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Let The Water Flow

You have to let the water flow to increase your fat loss rate.  Water is the easiest thing you can do for your health and fat loss, yet it’s disregarded.  People just don’t realize the amazing ability of this precious element.  If you increase the intake and just let the water flow, you can have a jump start on your weight loss and cellulite reduction in no time.

let the water flow
Let the Water Flow for Effective Fat Loss

Drop the Pounds by Drinking More Water

Water covers two-thirds of the earth and makes up approximately 60 to 70% of our bodies.  If you let the water flow through your body it can flush out toxins and excess sodium.  Water also nourishes your organs, rejuvenates your metabolism, and curbs your appetite.  Therefore, drinking adequate water and eating right combined with exercise is the prescription to permanent weight loss.

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These Drinks Stall Weight Loss

People find comfort in drinking sodas, coffee, tea, milk, and juice.  While these may be refreshing, they only satisfy the taste buds and really don’t serve any benefit for the body.  In addition, most people are dehydrated from drinking too many caffeinated drinks and not enough water.  When you mask your thirst with coffee or other caffeinated drinks, you are actually creating a diuretic effect.  Melodie Anne Coffman at states, “High levels of caffeine in some sodas may lead to dehydration. Caffeine is a natural diuretic and causes your body to excrete fluid through urine.”  Dehydration affects your ability to lose weight, so let the water flow to drop the pounds.

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How to Get Started to Drinking Your Way Thin

The basic minimum of water a day is one liter per fifty pounds of body weight.  Eventually, you will want to work your way up to at least 64 ounces to one gallon of water a day.  The more you weigh and the more you exercise, the more water you need.  You can shed a good 3 to 8 pounds just by increasing your water intake.  If you can’t stand plain water, try adding a slice of lemon to it.  Let the water flow because more water in equals more water out.

When you increase your water intake you will be running to the restroom more often.  Many people see this as an interference with a normal workday.  However, before you opt to snub the water, take time to understand that it’s just a flushing process and once your body finds it’s normal balance, the restroom eagerness will slowdown.

When the water begins removing toxins from your body, you will notice the puffiness in your hips, thighs, buttocks, ankles, waste, and so forth will dissipate.  In addition to water flushing the rubbish, it also hydrates your muscles and improves muscle tone, giving you better workouts.  A properly hydrated and toned muscle burns more calories.

To get a head start on your weight loss goals this year, be sure to let the water flow.


Now to Start Losing Weight

Drinking more water for weight loss is just the first, yet very powerful step. Learn all the other natural tactics you can use to start dropping those annoying pounds now.

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