diet and exercise are the keys to effective fat-loss results. Fat-loss supplements fill in the gaps and make a good diet and exercise program better.

So, supplements CAN come in VERY handy by adding a kick to your program, helping you push through rough patches, overcoming plateaus, and so on.

While all this is all dandy, most people won't reap the benefits because they take the wrong products and are unfamiliar with the TRUE supplements, their role, and how to combine and stack for effectiveness.

The good news is that I can let you on just 6 natural supplements, and if you take them exactly the way I tell you to, you can jack-up your metabolism, curb your overall appetite, and burn fat like crazy. I also added 2 more supplements (for a total of 8) to keep your body balanced.


To help you increase your chances at successful fat loss with supplements, I created a fat loss supplement stack.

Thermogenic Fat-Burning Stack

This isn't just another run-of-the-mill supplement guide. This is the real deal. It's straight to the point and it provides you with the absolute EXACTS.

This eBook literally side-steps the worthless supplements and dives right into the most effective supplements you need to implement to start burning the excess fat off your body as soon as THIS WEEK!

This thermogenic fat-burning stack includes specific ingredients that are put together in a specific algorithm to give you a specific amount at each serving to burn fat.

I chose the BEST supplements from the absolute BEST product lines. I broke them down and tell you EXACTLY how to take them.


This Thermogenic Fat-Burning Stack Reveals

Outlines 6 precise supplements to take to amp-up your metabolism
Recommend 2 additional supplements for night-time balance
Tells you exactly how much to take of each supplement
Tells you the precise times to take for maximum effectiveness
Explains why and how this powerful thermogenic stack works
Provides 4 precise tips to boost the power of the fat-loss stack
Includes easy-to-follow blueprint you can print and keep handy

It's important you understand which supplements are powerful performers and separate them from the ineffective ones; rice flour-filled products that burn your money rather than your body fat! That's why I created this easy-to-follow guide. Everything is mapped out for you and I explain each ingredient and its effect. All you do is get the supplements and follow the program.


Now, you see how easy it is to the right fat-loss supplements in a specific format for effectiveness, rather than forking over your entire check for supplements that just don't work.

I bet you are asking yourself... "How much is this program going to cost me?"

People that know the quality of my eBooks know that I'm NOT necessarily the cheapest "guru" on online... I'm backed by 30 years of research and experimentation. My stuff works!

Most of my programs run around $47. Many are rated #1 on Clickbank and most of my customers purchase more than one of my programs because they know I provide real information that gets the job done.

I've dabbled with the price of this new program. I could easily charge $27 or more. It would be worth it. But, I have a feeling you've been jerked around a lot regarding supplements, and I think you deserve a fair shake.

So with that, I'm offering you my Thermogenic Fat-Burning Stack eBook for just $7

Thermogenic Fat Burning Stack

My followers know that my prices have been known to increase. So, I suggest that you grab this insane $7 deal before I realize that I'm practically giving it away... Yes, I've been known to get up in the middle of the night and work and increase prices.

The decision is yours. You can wait around and hope your body fat will come off, you can continue to waste your money on designer supplements, or you can invest a measly $7 and get the Fool-Proof, Thermogenic Fat-Burning STACK that works.


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