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Peak Week Tips

peak week tipsPeak Week Tips

If you are looking for some peak week tips, you’ve come to the right place.  Being in peaked contest condition is a state you hold for a short amount of time.  So, let’s get to some tips to help you pull in hard, tight, and dry.

When you make the decision to compete in a competition you need to piece together the perfect plan. When you make it to last week don’t mess it all up by making costly last minute mistakes.

In this short, yet informative article, I’m going to share peak week tips so you can be absolutely stunning on stage.

Peak Week Cardio Tip #1

Your goal the final week before your contest is to simply dial-in. All the fat burning work has been done the previous months of prepping. Don’t enter peak week doing hours of endless cardio and high-intensity workouts. This will only flatten you out when you are on stage.  The only thing you do peak week is prime the muscle for contest day.  Keep reading…

Water Tip #2

Your diet the last week before your competition will also be MUCH different from the previous months of your contest prep. Peak week is not about fat loss.  It’s about depleting your muscles so you can fill them out.  It’s about simple and natural water manipulation techniques to pull water from under your skin and drive it into your muscle cells. This two-fold action will give you that finely sculpted look the judges just drool for.

Carb-Up Tip #3

Peak week is a method many people don’t understand.  If you mess up peak week you will hold water and be smooth on stage. One thing you SHOULD NOT eat the day before or the morning of your contest is oatmeal! Oatmeal EXPANDS in water and it will bloat you, smooth you out, and put you at the end of the line.

Peak Week Training Tip #4

Use weight training to your advantage the last week. Again, peak week is not about fat loss or muscle gain. Your last week’s workout should be a simple glycogen depletion workout. The more glycogen you can pump out of your muscles, the better you can pump your muscle cells up when you implement a light carb-up tactic.

Bonus Tip

A peak week is necessary.  The proper implementation of it will give you the unfair advantage on stage, showing the judges and audience that you are the best and you should be selected as the winner.

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