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Unique Shoulder Training Tips That Get Results

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I feel it’s necessary to cover some shoulder training tips and shoulder training MISTAKES.  Recently, a subscriber emailed me with some shoulder training concerns she read online from another “trainer.”

This subscriber, Jackie, was getting ready for a figure contest, but a date hadn’t been set yet.  She was just eating well and working out until she found a contest she thought suited her and her time frame.  Jackie is like most people on the internet who are interested in fitness and competitions, she’s online constantly looking for the latest and greatest piece of information.  She found some shoulder training tips by a “figure coach” that she thought she would use to advance her training.

After about two months on the shoulder workout she lost shoulder strength, saw no progress, and was suffering with a shoulder injury.  On a whim she emailed me just for some insight.

The Shoulder Training Tips She Was Given Was To:

1.Train shoulders more than once a week

2.On barbell presses, press behind-the-neck

3.Use the “pour from the pitcher” method on lateral raises

The above are not shoulder training tips.  They are shoulder training mistakes and some are dangerous and can damage your shoulder joint.

Mistake #1 – Train Shoulders More Than Once A Week

Your shoulders are involved in your chest and back training.  Training your shoulders more than once a week will lead to overtraining FAST!  Now, there is a way that advanced lifters can get in an extra shoulder workout.  It’s tricky and you have to apply it correctly.  You can learn how to do that in my Killer Shoulders Program.

Unless you follow that precise protocol in Killer Shoulders on how to train shoulders twice in a week, don’t do it.  It’s too easy to overtrain them and the end result is NO Results!

Mistake #2 – Barbell Shoulder Presses Behind-the-Neck

Don’t, Ever, Never do barbell presses from behind the neck.  It’s a shoulder workout, you don’t want to tear up your shoulder joints. I have to wonder where these “trainers” and “figure coaches” are getting their information.  It’s scary!

Pressing movements from behind the head are unnatural and if the poundage is too heavy, it could cause injury.  Lift heavy weight in your body’s natural alignment to reduce risk of injury.   Pressing from behind-the-neck causes the upper back to crunch-up and takes emphasis off of the shoulders. Once the bar passes the top of your head, the deltoids are no longer the primary movers.  The focus is shifted to the triceps, serratus anterior, and traps.

The barbell press is an up and down movement.  With the barbell, it’s best to lower the bar to your clavicle and push-up.  Don’t allow the bar to go behind your neck and press up from there.

Mistake #3 – Use The “Pour From The Pitcher” Method On Lateral Raises

If you are eager to blow-out your rotator cuff, then have at it!  But let me tell you, that “pouring from the pitcher” garbage is going to tear-up your shoulders!  Doing any type of rotating or twisting is hard on your joints.  Overtime, this type of bad form is going to cause some major rotator cuff injuries.

The lateral raise is a very simple movement for a very delicate area in the shoulder joint.  Stand upright with a dumbbell in each hand.  Lift each dumbbell STRAIGHT out from your sides and stop the lift at about shoulder level.  Your shoulders and wrist should be on the same plane.  Get that contraction a the top.  Lower the dumbbells and repeat.

That’s it.  You don’t have to twist and shout.  It’s a workout not a dance class.  If you workout the right way, you won’t get injured and you may actually build some muscle.

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If you want the REAL shoulder training tips, tricks, and secrets, you need to grab a copy of my Killer Shoulders Program. This is the quickest way to build big shoulders in the shortest amount of time because it cuts out all the B.S. and teaches you the proper methods for training.  This is the real deal and it works.


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What You MUST Know...

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