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Karen Sessions - Figure Coach: Testimonials

See What Others Are Saying About My Online Personal Training Programs...

Good morning Karen...

"You gave me the option of checking in today or next Sunday, but I was curious to check my stats, and glad I did!! Had my cheat meal last night, and even better numbers today!! I'm a believer that my metabolism is on fire!!

Always thought I had slower metabolism in the past , but your program really has fired it up!! So pleased!!! You have given me control of my body and it's great!! It just amazes me how the right combination of macros got rid of stubborn fat on my hips and other areas, and how I'm not hungry on your plan, and I have energy and increased strength. Not to mention the muscle definition!! You don't have those credentials for nothing!!"

Amy T.

Hi Karen!

" In about 5 weeks I have gained 5lbs of muscle and lost 4lbs of fat and my weight is consistently 133 -134. I am now at 15.6% body fat! Yay! My goal is to be at 14%. Thanks!

Lindsay M.

Thank you Karen!

" I appreciate the time you've taken for me. I know by your response that you actually READ my email and I appreciate that. I will do exactly as you have suggested and continue to read. & enjoy your emails. Thank you for caring and not being a person who only cares to sell her product. That really says something about who you are.

I appreciate you."

Tammy McDermott :0)


"Thank you so much! I enjoy your emails and I LOVE the weight lifting programs! Thank you for making such an incredible program available for everyone! I look forward to these emails every single week!!!"

Rebecca Zabel-Brewer

Thanks Karen!

"I am looking forward to seeing what happens to my body over the next two weeks! I actually was amazed at the changes from the prior two weeks - even though I got leaner, I could see my shoulders and arms starting to come out more and my legs and abs looking better too - you definitely know your stuff! :-)"

Best regards


"Thanks for all the great information Karen. You've been gracious in answering my questions and "being real" about your program and its results. I'm really glad I found you on the internet and your program. You are a wealth of information and I am very pleased with my purchase."

Steve Kriegel

Hi Karen,

"I wanted to thank you for your help. Over the past few weeks your program forced me to challenge myself by trying things I normally would not have done (bench presses, deadlifts) and to step out of my comfort zone. I am more confident in the gym because of that."

Thanks again,

Hey Karen,

"You’re program works and women need to hear about it. I tell people all the time what it has done for me. No more spinning my wheels getting nowhere. I’m seeing results!"

Gwen Rutz

Hi Karen,

"I notice my strength increased, my weights went up in almost all exercises, but alot of it is the rountine you set up for me, its more challenging and pushes me better then the typical 12 rep routine I was doing.

Your training program made me see that I can push myself harder and helped me see past my limitaions."

Thank you!
Jen Kellow
Green Bay, WI


"My legs and abs are coming in pretty well. I 've lost another few lbs. Down to 141 - my business suits are pretty loose! I am enjoying working with you - you have great advise. I feel comforatable and since I am self-motivated, it's easy to follow your plan."

Chris Pope

Hi Karen,

"This morning I woke up and I looked at myself in the mirror and even though it's only been 5 days I feel different, in a good way. My abs actually looked to be smaller!:)

I didn't measure this morning because it's not time to measure yet, :) but I haven't been feeling bloated at all like i did before on the xxxxxx-xxxxxxx eating program. Man that was horrible; bloated and full of gas; not a good combo.

I really am enjoying the eating so far. I like the 6 meals a day instead of the 5 meals because before when it was five meals my 5th meal was over at 5:30 and then I was up for another 6 hours with no food.

Today I couldn't stop smiling at the gym just because i can feel that I'm making progress and I can't wait to hit my goal. I can taste it even though i'm still a ways away, but I just can't help but smile because i'm so excited! :)"

Thanks again!
Tiffany Coleman


"I have lost 2 lbs the first week! I love it. The meal plan you carved out for me had made all the difference because it taught me how to balance my meals--I struggled with this in spite of having lost 46 lbs this year. The exercise plan was exactly what I needed as well."

Cynthia Kis

Hey Karen,

"I have been an admirer of yours for awhile now. I see how you seem to really care sincerely about helping others reach their fitness goals. In the past I've tried "online training" with a rather famous fitness competitor. My experience was disappointiing to say the least. I signed up for an 8 week nutrition plan w/the promise of different meal plans etc. The only thing I recieved was the same meal plan over a 4 week period. Eating the same thing over & over again. Not to mention 3-4 day lapse in response time to my email inquiries.

All this being said I still have not lost my faith in people who really want to help others.

I must say I am SO IMPRESSED with your professionalism and response time. It's an amazing and very refreshing difference from the "professional fitness competitor" I previously experienced. I really appreciate it."

Gina Miles

Hey Karen,

"First of all, I want to say that I am loving this schedule and routine, and that enjoy the workouts, look forward to them every night, and can't believe I feel that way! I haven't stuck to anything in years and years,let alone enjoy it.

I feel absolutely great. My energy level has improved, water retention and bloating are greatly reduced, headaches are disappearing. Amazing. I can tell you that I feel a difference. I feel tighter, and my clothes are fitting just a little bit differently.

This is the most fun I've had in a while and I love it!"

Karen Davis

OK Karen:

"You have sold me on your service. Ya know why?

#1) You obviously know how to make changes in your body with diet & weight training (your awesome contest photos!) and apparently to help others do the same.

#2) Your hands on approach with your online clients, checking their stats weekly rather than just rippin off some generic program to everyone.

#3) The fair report you gave on Weight Watchers.

#4) You PERSONALLY answered my email--not once but 3x BEFORE I had even purchased anything. I'm impressed."

Kathi Rogers

"So if you've been considering hiring MsFit for a consult or two, DO IT !!!!!

I was recently at a standstill and slowly going in reverse. I enlisted Karen's help and within 5 weeks I went from 17+% body fat to 13.5% (and I'm still going down).

How's that for some motivation. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Her consults are very affordable. What ya' waitin' for???"

Mary Lutz,

Hey Karen,

"I wanted to thank-you for the great insights into how I should eat. I have completely changed my eating habits thanks to you. Basically, from starvation to one of caring for myself to loose."

Thank-you huge!
Cherie O'Halloran

Hi Karen!

"Just wanted to let you know I did my first workout this morning...It was awesome! I have someone to be accountable to, and I don't have to try and figure things out by myself...Thanks!"

Chris Lafond

Hey Karen:

"My body is changing. My shoulders, traps and bi's are responding like CRAZY to your program. I have been getting so many comments from the people in my office about my arms (specifically biceps). My upper body strength is way up too. I worked out at home with my son the other day and we were doing push ups and I totally shocked myself with my ease of doing push ups after bench press! I popped out 3 sets of 12 like a man!!!!!"



"I saw my NPC coach friend this past weekend and he said I looked amazing and that you really know what you are doing. Thanks bunches!"

Laurie Murphy


"I had a good week! Dropped some body fat (according to the Omron and my clothing!) and some weight. i am just excited at this weeks' progress!"

Cherea Wood

Hi Karen,

"I noticed in my measurements that I've lost and inch off my chest, inch off my waist, an inch off my hips, and a quarter inch off my knees.. so yay! I can feel my legs getting harder and my calves are starting to have definition again!

Things are going wonderfully at the gym.. I'm making gains and am really enjoying the program you gave me."

Jessica Sitter

Hey Karen,

"I just wanted to let you know that even though we have never met in person I feel your positive personality thorough your emails and it is great working together with somebody who is so motivating and helpful!"

Anita Kovacs


"I just can’t believe my results in just less than 3 months time. I’m going to take some updated pictures next week and send them to you! I couldn’t have gotten this far with out all your help. I was just running around in circles before I signed up with you. Doing endless cardio and training without seeing any real results. Now I’m training less and eating more!! I plan on signing up again with you when my weeks run out!! I’m still not ready to go it alone yet. Feel free to use my stats and or testimonial for your online training. I want people to know that your system works and how great you are at what you do!!"

Renee Aberl


"I maintained 100% adherence to the nutritional and weight workout plans. I weighed and measured all portions until I learn them by sight. I drink one gallon of water per day and included Lipo 6 one cap in am, one in early afternoon.

After 48 hours I experienced a wicked day long headache which I easily recognize as my sugar/processed food detox. Since then I have felt great, good energy level, plenty of sleep and rest. I can feel the food burning in my furnace especially after a steak (2.5oz) and dark green salad at night."

Susan Schwarz

Hey Karen,

"Thanks for all your help this year Karen. I have learned SO much from/through you - about all sorts of stuff. Words can't describe how I have changed & my life has changed in the past year since I've become more active on the board & getting help from you, personally. Thank you."

Elizabeth Sherman
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach


"I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I wouldn't be where i am today and i even have a good chance of winning a cruise out of all of this. You have provided me with a lot of knowledge and i think i could do this lifestyle for life. I enjoy looking good :)"

Thank you again,
Melanie Richer
Ottawa, ON

Hello Karen,

"Wow, it is amazing how much fat i have lost. I don't feel hungry or deprived at all, so it is up to :-)"

Thanks soooo much for your help!

Annika Czermak

Hi Karen,

"I think it's going well. My clothes fit great and I feel and look better at 40 than I did at... well.. ever! I've always been slender but my body is in the best shape of my life. You're doing a great job. I appreciate all your help! :-)"

Gwen Rutz

Hello Karen,

"I wanted to share this with you cause I am so amazed! I did measurements:

4/10/05 11/18/05

Neck- 13 1/4 Neck- 14 1/4
Shoulders- 43 1/2 Shoulders- 45
Bust- 43 1/4 Bust- 40
Biceps- 13 Biceps- 13 1/2
Waist- 37 Waist- 31 1/4
Abdomen- 35 Abdomen- 31 3/4
Hips- 47 1/2 Hips- 41 3/4
Thighs- 28 Thighs- 24 3/4
Calves- 16 Calves- 15 3/4
Weight - 185 Weight - 165.5
Body fat- 41.5% Body fat- 29.8%"

That's a loss of 23.5 inches!!!!!!!
Jane Marshall


"I can see a HUGE difference in my body! I mean HUGE! I wore a sleeveless top under another sweater today. I couldn't believe my arms in the sleeveless top. I've got guns! (for me!) And my legs...I've never seen them so tight! Still have belly fat to contend with, but that will be the dead last to go, because I've had that my whole life. I'm starting to see a glimpse of lower abs!!!!!!!!!! I never thought the day would come. I'm loving it! And I've kicked my sugar habit too! I accidentally walked down the chocolate candy aisle at Costco today, and it didn't even phase me! I looked at ALL of it, and couldn't find anything worth cheating with...and they had all my former favorites! So I'm pretty darn happy!"


Hi Karen,

"I am really feeling good and see more muscle tone, especially in my legs and sholuders and back. I love the meals. Everyone is commenting on how good I look, I have now lost a total of 60 lbs and 21% BF in 14 months, yaya!! and I'm fitting in a sizes small, med, some 8 some 10's some jr 11's instead of 18 and 20's WOW! What a feeling!!!"

Linda Smith

Hey Karen,

"I feel soooo great on your program, I have energy all day long!!"

Annika Czermak

Hi Karen

"Just wanted to say thank you for always answering my e-mails in such a timely fashion. I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief you have been to my program so far and it has only been a few days!"



"Without your help I could never have done this. I learned so much. I learned more in the last year with you than on the previous years before that all together."


Hello Karen,

"My muscles have NEVER been this big and hard, and I can definitely feel a difference! Also, I have NOT ONCE felt the urge to binge on cereal, MRP bars or popcorn- which I used to feel like doing almost every night! And that's even more impressive since I went through my pre-period time these past two weeks, which always used to be the most difficult."


Hi Karen!

"Thanks so much Karen. I can’t believe the progress that I have made in just about 6 weeks. I might have to change my goals before 12 weeks are up (lol) because I’m almost there already!!!! I think that I would to add some muscle next now that I have almost lost all the body fat that I wanted to."

Thanks again!!
Renee Aerbel


"The online traning program seems to be a very workable plan for me. Your detailed plan makes everything easy to follow - I need the structure of seeing day by day menus, etc."

Marlene Broussard

Hi Karen,

"I'm very happy with my results so far. I can see a difference in the way I look as well as how my clothing fits!"

Thank You,


"I just want to give you a great big thank you from the bottom of my heart! The information you sent me was wonderful. This is the best plan I have ever done. It has worked so good for me that it has convinced my husband to do the same. I'm so grateful. I have gone from a size 4 to a 2 (I am small framed) and my husband is shocked and impressed at how much I'm lifting. ( He is SO IMPRESSED with your method) I have gone from a 32D to probably a 32C but my proportion is still good. Yeah! And my abs haven't looked this good in years!"

Gwen Rutz


"I am excited and wanted to share this with you. I listened to you and cute way back on the processing in my diet. I added more veggies and less cereal, I cut fat except for the good fats I am adding udo's oil blend to my protien shakes. I measured this morning and lost 1 inch from around my belly, not the waist or hips, I measured around the belly button. this made my BF% go down more, I went from 32.48% BF to 31.38 %BF in just 4 days, I think it's true, abs are made in the kitchen not the Gym. lol Anyway my Lean Body mass went up from 97.23 to 98.81 and my fat mass went down from 46,77 to 45.19 This is all according to the way fittogether calculates everything.

Thanks for you help, I feel like I am back on track! My Husband surprised me with a outfit for our cruise this June , he bought size 12 and it's loose!!!! ((((smile)))))"

Thanks Again,
Linda Ann Smith


"It is really going GREAT Karen! This is a very easy plan for me to follow! I am really starting to tell a difference in the way my clothes fit! Loving it too! Thanks so much for everything!"

Stacey Cotton


"I wanted to tell you how much fun it was to have you as a trainer for 6 week. I know this is my last week, butI will be back soon. I also have amasing pics of before and now. Wow what a difference...

Mostly i want to say thank you for being an insperation to a woman who never thought she could do anything right. A woman who could never look good, ya know what i mean. Thank you . You are my mentor in this domaine."

Carolyn Ellis


"I figure if you want to fix a car you go to a mechanic, if you want to have brain surgery you go to a brain surgeon, and if you want to drop body fat without sacrificing muscle....you go to a bodybuilder....because that's what they specialize in. It seems that all the other weight loss programs out there really don't care about losing muscle...it's all good if the scale is moving down according to them."

Linda White,

Hi Karen,

"This morning I was 108.5 and 16% bf. Your consultations have worked better than anything else I have ever tried. I love it! I don't have to do so much cardio, I am rarely hungry, and I am losing fat. Thank you so much!"

Jessica Hall
Lexingtion, North Carolina


"I have been following the program (menu and weights) that you gave me and I have energy throughout the day like never before. I have been substituting some fish/meat with the equivalent egg whites occasionally, because chicken, turkey, tuna and orange roughly get boring fast. I hope this is okay as I just love egg whites. I also take creatine, Abs plus, and 1 flaxseed oil capsule per day. I do research on parkinson's disease and our research strongly suggests oleic acid (found in flaxseed oil) protects dopaminergic neurons. I have always been afraid of fat burners, so I started with abs plus which has green tea extract and linolic acid. I may get brave and start with hot rox a little later. My weight is 132 lbs, and 21.1% BF according to the omron. My BF has been slowly dropping over the week since I started the program, kind of in small step downs. I have 1 metrx shake after lifting. And last night If! ell asleep before my last meal which is unusually for me. Thanks for everything and I wish I had found your program sooner."

Suzanne Hessefort


"I don't think you realize the impact you have on other people's lives. Besides your great work with the consults and the progress I've experienced, having the boards was a stroke of genius on your part. It's like we are all family. Really great people there and it's no mistake that the boards have wonderful people. It's because you attract what you project."


Hi Karen

"Hope you are doing well, all is good here, you wouldn't believe how many people are commenting on how good I look, the size of my arms and how good my legs look, I even see muscles developing in my legs and my butt feels and looks like it has lifted.

I put on a pair of shorts on Sunday that are totally loose on me, which proves that even though I am the same weight I am much more leaner and gainer muscle mass

Thank you for all your help and guidance. I have learned so much from you....and at 44, I am in the best shape of my life."

Eva Whitney
Mission Viejo, California

Hello Karen,

"First of all Karen, thanks, you have been my inspiration for these past few weeks. I feel so good, have learned so much and know that I will forever have the knowledge to maintain the physique I want. I can thank you for that. I feel strong and powerful and weight training has given me a great feeling about working out that I have never had before....One of the boys at work commented yesterday that he has never seen me look so buff before, and that I really looked like what ever I was doing was working. More than a few people have commented on this and I can see the muscles in my legs when I wear shorts.....and another thing the white lines under my butt cheeks from the tanning booth have shrunk from about 2 inches of white to about 1/2 inch, i was so thrilled, that told me my butt had lifted, I know have a bubble butt instead of a flat butt......so excited...44 and feeling fine!! THANKS AGAIN KAREN!!"

Eva Whitney
Mission Viejo, California

Hi Karen,

"Well and something even better happened! I had a hair appointment and when I went in, my hairdresser said: "Wow, you look fit and muscular! What have you been doing?" (Now you must know I'm not in anyway "muscular" looking but maybe compared to how I was before!). Anyway, he also said, "even your face looks more defined!" So that was a nice way to end the day. I have had a couple of people mention that they thought I looked "more fit" then normal so it's been working! A big Thank You to you for that!"

Jo Cottle

Dear Karen,

"There is an older guy from Thailand where I train in muay Thai, he told me in broken English "your tummy look not so big", so I guess that's a good thing."

Dennis Sharpe

Hey Karen,

"Thanks so much Karen! I feel you really helped me get moving in the right direction..and the timing of all this is just right. Tuesday I have to go back on the road for about three weeks and then I'll be home for about 12 weeks so I wanted to sign up for more consultations after I get back. Working with you has really helped me. Motivation is not a problem for me, but having your expertise and guidance has helped me make incredible changes. So to think of all the years I've been working out and really just looking the same - and then to get this kind of results in this amount of time is astonishing! I do realize how much the diet has to do with it. So, I don't want to stop now!!!

Anyway, thank you again, I'll be "behaving" as best I can while traveling and then you'll be hearing from me again!"

Jo Cottle

Hey Karen,

"You are probably wondering what prompted me to write you today. Well, it was your newsletter. I wanted to tell you how fantastic I thought it was, absolutely excellent! I have experimented with little bits of different diet combinations over the last couple of months, with no luck so far in reaching my fitness goals. So out of frustration a couple of weeks ago I went back to the basic diet you put me on. And not only did I find the dietary peace I was searching for, but would you believe I've lost almost 4 pounds and actually have some vascularity (sp) developing in my biceps and shoulders. I have never had that before, damn! That msfit, she knows what she's doing and always has. Will I ever learn to listen? Hopefully. Take care and keep up the good work. You do a great job and your knowledge is much appreciated."


Hey Karen,

"I feel really good and I can feel the difference. I have been told this by others too, so I'M VERY, VERY HAPPY...YOU ARE ALSO ONE OF THE REASONS THAT I GET PUMPED UP AND REALLY GET MOTIVATED TO WANTING THIS ...

You always have some very POSITIVE FEED BACK and truly from the bottom of my HEART THANK YOU."


Wow Karen,

"I am amazed at how generous you are w/your time in answering my myriad questions."

Reena Chopra

Renewed Personal Online Training:


"I am excited! I believe this should carry me until the end of May. I am very motivated to achieve my best results ever. Thank you so much for all your help so far. It is very encouraging to me to see that I can look the way I want without starving and endless cardio!"

Martha Tsiritas


"Thank you so much I'm so excited to work with you. You are the first person I have really worked with on my diet."

Jelena Djordjevic
New Jersey


"I never ever thought that eating 1700 calories would produce any weight loss! It just has taught me a lesson that is does matter where the calories are coming from! I am so happy to be able to finally see some noticeable results after being stalled for quite some time. Although I have to admit the diet part has not been easy. I really like tuna, but I found myself having to choke it down some of the time! LOL! My whole thought process has changed though, and I now realize natural food it the best, before I just thought a calorie was a calorie! I went to put on my jeans this morning and they were loose. I have been tugging them up all day!"

Hello Karen,

"As far as training goes, I am really amazed at how strong I actually am. Not only do I feel a lot more energetic, I was also able to up the poundage's on several exercises this week. Cardio is starting to feel like fun now that I'm bringing my mp3 player.

Also, people are noticing my weight loss even in office clothes. I received a couple of compliments there. One day I was wearing a pair of pants that I've had for almost two years now and never needed a belt for. However, this time when I put them on they just wouldn't stay up on my hips so I had to use a belt."



"I am overwhelmed with the amount of time, effort and dedication you put into your online personal training s. Already, you've just been so responsive and helpful and just by reading some of the comments in the Forum on your website and having communicated with you briefly over the last couple of days I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to have your assistance. You're doing so much for the good of others and it fills me (as I know it has done for many other woman) with hope and excitement for the future!

just visited your site for the first time today. Great stuff. You're truly an inspiration! Again, thanks so much for your time. I appreciate all the information you've provided on your site and in your email response!"

Thank You!!

Hey Karen,

"It's just amazing how much different my waist size is!!!!! I still have a long way to go, but this is just out of this world for me right now."

Penny Pitts
Plano, Tx


"This is the first time ever that I have intentionally manipulated my diet and exercise to lose fat while gaining muscle and succeeded!"

Dear Karen,

"Thanks for all the help because I have lost a LOT of weight. Thanks!"

Your friend,

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