Training Videos

In this section I've listed some training demos your workout program calls for. Use the links listed to the left if you need more information on an exercise or a demonstration of it. Training Demos compliments of Ryan at

SLDL Squats Standing Calf Raises Machine Press
DB Walking Lunges Leg Press Seated Calf Raises DB Shoulder Press
Step-Ups Hack Squats Leg Press Calf Press BB Shoulder Press
Lying Leg Curls Front Squats   Smith Shoulder Press
Seated Leg Curls Sissy Squats   BB Rear Delt Rows
Smith Single-Leg Split Squat Leg Extensions   Reverse Flys
      Bentover Lat Raises
      Arnold Press
      DB Front Raises
      Lat Raises
      Upright Rows
Flat BB Bench Press Hyperextensions Overhead Ext. (BB or EZ) BB Curls
Flat Machine Bench Press Pulldowns DB Overhead Extensions Spider Curls
Flat DB Press Chin-Ups Triceps Dips Wide-Grip Curls
Incline BB Press Close-Grip Pulldowns Tate Press Close-Grip Curls
Incline DB Press Seated Row Skulls Hammer Curls
Incline Machine Press T-Bar Row DB Skulls EZ Bar Curls
Chest Dips Bentover BB Row Decline Skulls BB Drag Curls
Incline DB Fly Bentover DB Row Incline Skulls Preacher Curls
Pec Deck Barbell Deadlifts Kneeling CB Extensions Alt DB Curls
Cable Crossovers   Pushdown with V-Bar Overhead CB Curl
Decline DB Fly   Pushdown with Rope Concentration Curl
    Reverse Grip Pulldown  
    Bench Dips  
Reverse Crunch BB Shrugs    
Decline Crunch DB Shrugs    
Cable Crunch      
Swiss Ball Crunch      
Jackknife Sit-Ups      
Frog Sit-Ups      
Decline Oblique Crunch      
Decline Reverse Crunch      

BB Barbell
DB Dumbbell
CB Cables
M Machine

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