Iron Dolls Success Stories


"Wow, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and information!

I have devoured your eBooks and I am starting a bulking program using them.

I have learned so much, thank you!"

Thanks again,

Linda McVetty
Kimberly, BC





"I would like to point out that your guidelines are solid and not just for the ladies out there but for anyone trying to reach their real potential, the right way.

Thank you!

Paolo Arseneau
NB, Canada




"I just finished reading your Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed. What a wealth of knowledge you have packed into that eBook! I didn't realize the importance of fueling within the different windows - I've learned so much!"

Julie Berg,


Hi Karen,

"Just really quickly.... I'm new to weight training and feel I have found the one true "thing" I was meant to do!

Your Iron Dolls is simply the best book I have ever read. You are truly inspirational to me Karen. I can't thank you enough for making your training, expertise and secrets avaliable to me. I am just a girl, well actually 37 today lol who had a passion now for iron and the amazing healthy lifestyle that bodybuilding offers. Thank you again."

Clare F.


Hi Karen,

"Just wanted to drop you a note... and I know you must get hundreds a day... but, I had to take about 3 months off of the gym recently but I'M BACK and I'm starting your beginners 8 week training split.

I originally bought your books after hitting a plateau in my training but now I'm starting your program from the beginning. I just wanted you to know that buying your books was the best investment I've made in my bodybuilding venture. They are extremely informative and there is no guessing. I work out by myself and do not have a trainer so these e-books are great for me. Hopefully by the summer, I will see great results!

Thanks again and you're the bomb!"

Crystal :-)


Hi Karen!

"I purchased your book, Iron Dolls - Women's Bodybuilding Secrets, last week and started my training/diet yesterday.

Let me tell you, as a Kinesiology major, your information is dead on AND you probably have the most comprehensive book about diet and exercise I have yet to read. In fact, this book should have been a requirement when I was in school."

Natasha Koegler
Austin, TX


HI Karen,

"It feels so good to have this ongoing support from you. Last summer I paid a pro trainer online big bucks and he never gave me the ongoing support you are giving me for $39.00. I mean really I have purchased many online program eBooks and that is all it was. This would cost thousands of dollars to have a pro like you to be so personal and work with me each day to tweak my diet and workout to get it to where it is working and you are a walking example of lean muscular and natural drug-free awesome body.

I can't figure out why you do all you do for so little. I am "thrilled" because I just couldn't spend any more money like I have in the past... so thank you again and I mean it from the bottom of my heart."

Elaine Price
Grand Island, New York



"Wow! I'm so blown away reading your Iron Dolls eBook. This information is top-of-the-line and I feel so privileged to have all this information right in front of me. It would have taken me a lifetime to learn all this on my own. Thank you so much for sharing such a wealth of women's bodybuilding information. I truly feel inspired and motivated now, now that I have such great information that explains and takes me step-by-step through the process."

Forever indebted,
Chelsea Body
Santa Rosa, NM


"I have known Karen for many years, and I have had the opportunity to watch her change her clients lives. These women come to her with a desire to transform their body's from ordinary to beautiful. Iron Dolls gives them the tool to do it, and she offers so much more than just selling a book. She goes out of her way to help people achieve their goals. I bought Iron Dolls at least 5 years ago, and I still refer to it after all these year. It's information that works.

Thanks, Karen, for your website and e-newsletter; they are awesome. I find they are full of great articles and information. I'm always referring people especially women to your site. Thanks for sharing you knowledge and experience with us. You are such a tremendous help."

Sharon Mann Gordon
Atlanta, GA


Hi Karen,

"I am up to page 184 in your Iron Dolls - Women's Bodybuilding Secrets book. I Really enjoying it! Your book gave me so much encouragement that I can do this no matter what age I start."

Karen Colterman



"My body is taking shape quite nicely and Im very pleased. I have moments when the eating seems monotonous but that doesn't last long when I see the results. What has really helped me stay on track is to occasionally review your introduction and read the articles on your site. It to help remind myself of why I'm doing this in the first place. Your words of encouragement as well help me a lot. Thanks very much.

What you have done for me has worked so I believe you can get me going in the right direction. The stomach vacuums have made a HUGE difference in my quarter turns. Wow....I am already showing ribs and last year I just couldn't suck enough. My training partner was impressed yesterday.

Back to reading Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed ;-)"

Tori Threlkeld



"I'm really happy to say that my partner and I just started week six following your program outlined in Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed and we went from barely being able to shoulder press the bar- to doing 25s with the bar. We reached our first milestone in a goal that we set and it feels great! (45s benching is next- and soon)"

Rachel Silverberg


Hi Karen,

"I received Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed and I am devouring it with pleasure.

It is so good to find a female bodybuilder who has actually written a book with REAL information. I've never seen any books at Borders or any bookstore except by males. Their advice is good but I always feel that women may have some special needs regarding training and nutrition.

Anyway I'm enjoying the book. I just turned 50 this year and I'm delighted to even be competing. I am a personal trainer (NCSF) and I am constantly want to learn more."

Thanks again!
Janet O'Hara
NANBF Ms. Natural Illinois 2007



"I know it’s really important to take care of health and I am really noticing a difference in how my clothes fit now. I was happily surprised at how good my arms looked when I flexed the other day."

Thanks again!
Heather DeBolt


Hey Karen,

"I wanted to first of all mention how wonderful your eBook is - Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed. This is the first book I purchased, but not my last. You have an empowering effect on the reader."

Helen Sleightholm


Dear Karen,

"I purchased your Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets eBook last night and I just wanted to tell you that so far it is wonderful! I devoured almost half the book already. You truly have created a dynamic blue print for women bodybuilders.

I can wait to read more tonight when I get home."

Lisa Romero
Secaucus, NJ


Hi Karen!

"I bought two of your books this weekend. I am up to my pits in books--reading everything! Read Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed yesterday--in one day. I'm reading the How to Lose Weight, FOREVER! today. Thank you so much for writing this stuff. It is so sorely needed."

Shari Kraft :)



"I purchased 2 of your eBooks (Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed and The Competitive Edge - Female Bodybuilding Competition Secrets Revealed) and have incorporated your routine as mine this last two weeks. I must tell you have never been more sore than I have recently. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into those books. I have learned tremendous amounts from you."

Thank You,
Sheri Childers



"I figure if you want to fix a car you go to a mechanic, if you want to have brain surgery you go to a brain surgeon, and if you want to drop body fat without sacrificing go to a bodybuilder....because that's what they specialize in.  It seems that all the other weight loss programs out there really don't care about losing's all good if the scale is moving down according to them.

Your program was the only one that I've tried that actually worked... when I applied the principles!"

Linda White,


Hey Karen,

"I had a hair appointment and when I went in, my hairdresser said:  "Wow, you look fit and muscular!  What have you been doing?"  (Now you must know I'm not in anyway "muscular" looking but maybe compared to how I was before!).  Anyway, he also said, "even your face looks more defined!"  So that was a nice way to end the day.   I have had a couple of people mention that they thought I looked "more fit" then normal so it's been working!  A big Thank You to you for that!"

Jo Cottle
Woodinville, WA


Hey Karen:

"My body is changing. My shoulders, traps and bi's are responding like CRAZY to your program. I have been getting so many comments from the people in my office about my arms (specifically biceps). My upper body strength is way up too. I worked out at home with my son the other day and we were doing push ups and I totally shocked myself with my ease of doing push ups after bench press! I popped out 3 sets of 12 like a man!!!!!"



Hi Karen.

"I just downloaded the revised Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets you sent, as well as all of the other eBooks you offered.

Thank you for putting so much good information out there to follow. It's so hard to weed out good information from bad or misinformation in the health and workout industry. Even trying to trust a personal trainer can be bad for your health as you pointed out in your book and website. I've seen it for myself at my gym and I just want to run and warn people. Especially older people who are overweight and making the effort to get fit. I think too many trainers work them too hard and then they either get hurt or strain muscles, tendons, and ligaments."

Thank you again

Dawn Shrewsbury


Hi Karen,

"I got Iron Dolls about a week ago, and I can already feel the difference!!!

In the past week I have made the suggested changes to my diet and have changed the way I workout and already I feel MUCH better!!!!!!

I am so happy I got Iron Dolls, it is really helping me , I do not want to compete , but I do want to look like I could and I think all the information that is in your book is going to be a great help for me to achieve my goals. THANK YOU.

Donna Hockenbury
Hampton, New Jersey



"The Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuildnig Secrets download worked quickly and I am already reading through the material as fast as I can. After the overview, I will go back and read each section carefully.

I don’t know who said it, but I heard that “a book should be read as deliberately as it was written.” I can tell it was written very deliberately. There is so much information to absorb, I will have to re-read it often."



When I found “The Elite Physique” website and saw the photo of Diane Matt, one of the transformations, it was a case of  “I'll have what she's having!”

I bought Iron Dolls and I loved the way the information was specific to women. Learning how to control my hormones and bodyfat with carbs and glycogen has been the key to getting my tummy down.

I really recommend using Karen's knowledge and experience to get you on the right track. I have never felt or looked better and I am so excited to have finally found the answer. I am unstoppable now and am even planning to compete next year, with the help of Karen and “The Competitive Edge” e-book of course!

Liza Merriment


Hello Karen,

"Thank you for your most precious weight lost tips and strategic exercise workout. Thanks for the newsletter and keeping me informed. I`m excited about my weight loss journey and you have inspired me to get inshape to persue bodybuilding along with my music career because when you look good, feel good, you perform great so thanks."



Hi Karen,

"I'm reading through Iron Dolls and fine tuning my plan. I truly appreciated your section on toxins and cleansing your body.

It is refreshing to find someone who writes a fitness book meant not only to enhance your appearance and lifestyle, but also to bring attention to the whole picture of achieving optimum health."

Thank you!


Hi Karen,

"I have read through your eBook, Iron Dolls and it is very informative. I have also downloaded the other items as well and am presently skimming through them. Very well written and I can tell you have really put in alot of time and research with your eBooks."

Lauri Johnson
Auburn, GA



"I can't wait to start my new program from your book: Iron Dolls. I have read a good portion of it and it is very well written. I am very excited and needed a program like this to take me to a new level."

Virginia Caronna


Hi Karen,

"I got my eBook, Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets plus all the bonus issues. I have already started devouring the eBook and information in it. I was excited to find an eBook focused on women and all the information you have collected so far is incredible. I can't wait to apply this knowledge in the gym, kitchen, and my life in general.

Up till now have been a little confused on when to eat and what to eat before and after a workout, but you have it down in Iron Dolls so there is no more confusion.

Thank you for sharing this book with others like me to get the "real" information and accomplish our goals in bodybuilding."

Therese Johnson


Hi, Karen,

"My boyfriend wanted to get me something for all my help that I have given him at his job so I had asked him to get your Iron Dolls eBook for me. He did.

I finished reading your book for the 2nd time. I have my plan of attack and nutrition down.

I really loved your Your Body Type Workout Program and the quiz inside. I am actually a mesomorph. Keep up the good work."

Marylin Sanchez





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