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Your Pre-Contest Training Can Make Or Break You… Get It Right The First Time!

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When it comes to pre-contest training, nothing stands out better than a well-polished physique on stage. Most people think you have to eat lettuce and tree bark and do hours of endless cardio to lose fat. However, I’m going to share with you some tips on the perfect pre-contest training system so you can build a winning physique.

Pre-Contest Prep Diet

Your competition diet will be the biggest and most important aspect to losing body fat so your physique shines above the rest on stage. A well prepared diet plan for fat loss includes eating 6 balanced meals a day of a lean protein and non-starchy veggies, along with essential fats. This combination of food IS a recipe for fat loss.

Regular Activity

In addition to the right combination of foods for fat loss, the perfect pre-contest training should include regular activity. Your activity can come in the form of cardio and weight training to stimulate fat loss and boost muscle gain. Your cardio and weight training workouts can be balanced throughout the week so you are not going hours of exercise every day. A lot of competitors enjoy weight training 5-6 days a week and balancing cardio in 4-5 days a week.

Pre-Contest Training and Cardio

It’s interesting to know that figure competitor’s don’t have to workout like wimps, swinging dumbbells and doing mountain climbers. Such exercises are fine.  However, they hardly stimulate the muscle beyond the capacity needed to develop or even keep lean muscle mass. The real pre-contest training secret includes actual weight training to stimulate the muscles.  This makes them work and recover so they can grow and be sculpted.

While the basic weight training will stimulate the muscles and allow them to grow, you need to add in cardio to burn calories and burn the excess body fat from your body. It’s best to start your cardio on the low end and build it each week. This allows you to implement cardio gradually so you don’t burn out.  It also serves as a plateau buster, always give you something to fall back on.

TheElitePhysique states, “Bursting through plateaus can come in many forms such as varying sets, rep speed, the number of repetitions, tempo, as well as hand and foot placement. In fact, ANY change made in your training is a new type of stress to your body, causing it to respond and sparking new growth.”

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Having the right information at hand is your ultimate success in getting lean, cut, and even stage ready.  Do what it takes and get informed to you don’t make costly mistakes.  Get my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course so you can make the right body transformation changes.  See below


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Remember, if you don't use the right training system, you are just wasting your time.

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