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Omron Fat Loss Monitor for Quick and Accurate Stats

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor is an excellent and easy-to-use tool to gauge your fat loss to muscle mass ratio. Many people resort to the scale to estimate their progress. While the scale can be useful in estimating and guiding you through your body transformation journey, the downfall is that too many people fall blindly into the scale weight trap. The scale weighs your body as a whole. It cannot distinguish between fat, muscle, bone, water, and organ weight.

click here bodybuilding boxYes, it’s fine to step on the scale, but be sure you are taking your stats by using the Omron Fat Loss Monitor to make sure you are losing body fat and keeping you lean muscle mass. Tracking your body fat is the key factor in losing body fat and keeping it off.

The excellent thing about the Omron Fat Loss Monitor is that you can gauge your success rate much better because it will tell you exactly how much fat weight you have and how much muscle weight you have.

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Body Fat Percentage

Your body fat percentage is the percentage of fat mass you have on your body. When you know your body fat you can determine your muscle weight. When you have these two numbers, you are more empowered to take control of your fitness program and lose body fat and build muscle mass.

Now, not all fat is bad. Your body actually needs a certain amount of fat to insulate your body and cushion your organs and delicate tissues. So, when you are on your quest to lose body fat, you want to lose the nagging fat that’s covering your muscles.

To properly test your body fat, all you need is an inexpensive body fat tester such as the Omron Fat Loss Monitor. Unlike many other body fat testers, the Omron Fat Loss Monitor doesn’t require the assistance of a trainer and it can be used quickly and easily in the privacy of your own home.

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The Omron Fat Loss Monitor

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor can quickly and easily verify your body fat percentage, how many pounds of fat you have and how much muscle mass you have. The Omron Fat Loss Monitor is a cool handheld testing unit which gives you all your stats in just 7 seconds.

It uses a weak, yet safe, electrical current which travels throughout your body to gather your fat and muscle data. The electrical current is so weak you can’t even feel it at all. The current measures the resistance your body gives. Fat has very little, it any, conductivity. This allows the Omron Fat Loss Monitor to determine the ratio of fat to other tissues on your body. notes, “The Omron brand of devices seem to rate better in consumer reviews as well as peer reviewed journal publications in comparison to the Tanita brand. In a 2002 study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the Omron HBF300 device fared better when analyzing a multiracial active female population than the Tanita 02701001 scale.”  This handy-dandy little tool is one of my favorite body fat testers. It’s about 98% accurate if you use it properly.

What Can Affect the Reading

Having low bone mass can affect the reading of the Omron Fat Loss Monitor, as well as dehydration and over-hydration. So, typically, children, the elderly, those who are ill, pregnant women and those who are suffering from osteoporosis can have an off reading.

How to Use the Omron Properly

There is a fool-proof method to using the Omron Fat Loss Monitor to get a very close to accurate reading. First, you need to stand up straight. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart. Hold the Omron directly in front of you. Make sure your arms are parallel to the floor, with a slight, natural, bend at the elbow.

Use a firm grip on the sensors when holding the device. Don’t use a death grip and don’t tense up and get stressed out. Relax, remain still, breathe and press the start button.

When to Take Body Fat Reading

The best time to take your reading on the Omron Fat Loss Monitor is first thing in the morning. Take the test before you do anything else. Don’t shower, don’t wash your hands, nothing. ANYTHING you do that affects your body temperature will affect the reading. Basically, you have to roll out of bed and take the test. The only thing you can do before the test is to use the restroom, that’s it.

How Female Athletes Should Use the Body Fat Tester

For the ladies who weight train, you have more muscle mass than the average female, so we need to take that into account to get you an accurate reading. No worries, I found a trick that works.  If there’s an athletic setting on your unit, use it. Now take two readings: one male reading and one female reading. Get the average of both readings. Once you do that, take away 1.


130 pounds

Female Setting: 20.3%

Male Setting: 16.1%

Average: 18.2%

Take away 1 – Body fat = 17.2%

What Can Give You a Faulty Reading

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor can give you a faulty reading if you hold the unit too tightly or your grip is not firm enough. Also, you can get a flawed reading if you hold the unit too high or too low during the testing. You can also get a deceptive reading if you bend your elbows too much or if you sit down during the test.

Other factors that can give you a flawed Omron reading are eating or drinking before the test, showering or working out before the test, dehydration, wet or damp hands, unnatural body temperature, breast implants, stress over taking the test, etc.

You Gotta Use This…

When using the Omron Fat Loss Monitor you have to use consistency. Consistency means to use the device under the same exact dietary and physical activity circumstances for each 24-hour period prior to testing.  An early morning reading will vary greatly from a post-training evening reading.

Added Benefits…

The Omron Fat Loss Monitor is great because it’s affordable, easy to use, and you can take your body fat in the privacy of your own home. Gone are the days of being humiliated in public with body fat testing.

This cool device can hold up to nine different profiles. It’s simple to use. Just put in your personal data, hold it, press a button, and viola!


Best of All...

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Best of All...

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