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Your peak week course is your plan of action to get stage-ready.  It’s a critical part of your contest prep. Competing in a competition can be a downright frightening thing if you are a newbie. The journey itself can be lined with utter confusion.  The total fear of not doing the dieting and prepping process right can prevent may people from competing. The biggest fear, however, is not being ready on contest day.

The mistake a lot of newbie’s make in their journey is reading everything possible about prep and peak week.  They then, try to implement EVERYTHING they read. That’s a total recipe for a complete disaster. What works for one person may not work so well for the next.

Peaking is about being your absolute best for a short amount of time on contest day.  To prevent you from making some costly last minute mistakes which can cause you to hold water the day of your contest, I’m going to share with you a few peak week elements to pull you in hard and tight for your big day.  These tips are just scratching the surface.  I have even more, in-depth, information for you at the end of the article.

Cardio the During Peak Week

All too often competitors will do cardio right up to the day of their show. This is a 100% absolute no-no! Cardio is very taxing to the body. Any trauma to the body can cause water retention. Also, cardio right up to your show will deplete your energy, the time you will need it the most.  Over at, Justin Edwards asks Eric Broser, “Is there ever a reason for a competitor to do cardio up to the day of the show? With proper planning this should never be necessary”

When you are 7 days out from your contest, the fat burning work is done. Your only job a week out is to simply dial-in, and you do that by manipulating your diet.

Light walking is fine, but if you continue with high-intensity weight training and high-impact cardio sessions all through the final week it will totally flatten your muscles and make you hold water under you skin.

Using the Same Prep Diet During Peak Week

There are 3 phases to contest prep and stepping on stage. The first phase is your off-season training and dieting when you eat a little more and train heavier to build the solid muscle foundation you see on so many top-level and IFBB Figure Competitors such as Erin Stern, Nicole Wilkins-Lee, and Jelana Abbou.

The second phase is the actual prep diet.  It’s the 12-16 week phase where you watch your calories and macros more closely.  This allows focus on keeping your lean muscle mass and burning off any excess body fat.

The final phase is peak week.  This seems to have become a very controversial topic these days.  However, peak week has been proven to work time and time again.

You don’t actually think the IFBB Figure Pros don’t implement some last minute tactics to trick their body to appear more muscular and leaner, do you?

IMPORTANT Peak Week Course: Don’t Skip The Next Section

To be figure-ready on your contest day you HAVE to change your diet the last week to force the body to change. It’s sort of like breaking a plateau. For example, when you have been on the same training program for a while and then change it, you will see and feel changes the changes.

When you make a change the final week before your contest, you will see changes, and those changes will be you getting leaner and harder. That’s a pretty good pay off if you ask me.

The Peak Week is About Hitting a Climax

Many people are under the misguided impression that the final week is about fat loss and that it is an ineffective process. Nothing, but NOTHING could be further from the truth. Those who don’t understand the process will of course disregard it.

Peak week is the 7 days prior to your show when you deplete your muscles in order to fill them out for the day of your contest. It’s simply manipulating your water and carbs in such a way that you literally pull all the water from underneath your skin and direct it into your muscles cells, filling them out. This process creates full muscles bellies as well as cuts and definition.

A carb-depletion and loading process will give you the natural and unfair advantage on stage. It will allow you to show the judges that you did your homework and that you are the best on stage.

Don’t Be Left Behind, Get The Peak Week Course…red arrow pointing down

Keep in mind that your peak week course is what you put into it.  Seriously, if you want to be READY on your competition day, it’s necessary that you know, understand, and implement the proper peak week tactics based on your physique and stats.


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