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How to Melt Fat 3 Times Faster

Learn How to Melt Fat Quickly

Do you want to find out how to melt fat fairly quickly?  Those competitors you see on stage use strategic dieting practices to melt fat 3 times faster than the average woman. Cardio exercise is a tried-and-true way of melting off the excess pounds. But, if you want the tips, and I mean the hushed-up IFBB Figure Pro secrets of how to melt fat, you really need to check out this information below.

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Those competitors you see on stage, online, and in all the fitness magazines built their physiques over the course of many months to several years. Usually, the top amateurs and pros get magazine coverage, and the NPC is the leader of figure and fitness models.

You have to realize and understand that they work hard off-season and then start contest prep to burn fat to peak for that one contest day. There is a certain way to eat in the off-season to build muscle.  Also, there is a precise way to eat in prep mode to keep muscle mass as and burn body fat.

Counting Calories

It shouldn’t be a shocker to know that calorie counting is a factor in dropping unwanted body fat. You can be more liberal with your eating habits in the off-season.  When it’s time to lean up you really need to keep your calories in check.

Daily monitoring of calories is essential to lose fat. You need to burn more calories than you eat to be a lean, mean, figure-ready machine. Yeah girl, I went there.

Generally, it’s safe to eat your body weight x 12 and even 14 in the off-season. The extra calories from carbs and protein fuel high-intensity weight training for muscle building purposes.

However, when you are about 12-16 weeks out from your show start to dial down your calories. You might shoot for your body weight x 11 or 12 as a starting point. Put it into practice it for a full week.  After 7 full days check your stats and see how you visually look in the mirror.

If your numbers show a change and you see a visual change in the mirror, the diet is working.  If the diet is working, you should continue it. However, if you didn’t make any progress, dial the number down to your body weight x 10 or 11.  Keep progressing in that manner as needed.

Progressively Lower Carbs

All too often the eager or first-time figure competitor will make a dramatic cut in her carbs in an attempt to lose nagging excess fat. While lowering carbs does indeed help with fat loss, cutting them out suddenly, completely, and too soon will only ignite a cascade of problems down the road from extreme hunger and dizziness to cravings and binges.

Knowing how to melt fat is the key to being a step ahead of your competition.  If you want to present the total package at your show you NEED to avoid this dietary carb complication. Be aware that fat loss is MUCH more than lowering carbs.

You will make much more progress in losing weight if you eat carbs in your nutrition program.  The trick is to slowly wean them out each week or every two weeks. This allows you better calorie and carb control, it helps to keep you in control of your blood sugar, and it will keep cravings low and prevent unscheduled cheats. This leads to a feeling of control and being to top of your program.

The Carb Exchange

As you reduce and remove carbs from your diet, replace them with non-starch veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, green beans, cabbage, lettuce, raw baby carrots, etc. These veggies actually melt fat, they are extremely low in calories, and they don’t affect the insulin in a negative way. Therefore, they are safe to eat anytime and in any amount. I have yet to see ANYONE eat too many non-starchy veggies and get fat.

Eat Every 3-4 Hours

Yes, the new fad is not to eat several mini-meals throughout the day. That may work for the average person, but you are not average.  You are an  athlete and you need to feed your body nutrients every several hours to keep a positive nitrogen balance and sustained blood sugar levels.

David Robson, contributor at discusses how to achieve a positive nitrogen balance, “Indeed, a caloric surplus of protein should be maintained at all times, to keep nitrogen balance positive. It is advisable to eat about six meals (each spaced two-three hours apart), each containing around 30-40-grams of protein, per-day.”

Keep with the standard dieting format that works, a solid and balanced meal every 3-4 hours works best for those who want to shed excess body fat and retain as much lean muscle tissue as possible.

What You MUST Know on How to Melt Fat…

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Now, this is just scratching the surface.  If you really want to learn how to melt fat and the art of contest prep for being stage-ready you need to check out this information.  Burning fat is a process of eating the right foods, cardiovascular work, and weight training.  Learn how to put it all together to get results!  See below…


What You MUST Know...

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