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IFBB Figure Pro’s Best Kept Secrets

IFBB Figure Pros
Inside Information on the IFBB Figure Pros Best-Kept Contest Prep Secrets

IFBB Figure Pros accomplished the elite status, so you dedicate your time and put in grueling workouts to achieve the same thing.  You’ve been committed to eating a healthy diet to build muscle and lose body fat.  You have decided that it’s finally time to compete in a figure contest.  However, you can’t simply jump into a basic figure diet and expect to have a winning physique instantly.  There IS a system to prep and many newbies go about it completely wrong.

I’m going reveal some of the IFBB Figure Pros prep secrets to help you in your figure prep journey.

Figure Pro’s Best-Kept Secret #1

The IFBB Figure Pros take the time and diet down slowly.  This slow and steady process ensures they lose body fat and keep all their lean muscle mass.  They typically start their figure prep on high calories so they have room to lower them when they have to make tweaks.   An ideal prep time is typically 12-18 weeks.  Prepping any longer can lead to burn out and a loss of muscle.  If you have to diet down longer than 18 weeks to be stage-ready, then you have too much body fat and have work to do before you even think about prepping.

Body Fat Percentages and Prep Time:

* 25-31% body fat give yourself 17-20+ weeks

* 19-24% body fat give yourself 13-16 weeks

* 12-18% body fat give yourself 9-12 weeks

* Up to 12% body fat give yourself 5-8 weeks

Now these numbers aren’t set in stone.  This breakdown is a rough approximation to help you to establish the number of months you require so you don’t crash diet and burn all your lean muscle mass.  Keep in mind that IFBB Figure Pros embrace the process, not the event.  This is how they succeed.

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Figure Pro’s Best-Kept Secret #2

Figure Pro’s train to build and keep muscle, and let their diet and cardio take care of fat loss.  Crossfit workouts and doing excessive exercises, reps and sets don’t build muscle.  You have to use your diet, cardio, and training for their intended purposes.  The downfall with most first-time figure competitors is they cut calories, do excessive cardio, and overtrain.  This erratic format causes a loss of muscle and the body compensates by hoarding body fat.  Contest prep is a process of keeping your muscle and losing body fat.  Don’t make the mistake of having your diet, cardio and training works against you.  Get on a plan and allow the process to work.

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Figure Pro’s Best-Secret #3

The elite figure competitors use peak week tactics that are proven to work for their body type.  It’s common to see newbies go into peak week haphazardly, using a variety of tricks such as carb-loading and sodium-loading.  While these tactics do extract water from under the skin and push it into the muscle cells, the red arrow pointing downdownfall is newbies take part in them the wrong way.  The end result, they are bloated and smooth on contest day.  You HAVE to know how to use these methods for them to work.

The system below can help you greatly if you follow the techniques outlined…


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