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Operation Biceps Blast

operation biceps blast
Your Next Mission is Operation Biceps Blast

If you need an operation biceps blast workout program to wake up your silly-string arm muscles, then get ready for an insane pump and some biceps growth.

The biceps is a very popular muscle group to train. People love curling big weight, they love the intense biceps pump, they love flexing pumped biceps, and they love to measure their arms. With all the biceps blast workout craziness going on, you’d think more people would have bigger guns.

But, a lot of confusion comes up about what a good biceps workout entails. How many days should you train your biceps? What exercises should you do, how many sets, and how many reps? Bodybuilders go to crazy lengths just to put another quarter inch on their arms. But really, would doing more arm training create bigger biceps?

In today’s Crossfit mindset, it’s easy to overtrain.  With the help of The Biggest Loser setting the stage on workouts for newbies, people get brainwashed into thinking they need more workouts to get better results. Many lifters fear that if they don’t do more and more reps and sets, they won’t get results.  The end result of overtraining is exhaustion, depression, lack of results when training, you lose that inner drive to train, and worst of all, laughable biceps.

If you are tired of being confused about biceps training and you want to start enjoying your lifts and making progress, you need to stick around for a few minutes. I’m going to help clear the misinformation that’s been fed to you and teach you how to implement a biceps blast training workout that delivers results.  Put your trainer gear on because we are about to go into battle to make you armed and dangerous. Let’s break Operation Biceps Blast into a few rules for simplicity. Let’s go…

man and woman with big biceps

Rule #1 – Warm-Up Your Biceps Well

First things first. You need to warm-up your biceps really well to take part in a biceps blast workout. Make sure your warm-up is just that, a warm-up and not a mini-workout. You want to get your muscles warm, but not to the point they have been worked. You need to conserve your energy for your working sets.

Rule #2 – Use Heavy Compound Movements First in Your Biceps Training

Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises in which all the muscles of that muscle group are being worked simultaneously. This makes compound movements super-effective for muscle growth. These exercises are the mass builders. If you want a biceps blast workout, hit the barbell curls first.

Rule #3 – Keep Sets to a Minimum

Your biceps get worked with other muscle groups, such as the back. When you do back movements, your biceps get some stimulation. Keep this in mind when taking part in your biceps blast training. Doing excessive biceps exercises, sets and reps will get your muscle pumped, and give you a mental pump, but the excessive training won’t produce biceps growth. All you really need for a good biceps blast workout is 9-12 working sets. Going beyond this amount will lead into overtraining.

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Rule #4 – Use 4-6 Reps for Strength and 6-8 Reps for Mass

Mass and strength training go hand-in-hand in bodybuilding. You can’t really have one without the other. Both work and both should be used at different times. When you are mass training, choose a heavy poundage and go for 6-8 reps. Every 3-4 weeks increase your poundage and shoot for 4-6 reps for strength and power training. This rotation not only delivers results, but also prevents plateaus and general boredom.

Rule #5 – Keep Your Biceps Training Basic and Simple

Don’t kid yourself into believing that 15-20 sets of various curls will build big guns. If anything, that amount of biceps training will cause your biceps to stay the same and NOT grow. It doesn’t take badgering your biceps with excessive set and reps to get them to respond. In fact, you will be surprised at the arm growth you get when you scale your arm training back a notch or two.

Venture out of the norm and try 8-10 sets for 6-8 weeks and see how your arms respond. If you do quality sets with proper form, maximum poundage and train to failure, I guarantee you can put some size on your biceps with in a months’ time.

Rule #6 – Limit Biceps Training to Once a Week

Scale your biceps training back. All too often, lifters will train their biceps twice a week to get them to grow. Training your biceps twice a week is too much. Remember, they get some work with other muscle groups. When your biceps training is excessive, they never get a chance to rest. Rest is when muscle growth actually occurs. When you are in the gym training, all you are doing is breaking the muscle down. The actual muscle growth process takes place out of the gym, when you are feeding your muscle and allowing them to rest.

male bodybuilder curling dumbbell

Rule #7 – Employ Partial Training for an Insane Biceps Blast Workout

Give partial training a try for added arm strength and mass. Partial training is working the muscle in its strongest range of motion, from mid-point to full contraction. It’s a training principle designed to break plateaus and push through those training barriers.  Lara McGlashan and Muscle & Fitness notes, “Partial reps allow you to train around a “sticking point” – that part of the ROM where the weight feels the heaviest – by working the areas of a muscle that haven’t been exhausted yet, which can lead to additional muscle growth.  “The cool thing about partial training is that you get to use that HEAVY workload you want. Typically, you can lift double the weight since it’s just a partial movement. To keep time-under-tension a factor, it’s recommend that you do a few more reps, typically 15-20 reps is suitable for heavy partials.


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