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Slow Metabolism

slow metabolism are you a metabolic mess
Why You Have A Slow Metabolism

What Causes a Slow Metabolism?

A slow metabolism can be the result of extreme low calories, poor food quality, processed foods, lack of complete protein, lack of essential fats, excess carbs, dehydration, stress, toxins, parasites, prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, chemicals in food, and alcohol.

Many people, in an effort to lose weight quickly, tend to cut calories drastically without having a base plan to follow.  This is one of the major reasons many people dieting suffer from a slow metabolism.  When you drastically slice calories below your maintenance level, your body tries to conserve every last bit of energy for survival.  When this happens, the glycogen stores become depleted and your body will oxidize protein for energy.

Breaking Down The Calories

A lack of calories can be further broken down into the type of calories eaten.  Insufficient complete protein, lack of carbs, and essential fats can cause a slow metabolism.  Balance is so important and knowing how to implement each of the macronutrients can rebuild your metabolism.  This rebuilding process will take some time.

You have to be patient when you have a slow metabolism.  Also, you did not destroy it overnight and it’s not going to repair overnight.  You have to realize that when you do begin a balanced eating plan, your weight may not drop as you expected.  You have to repair your metabolism before your body can begin melting body fat.  Therefore, a temporary side-effect can be weight gain until the healing process is complete.

On the Road to Metabolic Recovery

Professional dieters, those who partake in the latest fad diet, yo-yo dieters, those who skip meals, those who eat unbalanced meals, those who eat excess carbs, those lacking complete protein, and those shunning essential fats usually destroy their metabolism overtime.  When you don’t eat properly your body is unable to rebuild the functional and structural biochemical’s.  Even if you have wrecked your metabolism with any of the factors listed above you can repair it.

Simple Steps to Repairing a Slow Metabolism:

  1. Stop taking unnecessary medications and drugs. This will usually eliminate about 50% of the toxins you receive.
  2. Reduce stress in your life. I know, I know; easier said than done.
  3. Reduce the amount of commercial toxins you take in.
  4. Cleanse your body.  Liver, colon, and Candidia cleanses are very effective.
  5. Add exercise to your life.
  6. Drink more quality water.
  7. Eat frequent meals consisting of quality foods.
  8. Eat less processed food and more natural and organic food.

What to Expect With a Healing Metabolism

Generally, when you begin to eat better your metabolism is able to begin rebuilding.  Again, this rebuilding process is a healing process as well.  Your body must catch up on rebuilding your biochemical’s.  Remember, this means is that since your body has to do some major healing, body fat may increase temporarily because your body can’t just rebuild functional and structural proteins and fats without also rebuilding storage fats.  Once your metabolism is healed your body will burn off the fat, provided your nutrition is quality and you partake in exercise.

Factors that Help Boosts Your Metabolism

Just as many factors can cause a slow metabolism, there are also elements that work for your metabolism.  Exercise, increasing muscle mass, hydration level, food quality, and meal frequency all have the ability to boost your metabolic rate. tells us, “Food supplies us with nutrients that are critical for healthy metabolism, and for health in general. Vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and probiotics are all essential nutrients, many of which cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be ingested from an outside source. Missing even one essential nutrient from your diet could have a devastating effect on your metabolism and overall health, so it’s important to understand how they work.”

Keep in mind that just because you begin doing positive things to help improve your metabolism doesn’t mean that you will repair it overnight.  Healing takes time and the time to heal will vary from person to person.

Hi Karen,

I want to say how much I appreciate the honesty and openness in your approach to your newsletter.  The no BS, tell it like it is, method is very much appreciated.

Take Care,



I am excited and wanted to share this with you.  In addition, I listened to you and cut way back on the processing in my diet. I added more veggies and less cereal, I cut fat except for the good fats I am adding udo’s oil blend to my protein shakes. I measured this morning and lost 1 inch from around my belly, not the waist or hips, I measured around the belly button. This made my BF% go down more. I went from 32.48% BF to 31.38 % BF in just 4 days, I think it’s true, abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. Anyway my lean body mass went up from 97.23 to 98.81 and my fat mass went down from 46.77 to 45.19 This is all according to the way fit together calculates everything.

Thanks for your help, I feel like I am back on track! My Husband surprised me with an outfit for our cruise this June, he bought a size 12 and it’s loose!!!! ((((smile)))))

Thanks Again,
Linda Ann Smith



One Last Thing...

Now that we covered some of the mysteries of why you may seem to gain weight on a good and balanced program, you can further experiment with various nutritional approaches to find the right one for you.

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