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How to Use the False Grip

Learn How to Use the False Grip in Your Training

how to use a false grip

So, you want to learn how to use the false grip?  Do you know what it is?  The false grip is also known as the suicide grip or thumbless grip.  It’s when your fingers and thumb grip the bar on the same side.  The conventional grip (closed grip or power grip) is the standard grip most lifters use.  It’s where your fingers and thumb wrap around the bar, gripping it.  The false grip is only recommended for advanced lifters and those who feel confident in their form and strength.  It’s commonly used on the bench press.  Lifters implement it on many other lifts such as the barbell press, pulldowns, pull-ups, etc.  If you really want to amp-up your training, learn how to use the false grip properly.

Reasons to Use The False Grip

Lifters may use the false grip for either comfort or performance.  When you use the false grip, you position the bar in the palm of your hand, flush against your thumb muscle.  This grip can take a lot of pressure of your wrists.  Using this grip has some benefits such as less strain on the wrist joints, better wrist alignment with the bar, and more activation of the targeted muscles.

Can Be Dangerous

On the flip-side, the false grip can increase the risk of injury when training.  That’s why its nickname is the suicide grip. You really need to be a seasoned lifter to use it.  If you are a new or an intermediate lifter, you should stick to the regular wrap-around grip for a while.  The false grip is risky.  Its not secure and the bar could roll out of your hand because the thumb isn’t on the opposite side to actually hold and secure the bar in place.  If you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily drop the bar, and crush your trachea, or crack your ribs.

How to Use a False Grip

Only use this grip if you have been training for quite a while and have perfect form and superb muscle control.  We don’t want any causalities.  Now, the idea is to dig your hand deep into the bar.  Cradle it snugly in your hand.  However, don’t let this fool you.  You can easily lose grip and control.  You must be very careful using the suicide grip.

Test the Grip for the Feel

  1. Relax your hand on the bar and then grip tightly.
  2. Now, move your thumb back, to the same side the rest of your fingers are on.  This is the false grip.
  3. Feel it, feel where it lays in your hand.  Do you think you can lift using this grip?
  4. Ensure that bar fits snugly in your palm, braced tightly by your thumb muscle.
  5. Test the false grip using a light poundage.

If you have any hesitancy or don’t feel comfortable using this grip, don’t do it.  It’s said that there have been lifters that have been crushed to death using the suicide grip.  It’s a very controversial grip and should only be used by a well-seasoned lifter, who uses pristine form and control.

Putting the False Grip into Action

Yes, the false grip is dangerous.  There’s no absolute way to keep you safe.  It’s a gamble.  However, if you follow the guidelines on how to use it, you can employ its use.  Below are a few fixed rules to ensure safety with this technique.

  1. Get a spotter.
  2. Test your grip using the bullet points above.
  3. Test bar to make sure you can grip it well.  Chalk-up if necessary.
  4. Place the bar in the mid-line of your palm, pressed against your thumb muscle.  Palm it, don’t finger-tip it.
  5. Grip and squeeze the bar with all 4 fingers and your thumb muscle.

This is a serious grip for a serious lifter.  Only use it following these strict rules and the use of a spotter.

One More Thing…

Now that you have some information on a gripping technique, practice it with sissy weight first.  You need to get the grip, form, and control nailed before you attempt with heavy weight.  If you attempt this before you are ready, you will lose.  Earn your grip.  Now, if you want some more raw natural bodybuilding information, grab my free course below.


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