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Karen Sessions’ Success Stories

Need proof?  Read through just a few of my thousands of success stories people have given me over the years regarding my personal training and contest prep coaching.

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testimonials giving rock solid proof

Good morning Karen…

“You gave me the option of checking in today or next Sunday, but I was curious to check my stats, and glad I did!! Had my cheat meal last night, and even better numbers today!! I’m a believer that my metabolism is on fire!!

Always thought I had slower metabolism in the past , but your program really has fired it up!! So pleased!!! You have given me control of my body and it’s great!! It just amazes me how the right combination of macros got rid of stubborn fat on my hips and other areas, and how I’m not hungry on your plan, and I have energy and increased strength. Not to mention the muscle definition!! You don’t have those credentials for nothing!!”

Amy T.

Hi Karen,

“I am really happy with these results! I want to keep going!

I love being able to lift more weight than the guys in the gym and not be a slave to cardio.  I can’t believe how I’ve changed since we first began! I almost cried this morning looking in the mirror.   🙂  I am SO happy.

I really can’t thank you enough.  I would like to keep going to see how far I can go.  I want to be the best that I can be.  I like going slowly so that my skin doesn’t sag abruptly 🙂  Thanks Karen.”

Beth T.

“I met Karen a while back at I was really impressed with her concern to help others. I found her post informative and easy to understand. We began corresponding by e-mails and she helped me with my training and diet. I was able to take off 12 pounds of stubborn fat that I have been carrying since the birth of my son 2 years prior. She helped change my training and I added 4 pounds of solid muscle! I now have the body that I never dreamed I would have. People can’t believe I’m actually a mother of two.”

Athens, GA

IFBB figure pro jalena posing with 2 trophies

Hi Karen,

“My body immediately responded to the revised program you gave me for the last fortnight. Simple and super effective. My legs, arms and shoulders were especially responsive. The whole 2 min rest between sets feels like such a long time but it does help me to lift and complete the following sets and exercises. I had DOMs for DAYS! …I think once I settle into a routine at work, I can train harder without feeling rushed. My husband has commented that my shoulders are showing up a bit more. Thank you.”

Cristina S.

Cristina in her fitness competition

Hi Karen,tashia first figure competition

“Thank you for your eBook! I started at “Figure Competition Secrets” at 142 pounds and 23% body fat. Now, 11 weeks later I weigh 128 pounds at 14% body fat… That’s a loss of 15 pounds of fat and I even GAINED a pound of MUSCLE!

I love the entire “Figure Competition Secrets” eBook. I would not be where I am today with out it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Tashia Summers

Tashia Summer’s Profile


Hi Karen,

“I am a figure competitor who has purchased your “Figure Competition Secrets” eBook and I love it. I have been training for quite some time now, and competed in previous years in the NPC and placed 2nd and 3rd. However, I recently got the itch to get back on stage (took time off to have my beautiful children)…

I was searching for more information on how to change my training, on advice, that is when I found you online. I used the Killer Training Program you offer in your Gold Package and let me tell you at the end… leg day… 30 reps… was truly a killer!!!

But, I got thru it and I am happy to say that I won 1st place in the FAME ATLANTIC CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! 🙂 I wanted to first of all say thank you!!! I also am now on my way to Florida to compete for my pro card — :)”

Kimberly Miller


“You are the BOMB!!!! I love the tuna & artichoke joke. . . .heehee!!! Even though Brian and I have only been working with you a short amount of time we already love you!!!

This type of help, customization, change in diet & exercise, etc is EXACTLY what we needed!!! I appreciate that you get back to me when you can and answer my questions! This is all so new to us and I know I have lots to ask, but your knowledge and professionalism are MUCH appreciated. You are fantastic!!!

For the 1st time on this long journey i can actually see myself reaching my goals!!! Thank you for getting us on the right track!

THANK YOU KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Stacy and Brian Luckey

Hello Karen,

“Well, I cannot believe that our time together has gone by so fast! I have absolutely loved every minute of it! You have been so instructive and so supportive. What can I say? You’ve helped me change my life! I will always hold you near and dear for such a gift.

The difference is astounding in my picutres! Even I can see it!I have taken your advice about glute work to heart and feel that already these exercises are making significant differences too. I know that guys in the gym are starting to talk to me like I KNOW something about lifting! That feels great.

Thanks so much! I wish you all of the best! Although I’m sure you’ve got more work than you can handle!”


“I am very pleased. I may even have been able to lose another half to a pound but for the first time in about a year, I started my period yesterday. I thought I was already in menopause. Lost another 2.25 in inches for a total of 18.5!! I am thrilled!”

Thanks again Karen:)

Hi Karen,overall figure competition winner

“I see a difference in the way my clothes fit and I’m seeing definition on the medial side of my thighs that wasn’t there before. I’m also seeing a little hint of my glutes when I flex.

I wear scrubs most of the time (work), and gym style clothing at home, so I don’t always notice changes in my clothing until I go out and want to put on my blue jeans… I have to use belts now to hold up my “skinny” pants!”

Annette Northrop
Millington, MI

Hey Karen,

“BIG CHANGES!!I can really see a difference in abs, hips and thighs. My clothes that I wore when we fist started are too lose. The size 8 pants that I bought fit well this week! Also, I can see my biceps when I move my arms! They look great!”

Melissa Thompson
Norristown, PA


“The online traning program seems to be a very workable plan for me. Your detailed plan makes everything easy to follow – I need the structure of seeing day-by-day menus, etc.”

Marlene Broussard

Hi Karen,

“I notice my strength increased, my weights went up in almost all exercises, but a lot of it is the routine you set up for me, its more challenging and pushes me better then the typical 12 rep routine I was doing.

Your training program made me see that I can push myself harder and helped me see past my limitations.”

Thank you!
Jen Kellow
Green Bay, WI

Hi Karen,

“I feel great, lots of energy, I have noticed my stomach is flatter. I am really excited and wanted to tell someone! I saw my performance coach at work today who I hadn’t seen in about a month and he said I look more “buff” and asked me if I had been working out more! That’s great – a third party bringing it up! That just gives me more motivation.

Thanks a lot for everything so far!!”

Jodie Clapp

“As far as training goes, I am really amazed at how strong I actually am. Not only do I feel a lot more energetic, I was also able to up the poundage’s on several exercises this week. Cardio is starting to feel like fun now that I’m bringing my mp3 player.

Also, people are noticing my weight loss even in office clothes. I received a couple of compliments there. One day I was wearing a pair of pants that I’ve had for almost two years now and never needed a belt for. However, this time when I put them on they just wouldn’t stay up on my hips so I had to use a belt.”

Yvonne Ferg


“Thought you’d like to see how I came in for my competition in September. I DEFINITELY came in better then I ever have. All the tuna I ate paid off as well as adding healthy fat especially in the last week prep. I have YOU to thank for that!!! ;)”

Tammy Churchman

Hi Karen

“You wouldn’t believe how many people are commenting on how good I look, the size of my arms and how good my legs look, I even see muscles developing in my legs and my butt feels and looks like it has lifted.

I put on a pair of shorts on Sunday that are totally loose on me, which proves that even though I am the same weight I am much more leaner and gainer muscle mass

Thank you for all your help and guidance. I have learned so much from you….and at 44, I am in the best shape of my life.”

Eva Whitney
Mission Viejo, California


“Thank you so much for following up with me. I did receive the revised Iron Dolls ebook and I am looking forward to the upcoming months of the physique changes. Thanks so much for who you are and what you do!”

Delcina Jones


“You’re always working! You’re the most responsive person I’ve seen in any business!


Karen Davis


“I just wanted to tell you thanks for your forum! Besides all the wonderful education, support, etc. we can get for our physical bodies, I have met some of the MOST caring, nicest people ever! Can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated. I think you must be the magnet that attracts the “real” people. Thank you again.”

Savannah Pipkins
Green Cove, Florida

Hey Karen,

“First of all, I want to say that I am loving this schedule and routine, and that enjoy the workouts, look forward to them every night, and can’t believe I feel that way! I haven’t stuck to anything in years and years,let alone enjoy it.

I feel absolutely great. My energy level has improved, water retention and bloating are greatly reduced, headaches are disappearing. Amazing. I can tell you that I feel a difference. I feel tighter, and my clothes are fitting just a little bit differently.

This is the most fun I’ve had in a while and I love it!”

Karen Davis

“WOOHOO!!!! My partial squat made it up to 150# today!! I’m getting close to the limit on my back stabilizing that, LOL. But it sure makes 80# feel light as a feather, when I go on to step ups, LOL.

My upper chest is coming in…I have indents under the outer edges of my collar bones!!!!!!! My calves are 1/2 inch bigger too!!! WOO HOO!!!!”

Sandi N.


“I maintained 100% adherence to the nutritional and weight workout plans. I weighed and measured all portions until I learn them by sight. I drink one gallon of water per day and included Lipo 6 one cap in am, one in early afternoon.

After 48 hours I experienced a wicked day long headache which I easily recognize as my sugar/processed food detox. Since then I have felt great, good energy level, plenty of sleep and rest. I can feel the food burning in my furnace especially after a steak (2.5oz) and dark green salad at night.”

Susan Schwarz

“I purchased 2 of your eBooks (Iron Dolls and The Competitive Edge) and have incorporated your routine as mine this last two weeks. I must tell you have never been more sore than I have recently. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into those books. I have learned tremendous amounts from you.”

Thank You,
Sheri Childers

Hello Karen,

“I wanted to share this with you cause I am so amazed! I did measurements:

4/10/05 11/18/05

Neck- 13 1/4 Neck- 14 1/4
Shoulders- 43 1/2 Shoulders- 45
Bust- 43 1/4 Bust- 40
Biceps- 13 Biceps- 13 1/2
Waist- 37 Waist- 31 1/4
Abdomen- 35 Abdomen- 31 3/4
Hips- 47 1/2 Hips- 41 3/4
Thighs- 28 Thighs- 24 3/4
Calves- 16 Calves- 15 3/4
Weight – 185 Weight – 165.5
Body fat- 41.5% Body fat- 29.8%”

That’s a loss of 23.5 inches!!!!!!!
Jane Marshall


“I can see a HUGE difference in my body! I mean HUGE! I wore a sleeveless top under another sweater today. I couldn’t believe my arms in the sleeveless top. I’ve got guns! (for me!) And my legs…I’ve never seen them so tight! Still have belly fat to contend with, but that will be the dead last to go, because I’ve had that my whole life. I’m starting to see a glimpse of lower abs!!!!!!!!!! I never thought the day would come. I’m loving it! And I’ve kicked my sugar habit too! I accidentally walked down the chocolate candy aisle at Costco today, and it didn’t even phase me! I looked at ALL of it, and couldn’t find anything worth cheating with…and they had all my former favorites! So I’m pretty darn happy!”


Hi Karen,

“I am really feeling good and see more muscle tone, especially in my legs and shoulders and back. I love the meals. Everyone is commenting on how good I look, I have now lost a total of 60 lbs and 21% BF in 14 months, yaya!! and I’m fitting in a sizes small, med, some 8 some 10’s some jr 11’s instead of 18 and 20’s WOW! What a feeling!!!”

Linda Smith

Hi Karen!

“Thanks so much Karen. I can’t believe the progress that I have made in just about 6 weeks. I might have to change my goals before 12 weeks are up (lol) because I’m almost there already!!!! I think that I would to add some muscle next now that I have almost lost all the body fat that I wanted to.”

Thanks again!!
Renee Aerbel

Renee on stage in purple posing suit


“I just want to give you a great big thank you from the bottom of my heart! The information you sent me was wonderful. This is the best plan I have ever done. It has worked so good for me that it has convinced my husband to do the same. I’m so grateful. I have gone from a size 4 to a 2 (I am small framed) and my husband is shocked and impressed at how much I’m lifting. ( He is SO IMPRESSED with your method) I have gone from a 32D to probably a 32C but my proportion is still good. Yeah! And my abs haven’t looked this good in years!”

Gwen Rutz


“I am excited and wanted to share this with you. I listened to you and cute way back on the processing in my diet. I added more veggies and less cereal, I cut fat except for the good fats I am adding udo’s oil blend to my protein shakes. I measured this morning and lost 1 inch from around my belly, not the waist or hips, I measured around the belly button. this made my BF% go down more, I went from 32.48% BF to 31.38 %BF in just 4 days, I think it’s true, abs are made in the kitchen not the Gym. lol Anyway my Lean Body mass went up from 97.23 to 98.81 and my fat mass went down from 46,77 to 45.19 This is all according to the way fit together calculates everything.

Thanks for you help, I feel like I am back on track! My Husband surprised me with a outfit for our cruise this June , he bought size 12 and it’s loose!!!! ((((smile)))))”

Thanks Again,
Linda Ann Smith

Hello Karen,

“First of all Karen, thanks, you have been my inspiration for these past few weeks. I feel so good, have learned so much and know that I will forever have the knowledge to maintain the physique I want. I can thank you for that. I feel strong and powerful and weight training has given me a great feeling about working out that I have never had before….One of the boys at work commented yesterday that he has never seen me look so buff before, and that I really looked like what ever I was doing was working. More than a few people have commented on this and I can see the muscles in my legs when I wear shorts…..and another thing the white lines under my butt cheeks from the tanning booth have shrunk from about 2 inches of white to about 1/2 inch, i was so thrilled, that told me my butt had lifted, I know have a bubble butt instead of a flat butt……so excited…44 and feeling fine!! THANKS AGAIN KAREN!!”

Eva Whitney
Mission Viejo, California

Hey Karen,

“Thanks so much Karen! I feel you really helped me get moving in the right direction..and the timing of all this is just right. Tuesday I have to go back on the road for about three weeks and then I’ll be home for about 12 weeks so I wanted to sign up for more consultations after I get back. Working with you has really helped me. Motivation is not a problem for me, but having your expertise and guidance has helped me make incredible changes. So to think of all the years I’ve been working out and really just looking the same – and then to get this kind of results in this amount of time is astonishing! I do realize how much the diet has to do with it. So, I don’t want to stop now!!!

Anyway, thank you again, I’ll be “behaving” as best I can while traveling and then you’ll be hearing from me again!”

Jo Cottle

Hey Karen,

“You are probably wondering what prompted me to write you today. Well, it was your newsletter. I wanted to tell you how fantastic I thought it was, absolutely excellent! I have experimented with little bits of different diet combinations over the last couple of months, with no luck so far in reaching my fitness goals. So out of frustration a couple of weeks ago I went back to the basic diet you put me on. And not only did I find the dietary peace I was searching for, but would you believe I’ve lost almost 4 pounds and actually have some vascularity (sp) developing in my biceps and shoulders. I have never had that before, damn! That msfit, she knows what she’s doing and always has. Will I ever learn to listen? Hopefully. Take care and keep up the good work. You do a great job and your knowledge is much appreciated.”



“Thank you so much I’m so excited to work with you. You are the first person I have really worked with on my diet.”

Jelena Djordjevic
New Jersey

jelena fahrenheit supplement

Hey Karen,

“It’s just amazing how much different my waist size is!!!!! I still have a long way to go, but this is just out of this world for me right now.”

Penny Pitts
Plano, Tx

Hi Karen,

“Just wanted to say thank you for always answering my e-mails in such a timely fashion. I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief you have been to my program so far and it has only been a few days!”

Marissa Voke
Battle Creek, MI


“You were so instrumental in helping me achieve many goals. You helped me tremendously in my efforts to compete and I have to update you.

I never did any bodybuilding. I stayed more on the figure end. I won Ms. Fitness Texas and Ms. Figure Gulf Coast when you helped me online. I went on to win more and eventually I decided to go into the fitness modeling.

I did make the current cover of Muscle Media-personally (November/December). I’m also in the November/December issue of Energy on pgs.116-123. I did a spread on workouts.

I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for your help. I’ve never forgotten it and I was thrilled when I looked you up and found your awesome website. I signed-up immediately. I send many to your website and encourage them to buy your eBooks. Thanks again for all you do. Take care and God bless.”

Heather Robinson, CNC
Houston, Texas


“I LOVE The Competitive Edge – Contest Prep Secrets. I just started the carb-rotation program. I added some fat to my diet and tapered down the carbs. I can already see that I am tightening up, even got a comment on it last night from a student in spin class.  I have already dropped two pounds and I don’t feel like I am going to DIE the entire day either.”

Tammy Churchman,

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