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Attention Men And Women Who Want To Know How to Lose Weight Naturally...

Your Days of Struggling With Your Weight Are Over. Now, You Can FINALLY Learn How To Lose Weight Naturally...

Make A Complete Body Transformation WITHOUT Having to Resort Endless Hours of Exercise And Restrictive Dieting...

couple fat to fit

This couple when from fat to fit by using my How to Lose Weight Program. It's a program with 4 different diet plans to choose from. As they lost weight each month, they changed diet plans as instructed and continued to make progress and meet their goal!
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Let's face it. Weight loss and dieting have been around for ever. It's nothing new. But, MOST people who go on a typical diet end up gaining their weight back, plus more.

Sound familiar? It's true. That's because they used a very restrictive diet or did endless hour of cardio. Neither are effective for the long-term. And that's what you want, to lose the fat and keep it off. Forever!

You lose weight and keep it off by following a set of rules in regards to nutrition and exercise. You actually eat food. You work out, but not until you are dead. There is a progressive format to follow so your body is continually guessing and it keeps YOU in control.


Think About It... What If you Could FINALLY Learn the REAL Secrets to Weight Loss And Change Your Entire Body...

how to lose weight naturallyWhat if you could have the PERFECT fitness plan to follow every single day to give you the results you have wanted for so long?

How EMPOWERED would you feel...

if you KNEW you were following the ideal meal plan to lose weight;

if you KNEW you were doing the proper cardio in the right amount to lose fat;

if you KNEW you were doing your weight training the right way to build lean muscle tissue and burn off nagging fat stores?

There is a right way and a wrong way to lose fat. Chances are, you have been going about it the wrong way, and for a L-O-N-G time.

This could be due to information overload, inaccurate information given to you, conflicting information you received, or just trying too many weight loss tactics at the same time.

The truth is, losing weight and making a total body transformation doesn't have to be wishful thinking anymore. It can happen and it can happen starting today. People are lose weight and making body transformation all the time. And you know what? You can do it too! If you ever wanted to know how to lose weight naturally and keep it off... I have some information for you.


It's time for YOU to grab the bull by the horns and start your new fitness program and start losing fat this first week.

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Designed meal plans based on natural foods to ensure you are eating a chemical-free diet
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Each meal plan is constructed to manipulate cortisol so you can flip the fat burning switch
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The progressive cardio workouts to get your heart pumpin', get you sweating, and burn calories
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The high-intensity weight training workouts to build metabolically active lean muscle tissue so you burn more fat


If you have been struggling with weight loss day after day, month after month and feel like you are STILL at square one...It's time to do something about that.

You can change. You CAN get your control back. It's not an impossibility any longer.

before after weight loss

Above: Look how Amber was able to shrink her belly and even shape up her legs!


Now, this is NOT a one-size-fit's all program. It doesn't matter how overweight you are, 200 pounds, 100 pounds, 75 pounds, 50 pounds, 25 pounds, or just 10-15 pounds. This program is designed with every body type in mind so it can be a success for anyone who follows it.

It's not about where you came from or where you are, it's about where you are going. As you lose weight on this program, you change diet plans, as outlined, to continue losing weight through each phase.

Look! Lisa De LaRosa made this amazing body transformation. It was all done by using the How to Lose Weight method.

how to lose weight transformation

I Can Show You The Proper Weight Loss Protocol to Follow to Start Losing Weight and Keeping it off for the Long-Haul...

My name is Karen Sessions. I'm a multi-certified personal trainer, female bodybuilder, author, and your new weight loss coach. I've been in fitness since 1988 and have helped literally THOUSANDS of men and women lose weight, build muscle, and reshape their bodies. I know I can do the same for you.

karen sessionsThrough years of research, working with fitness gurus, and trial and error I have discovered the underground covered-up weight-loss secret formula other people REFUSE to tell you! My weight loss discoveries totally explain why most people have an absolutely difficult time losing weight and even keeping it off. You are going to be TOTALLY SHOCKED to find out the REAL SECRETS to permanent weight loss!

How did I find out these covered-up weight loss secrets? Well, my journey began when I started competing in natural female bodybuilding. I found that by the simple act of clearing up my diet, fat just melted off, transforming my body EVERY DAY! However, as with most bodily responses, adaption sets in. From there I discovered tips, tricks, and tactics to PROPEL FAT LOSS, LIGHTING MY METABOLISM ON FIRE, AND DROPPING BODY FAT LIKE CRAZY!

But, I found that for successful and permanent weight loss, there is a loophole missed by a majority of the doctors, dietitians, body transformation coaches, personal trainers, figure competitors, and even bodybuilders!


Not Only Did I Crack The REAL Fat Loss Code Directly, But Also Dissected The Weight Loss Formula To Keep Fat Off Permanently!

It took me YEARS of work and research to realize the truth hiding behind the weight loss industry and media's fat loss lies and false promises. Through ALL my years, studies, research, and personal trial and error I found the PROVEN Weight-Loss Blueprint and I TOTALLY EXPOSE The Truth About Weight Loss Once and For All! It's all in How to Lose Weight Naturally and Forever.


Laurie Transformed Her Body By Losing 62 Pounds of Sheer Body Fat

body transformation testimonial laurie


30 Year Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Veteran Exposes the Secrets of How To Lose Weight Naturally Forever!


Finally... A Dynamic Weight Loss System to

* Burn Fat Deposits
* Boost Energy
* Reshape Your Body
* Eliminate Food Cravings

Without surgery, without drugs, without starving...

I'm breaking the silence on the REAL SECRETS of how to lose weight naturally with never before EXPOSED weight loss cover-ups that you can reveres your weight gain and leverage yourself to start melting body fat like butter IMMEDIATELY...

testimonial tanisha square


Sharon Has Dropped An Amazing 79 Pounds!

sharon testimonial


Janie Has Dropped A SHOCKING 100 Pounds...

weight loss testimonial janie


Even If You Tried And Failed In The Past... Your Problem Is Solved...

The ONLY other thing you need is simple determination, and if you made it this far, you have it so let's get youweight loss eboolstarted on your first week, shall we?

If you are READY to take the bull by the horns and ready to lose fat, build lean muscle tissue, and transform your body once and for all, you need this weight loss program.

This weight loss system is an easy, step-by-step approach The How to Lose Weight Naturally eBook is the core, down-and-dirty, no holds bar information.

It's jam-packed with page after page of pure information you need to know to make this life-long change.

The following guides will walk you through every aspect of the weight loss program. Within weeks you will notice:

1. Improved lean muscle density.
2. A super-charged metabolism
3. Explosive energy
4. A loss of body fat
5. Feeling younger and more fit

Below are the sister guides that walk you through the process...



4 Diet Plans

This guide contains 4 Diet Plans to be used with the How to Lose Weight Naturally Program.

The outline is simple. Determine how much weight you want to lose, over 50 pounds, between 20 and 40 pounds, between 10 and 20 pounds, or between 5 and 10 pounds.

Then, follow the designated program for your weight-loss goal. As you lose your weight, you can change plans to keep meeting new goals.

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today

4 diet plans


Meal Planner

This Meal Planner guide is a walk-along sister component to the step-by-step program.

This eBook outlines EXACTLY how to outline and structure your meals so you trick your body into burn fat. It's a gradual process of giving and taking.

Once you make the switch in the end, you have already trained your body to burn fat and retain every last bit of lean muscle tissue.

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today


meal planner


Food Database

This Food Database guide works and-in-hand with the Meal Planner.

This contains a HUGE database of the absolute best foods you should include to make your body transformation.

The bottom line is, if it's not listed in the food catalog, then don't eat it. For best weight loss results, stick to the foods recommended in this unique food database.

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today

food databaes


Weight Training Database

This Weight Training Database will guide you on how to workout. You will see and read examples of all the exercises you will be doing.

Both male and female demos are in this guide. Never be lost again with how to workout with barbells, dumbbells, cables and machines.

It's all covered in this guide.

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today

weight training database


Weight Training Workouts

These high-intensity weight training workouts are designed to crank-up your metabolism right out the door.

Yes, I take an aggressive approach to weight training because the diet is going to open the door to allow you to build some metabolically active lean muscle tissue rather quickly. AND, on the flip side, it's highly aerobic, so you will burn some major calories and fat as well.

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today

training spead



This Cardio Guide will explain the in's and out's of cardio, how to make it work for you, and how to lose weight naturally.

Added cardio secrets are listed in this part of the program. Learn the ways to ignite your cardio workouts to induce extreme fat burning in the shortest amount of time.

This guide goes hand-in-hand with the "Cardio Workouts"

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today

cardio workouts for fat loss


Cardio Workouts

These cardio workouts are hand-tailored by me, Karen Sessions, to give you the absolute best fat burning system possible.

Bear in mind that these cardio workouts aren't going to burn you out the first week. I use a safe and logical progressive approach.

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today


cardio spread


Fat Loss Supplement Guide

This fat loss supplement guide will provide you information on the best supplements to take for health and weight loss.

All the supplements suggested are 100% natural and are simply recommendations. You don't NEED to supplement, it's just an added benefit.

With this information at hand you'll be making wise supplement purchases and not just wasting your money. And, you'll know EXACTLY what to take and when to take it.

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today

fat loss supplement guide


Progressive Measurement Chart

This is your progressive measurement chart. This will keep you accountable with your weight loss.

This guide is outline for 12 full weeks and there is an added chart that's empty so you can make copies and continue your weight loss journey beyond 12 weeks if you need extended time.

Use this chart weekly to stay ahead of your goal!

Value: $17 - No Added Cost Today

measurement chart


How to Lose Weight Naturally and Forever is the real deal. Now, I bet you are trying to figure out how much all this is going to cost you. Well, the entire system is valued at $290. But I think there's room to compromise.

Here's What I'm Prepared To Offer You...

If you truly want to get the program on how to lose weight naturally and you promise to give this program 100% dedication for a full 12 weeks, then I'd be willing to come down and sell you the entire package for just $17. That's a savings of $163 right there!!

But, you must hurry... This special introductory offer will not last long. This is much too valuable and in too much demand to keep it at this ridiculous low price!


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