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Sugar’s Mind Games

Sugar’s Mind Games Can Be Controlling You

sugar's mind games

These days, carbohydrates are considered evil and responsible for the weight gain that has plagued western society.  This is a two-fold argument.  While carbohydrates can lead to weight gain, it’s usually due to overeating them, choosing the wrong carbohydrate choices, and/or a lack of protein and essential fats for dietary balance.

Have you ever eaten a good spaghetti dinner that left you feeling full and satisfied, even a little sleepy?  Then suddenly, from nowhere you are literally starving again with a roaring appetite for more carbohydrates?  It seems that big meal left you quicker than it went in.

High starch foods that breakdown into sugar such as bread, pasta, and potatoes stimulate the production of serotonin from the brain.  This interesting hormone is responsible for suppressing your appetite and elevating your mood, as it produces a calming effect, making you feel content and happy.  It also reduces pain and induces sleep.  Yes, a powerful macronutrient carbohydrates are, and if it was bottled, it would probably be a scheduled drug.

Sugar is along the same line as anti-depressants.  Both increase serotonin production in the brain.  The urgent need for it produces feelings of anxiousness and once it is consumed, all the anxiety is relieved, leaving you in a content state.  When the serotonin level drops again, a gloom feeling takes over and the need for more sugar is triggered. reveals, “Imbalanced, unstable, surging blood sugar is a common source of depression as well as simple irritability and violent tendencies according to Ms. Gedguadas, a board certified Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Neurofeedback Specialist.”  Can you see how sugar and carbohydrates can be addictive?

Those who are sugar-dependent have the same dependency as those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and gambling.  The sugar need provides immediate gratification and the person feels they cannot live without this “necessary” substance.  When in reality, the sugar injection is only playing mind games with the person, keeping him or her on an emotional roller coaster.

sugar addict

Ways to Gain Control

Sugar’s mind games can control you.  You can gain more control of this situation if you feel like you are a hostage to sugars effects.  Proper nutrition, water, and supplementation can all aid in control and eventual domination.


Contrary to popular belief, you can have your carbohydrates and eat them too.  Proper nutrition is most important.  With nutrition comes, choice, balance, combination and portion control.

Your best carbohydrate choices would be natural ones from Mother Nature.  If you can grow it, pick it, harvest it, or gather it, you can eat it, in limited amounts of course. The key here to remember is to keep it natural and avoid processed carbohydrates sources.  Organic choices would be your best.

You can have your carbohydrates, however you need to indulge in small amounts and combine it with a complete protein to blunt the serotonin effects.  Serotonin is produced when you eat starchy or sweet carbohydrates by themselves or with very little protein or fat. Simply eating a piece of steak or chicken won’t produce any serotonin.  Therefore, one way to gain the advantage over carbohydrates is to combine them with a protein.

You also have to be responsible for potion size. A little bit of carbohydrates goes a long way, so a good rule of thumb is to eat an amount the size of your fist.


Sugar’s mind games can be combated by staying well-hydrated.  Water is a precious element which contains many minerals and is the single most important catalyst in losing weight.  It is the most overlooked factor in nutrition and health and is the key component to overall wellness.

In addition, water is necessary factor in masking false hunger.  Keeping properly hydrated will excrete sodium and fat, aiding in weight loss and control sugar cravings.  Drink 64 – 128 ounces of water a day for best results.


Sugar’s mind games can be controlled to some degree with proper supplements.  Supplementation is the final salvation for sugar cravings.  Among these are vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, chromium, inositol, manganese, zinc, calcium, and colloidal minerals.  Many of the top multi-vitamin complexes have all these vitamins and minerals, excluding colloidal minerals.  It is imperative to include all, as well as proper nutrition and water to gain more control over being a sugar prisoner.  You can find these plus many more vitamins and minerals at my Super Store with the lowest prices anywhere!

Taking control is not simply will power, but mind over matter, or shall I say matter over mind.  Yes, carbohydrates can cause weight gain, but it’s up to you to make that decision.  Don’t exclude macronutrient as a scapegoat. Be responsible and take control.  After all, it’s your life.

The next piece of information is vital for your control take-back…


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