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One-on-One Online Personal Training

Figure Coaching | Muscle Building | FBB Contest Prep | Weight Loss

Receive YOUR Online Personal Training Program PERSONALLY Created by me, SPECIFICALLY designed for YOU!

- Advanced - Precise - Individualized -

Molding Minds, Bodies, and Spirits... One physique at a time.

Hi Karen,

"Thanks for all of your help with your online personal training! It is so nice to finally have some guidance and an actual plan to follow. Thanks for the information! This really shows me how much you care about your clients. :)"

Mishelle Jessop


"Thank you again for everything you did for me! I learned so much about my body and about myself during the prep and am so happy you were willing to work with me! You really have an amazing understanding of female competition preparation and it is fantastic that you have given competitors access to you online. Thank you for everything you do! I told everyone at the contest about you!

Have a great day and thank you again!"

Colleen Baughn

Hi Karen,

"Just to let you know! I love having an on-line trainer :). You inspire, teach, guide and motivate me!"

Amy T.

"Thanks Karen! I looked back at the first pics I sent to you and this week's pictures and was amazed at what only a month on your program has done for me! Very exciting to see and feeling myself getting stronger is a great feeling too! You ROCK!

Best regards,


What is Online Personal Training?

Never tried Online Personal Training or afraid to due to a bad experience of your coach or trainer dropping you once they got their money? That won't happen here because my e-clients come first! My one-on-one online personal training is a GREAT way to receive a personalized eating, weight virtual trainingtraining, and cardio program SPECIFICALLY designed for YOUR body type, stats, and activity level to produce the BEST results as quickly as possible.

Why? Because I can Identify YOUR unique metabolism and body type and then devise an AIR TIGHT diet and workout program personalized for your body to target fat loss and build muscle!

Online personal training with me is easy. All you need is a desire, a will, and a computer. Once you register you simply fill out the Personal Information Form in the private member's area along with free downloadable eBooks and guides.

With the information you provide me, I create a workable program that meets YOUR needs to help you reach your goals. Use the simple check-in sheet located in the private member's area to keep me updated on your progress and to receive your tweaks and updates for continual progress.


Why Should You Choose Online Personal Training?

I have received THOUSANDS of requests from individuals who want that extra push, be it figure competition prep, weight loss, bodybuilding, or contest preparation needs. For some, it is easier to have a custom plan to follow, specifically designed for YOUR personal body type, stats, and activity level.

Others have admitted they simply do not want to take the time to figure their macronutrient needs. Having someone, such as myself, to custom design an online training program takes ALL the guesswork out.

This is not just an e-diet or "virtual coaching" where everything is computer programmed. With my online personal training I will PERSONALLY provide accurate information based on your stats and other information you provide, in a timely manner. All information will be tailored to meet your specific needs, requests, and goals.

I will give you the PRECISE tools you need for your personal fitness goals. If you follow my program you will find success at the end of the road. I will be with you every step of the way offering professional advice, motivation, and ready support. You don't have to do this alone.


Karen Sessions

4 different posing pics of Karen Sessions

Quality Coaching Isn't Expensive... It's PRICELESS!


Figure Competition Diet, Training, and Cardio Program

Look your ABSOLUTE BEST at your figure competition with a chance a winning with my top-of-the-line customized figure competition diet, training, and cardio program. Those who follow my figure contest diet program see changes WEEKLY and always dial-in tight and hard for their competition.

Each week I will send you an updated diet to meet your new weight, along with a unique cardio program to melt fat and updated training program to SHOCK your muscles. NEVER be lost or confused again. I can send it all to your e-mail inbox weekly.

figure competitor showing beforefigure competitor showing after
Jackie killed the competition in her very first figure competition.

CLICK HERE to Start YOUR Figure Competition Diet and Training Now...


Weight-Loss Program

Forget the general e-diets. My Online Personal Training Weight-Loss Program is the triple-threat for body fat reduction and overall body transformation! My weight-loss program is for all body shapes, body fat percentages, and BMI's.

My weight-loss protocol includes a three-part formula in which I use your personal stats to create a nutrition guideline, sample menu plans, effective cardio, and a printable weigh-training outlines to create the body you have been dreaming of.

woman overweightwoman lost 50 pounds
Sharon made this stunning weight loss transformation, start at 265 pounds dropping down to 203 pounds. That's melting off 62 solid pounds of body fat.

CLICK HERE to Start YOUR Weight Loss Transformation Now...


Female Bodybuilding (Muscle Gain) Program

My Online Personal Training Female Bodybuilding Program is a DYNAMIC combination of tactics to UNLEASH primitive power and explosive training to produce a mighty work of art. My bodybuilding programs are for women and men including all body types and body shapes.

My three-part female bodybuilding program allows me to use your personal stats to create the ultimate diet outline with sample menu plans. Cardio needs are based on your body type and primary goal. You will receive a printable weight-training program that keeps you on top of your game when in the gym.

back double biceps beforeback double biceps after

In six months, Leona went from 135 pounds at 14% body fat and 116 pounds of muscle to 157 pounds at 14% body fat holding a stunning 135 pounds of muscle mass!

CLICK HERE to Start YOUR Bodybuilding Transformation Now...


Female Bodybuilding Contest Prep Program

My Online Personal Training Female Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Program is the PRECISE combination of proper nutrients, progressive cardio, and interactive weight training created SPECIFICLALY for your body type, stats, and goals.

Contest prep can include either figure competition prep or bodybuilding competition prep. Either one, I can be your coach.

My high-performance pre-contest program includes dieting you down precisely on time for your chosen contest date, allowing you to be cut and ripped on stage, displaying solid lean body mass. My contest preparation program includes all body shapes, types, and body fat percentages 20% and lower, at best.

My female bodybuilding pre-contest programs includes motivational coaching, functional diets with sample menu plans, as well as printable cardio and weight-training outlines to take with you to the gym.

front pose beforeside chest after

In just 12 weeks Laurie went from 145 pounds at 19% body fat (117 lean muscle mass) to 128 pounds at 8% body fat, and never lost an ounce of muscle. Laurie won her weight class in the Open and Master's Divisions and she took home the Overall Award!

CLICK HERE to Start YOUR Contest Prep Transformation Now...



Prices and Packages

Covers Diet, Cardio, Training, & Optional Supplement Outline for Your Goals as well as Scheduled Check-in's for Tweaks, Changes, and Updates... (My turn-around time for updates is 24-48 hours!)

Current Price List:
4 Weeks = $237 NOW ONLY $130
6 Weeks = $353 NOW ONLY $175
8 Weeks = $469 NOW ONLY $205
10 Weeks = $585 NOW ONLY $235
12 Weeks = $701 NOW ONLY $265
14 Weeks = $817 NOW ONLY $295
16 Weeks = $933 NOW ONLY $325
18 Weeks = $1049 NOW ONLY $355

Online Personal Training

20 Weeks = $1160 NOW ONLY $385 - Get any 1 of my eBooks free with 20 Week Package

Full Year = $3016 NOW ONLY $585.00 - Get any 2 of my eBooks free with One Year Package

ATTENTION!! After you make your online personal training payment wait to be redirected. If you aren't redirected within 10 seconds, you will be given a link to click to redirect you. I will also e-mail you a link to the Private Member Area to get started. Please fill out form on a computer and not iPad.

Prices and Packages for Diet Only

Diet Only includes Precise Diet Outlined for Your Goals, Sample Menu, Scheduled Check-in's for Tweaks, Updates, and Changes. (My turn-around time for updates is 24-48 hours!)

Current Price List:
4 Weeks = $75
6 Weeks = $100
8 Weeks = $115
10 Weeks = $130
12 Weeks = $145
14 Weeks = $160
16 Weeks = $175
18 Weeks = $190
20 Weeks = $200
Full Year = $315

Diet Only


ATTENTION!! After you make your online diet payment wait to be redirected. If you aren't redirected within 10 seconds, you will be given a link to click to redirect you. I will also e-mail you a link to the Private Member Area to get started. Please fill out form on a computer and not iPad.

Information I Need From You to Get Started

  1. For a successful body transformation I will need your weight and body fat percentage. The Omron Body Fat Tester is one of my favorite body composition methods. It's about 98% accurate if you use it correctly.

  2. If you want to take any supplements to help increase fat loss, suppress your appetite or to prevent muscle wastage, I can outline the format for you on your training program. Supplements are optional.

  3. Once you pay, you will be sent to the Private Member's Area to fill out the necessary forms to get you started on your fitness journey.

NOTE: My online personal training programs are intense, but effective if followed as outlined. My programs are not designed for individuals who may have an eating disorder or pregnant. In addition, if you keep changing your diet or training format outside of what I outline, it will cost an additional $50 for each overhaul. For example, if I have to continually come up with and design new workouts or continually go back-and-forth between a high meat protein diet to a vegan diet, it will cost extra each time. My job is to design a program and tweak it on check-in's, not redo programs every week.

thank you image

NOTICE!! - Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder to ensure my e-mail hasn't been filtered, then add me to your safelist.

Note: I can only provide a program. It is up to you to make it work. Eating less food and doing more cardio than I prescribe can work against you.

Karen Sessions

karen sessions flexing left biceps musclekaren sessions posing over her trophies
Let me Help YOU Create an Elite Physique


The Online Personal Training programs run the course of the number of weeks you purchase. One Full Year of Training is equivalent one full calendar year, from the start date to one year later. If you need to put your coaching on hold due to injury, illness, travel, etc. you may do so at anytime with no consequences. However, freezing One Full Year of Training puts you at risk for losing those weeks within that calendar year. Easy and affordable payment plans can be set up through Paypal.com (No payments and no interest if paid in full in 6 months.)

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