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Refeed Day to Lose Fat

What If A Refeed Day To Lose Fat Was The Secret Trick Used By Competitors?

competitors who used a refeed day to lose fat

There has been a lot of buzz on the popular refeed day to lose fat.  Many say it works like a charm and others say it’s just another unproven fat loss tactic.  Now, if you do want to drop some pounds on the scale and lean up for your personal goal or even to compete in a figure or bikini competition, you might find this information very helpful.

Here’s the scenario.  You want to lose body fat to compete in a competition.  You start your weight training and cardio program, and you also cut calories, and I mean severely slice them.

When you drastically cut calories a number of events take place.  Your body detects a caloric deficit and therefore begins to drop a few pounds.  Yea!  The scale moved down and you are feeling somewhat leaner.  You feel you have scored the golden ticket!

When you radically cut calories to drop some body fat you will lose some weight in the beginning, but this weight loss process is just temporary.  The harsh caloric restriction WILL backfire on you!

Most people cannot maintain extreme low calories for a long period of time.  In addition, extreme low calories affect your thyroid in a negative way.  This will, inevitability, downgrade your metabolism, leading to a plateau and possible weight gain, sort of a rebound.  Here’s why…

Mad Cravings (The Cascade of Events)

One problem with cutting calories in a drastic manner is that it will lead to mad, totally uncontrollable cravings, mainly carbs and sugar, the stuff that packs the weight on quickly!

The reason this happens is because your body isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs in a consistent manner or in the amounts necessary to carry out the functions of your body.  Your body is a machine and it needs enough calories (the right kind) to do its job to keep you healthy.

Christa Miller at states, “Eating too few calories every day can cause serious harm to your mental health and your overall emotional outlook. You are more likely to feel depressed and irritable when you’re consistently hungry, plus you’re more likely to have strong food cravings that are difficult to ignore, according to the Epigee website.”

Just the cravings alone will break most people mentally, causing them to give-in and just eat.  The eating leads to binging, it continues, the weight rebounds quickly, depression sets it, and the cycle repeats.

A Hormonal Catastrophe (The Domino Effect)

After about a week of severe caloric restriction, the hormone levels that maintain proper metabolic functioning (thyroid hormones and leptin) begin to adjust to the new caloric intake, causing the metabolic hormones to take a dive.

When this happens the body will, at any cost, conserve calories, meaning weight loss will come to a screeching halt.  It’s your body’s innate survival tactic. To add insult to injury, insulin and cortisol increase.  Look Out!  When these two are on the rampage together they will cause your body to store fat.

You vs. Your Body (Your Solution?)

The thing is; YOU know you want to lose body fat and get fit and tight, but your body’s mechanical set-up is not designed like that.  Your body is designed to keep you alive and it will do whatever is necessary, even if it’s weight gain, to accomplish the task of keeping you alive.

When most people hit that weight loss plateau from cutting calories in such a drastic manner, they either lower their calories MORE (because, hey, it worked the first time) or they increase exercising.

When you are at this point, you have hit rock bottom and anything more you do will just burn you out and cause more weight gain.

All Is Not Lost (There IS Hope)

Don’t get too discouraged though.  You see, I’ve been at this a LONG time, since 1988!  I’ve been around long enough to do extensive research and testing.  What I can tell you is that there is a weird little trick you can do besides lower your calories even more!

It’s something many bodybuilders and competitors do to keep their body off guard to ensure they continually burn body fat.  The unique tactic you can use, to trick your body to re-start the fat burning process, is to simply increase the number of calories you eat a day for a full 24 hours.  It’s a refeed day to lose fat.  Basic calorie confusion to lose fat is the answer.

Refeed Day or Cheat Day (Depends)

fat cellsYou may have heard of it referred to as a refeed day to lose fat or even a cheat day.  Basically, how you approach it determines if it’s an actual refeed day or a true cheat day.  You don’t want to complicate things right now though, so the best thing to do is just eat the same diet you have been eating, but just eat more food for one day.  Bump your calories up 300-500.  It’s just for one day.

This refeed day tactic works best if you do it once a week because studies suggest that leptin levels fall about 50% after 7 days of restrictive calories.  The trick is that you change your calorie intake and refeed just before your body lowers those metabolic hormones.

In addition to having a refeed day to lose fat, you can also help support healthy leptin levels as you diet down, while at the SAME TIME supporting the heightened sensitivity to the hormone.  Yeah, it’s almost like cheating at the fat loss game!  LOL  You really have the advantage using calorie confusion to lose fat.  It keeps you in control

Melt Body Fat With Diet Trick And This (Warning: This Works)

If you COULD manage vibrant leptin levels AND support the increased sensitivity to them you could be in a constant fat burning mode 24/7.  Did you know that there IS a way to do just that?  It’s quick, easy, requires no calorie counting or exercise.  Ok, now you think I’m a quack on crack, but don’t bail on me just yet.

I’m ONLY telling you this is because I personally believe this product is the REAL DEAL due to its research, personal testing, and I even tested it on some figure and fitness clients who have just screwed-up their metabolisms from drastic dieting practices.

Ok, here it goes.  Have you heard of LeptiBurn™ by BioTrust Nutrition?  This is the stuff that can set you back on the metabolic path of burning fat. It’s a combination of 6 ingredients designed to tweak leptin equally from its sensitivity to its production.

I mean, combine this supplement with your re-feed day to lose fat and the pounds will just be melting off.  This stuff is backed by a 1 year (YES ONE FULL YEAR) money-back guarantee.  I mean honestly… What do you have to lose at this point?


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Here's More Great Information so You Can Melt Fat

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