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Peak Week Strategies to Get Shredded

Try These Peak Week Strategies to Get Super Ripped

Peak Week Strategies

Peak week strategies are what will take you to the big win.  The last 7 days of preparing for your competition, commonly referred to as peak week, can be intimidating and confusing. A contest peak is the precise mark when your body fat is low and you pull your muscles in full and hard. It’s the crown of your competition diet and training.

Peaking will make your muscles fuller, tighter, harder, and increase vascularity.  This combination creates a flawless package on stage that the judges are thirsty for.  A peak can only be carried for a very limited amount of time.  Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you precisely time your diet and training your final week before your show.

The Truth About Peak Week

Peak week is not intended to make up for bad dieting or to pull off excess fat at the last minute. That is not what peak week is for. Peaking is timed and precise dieting manipulation joined with glycogen depleting exercises to redistribute the water from under your skin right into the muscles cells.  This effect makes your muscles fuller and harder while creating enhanced cuts and definition.

While many people may not understand peaking, it may be the one element that lets you to win your contest. Since peak week comes along with disarray and anxiety, some competitors don’t even attempt it or they go through it blindly, which can boomerang on them. Having the proper guidelines on how to peak will make a world of difference.

Stress and Confidence

While the weeks before your competition can be stressful, peaking will boost your confidence. You will find you welcome the competition head-on, are proud to be on the stage, and are ready for the pose down.

The precise timing of peak week can cause you stand out from the other athletes, providing you a big advantage. Peaking is a secret technique. When implemented correctly, it can be the deciding factor in how your place in your competition.

Is This Technique Cheating?red arrow pointing down

Applying peak week strategies is not cheating.  It’s not illegal.  Peak week is a technique that can give you the unfair advantage over the other competitors.  Therefore it is absolutely critical that you approach the seven days prior to your contest precisely. See below for more contest prep guidance…


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