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Stretching for Muscle Growth

Learn the Tactics on Stretching for Muscle Growth

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Stretching for muscle growth is a lost art in the lifting community.  It might surprise you that stretching is essential for flexibility, as well as explosive muscle growth in a short amount of time.  Intense training is risky and a lot of exercises can cause you to exhaust or overextend your muscles.  Failing to stretch can cause damage now and in long run.  Stretching is actually a preventative practice.  Learn exactly how you can implement simple basic stretches so you can build muscle beyond the norm.

Stretching for Muscle Growth

Most people training to build muscle don’t give stretching a second thought.  But this is a critical mistake.  Reps have their place, as well as sets, nutrition, rest, supplements, and STRETCHING.  It’s simply a part of the muscle-building equation.  If you want more muscle growth, think about including more stretching in your workout routine.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of stretching:

  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Prevents injury
  • Boosts circulation
  • Increases muscle coordination
  • Improves range of motion
  • Lower tension in the body
  • Enhances overall body awareness
  • Decreases muscle and joint stiffness

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of stretching.  It’s the most effective, yet underrated thing you can do to build muscle.

How Stretching Builds Muscle

Stretching for muscle growth all comes down to your fascia.  Fascia is a bag of tough connective tissue that keeps your muscles in place in your body. Every muscle in your body is enclosed in fascia. Since fascia is so dense and tight around the muscle, it doesn’t allow the muscle to expand and grow more.  Even so, this little guy is your muscle building secret weapon.  By manipulating your fascia via stretching, you create room to grow.

When you start stretching between sets during training, you actually stretch and give elasticity to your fascia.  When the fascia is more pliable, your muscles have the room to expand, build, and grow.

For muscle growth and development, the best time to stretch is during and after your t raining.  This is because your muscles are pumped full of blood, pushing on the fascia.  During that pumped condition, stretching adds more pressure to the fascia.  This expands the fascia.  BAM, room for the muscle to grow.

How to Stretch for Muscle Gains

Fascial stretching is a bit more stringent than just basic stretching.  Regardless, it’s done with a purpose.  When you stretch hard, to the point you cause your fascia to loosen and expand, you will feel it.  You will feel a strong pulling and pressure sensation of the muscle working against the fascia.

It’s important to not stretch to the point that you cause injury or muscle tear.  It can happen.  It should be slow, gentle, and progressive.  You should never feel sharp pains.  Stretch the muscle you are training and hold that stretch for 25-20 seconds.  This allows time for your fascia to stretch.  Remember, it is tough, dense, and stubborn.

One More Thing…

Most people reading this article will ignore the information.  Their final outcome, they will look the same as they did last month, last year, etc.  That’s because they did not do the one simple thing that can be done to build MORE muscle.  It’s simple and natural, but I guess that’s why it’s ignored only to do more reps and sets that lead to overtraining.  I agree, stretching appears to be useless ad boring.  However, it’s a critical step to enhanced muscle growth.  It’s simple. Include it and reap the rewards or ignore it and stay the same.  The choice is yours.


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