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How to Increase Your Strength

how to increase your strenghtHow to Increase Your Strength

I’m going to share with you how you can increase your strength quickly and naturally.  If you want a strong body and the real bodybuilding growth factors , one that gets you noticed, this is some information you will want to pay particular attention to.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.  If you can read this, then this information applies to you.  Follow these simple guidelines and being to increase your strength in a matter of weeks.

Gathering Information

I get a lot of e-mails from lifters who struggle with maximizing their strength and muscle gains with their training programs. Often times I request their training log so I can evaluate it and give feedback.

When I first started requesting the training logs I was stunned at how many lifters fail to actually track their training each week. If you don’t continually track your training, how do you know if what you are doing in the gym is giving you strength and muscle gains?  You don’t! It’s ESSENTIAL that you log your trainings.  Matt Danielsson tells us that without a training log, you are lost, “You are pretty much doomed to run around in circles.”  You have to know exactly what you do each week so you can progress it.

How to Challenge Your Muscles

If you want to build power, strength, and eye-popping muscles, you MUST challenge yourself each week in the gym.  What exactly do I mean by challenging yourself? Let me give you a quick and simple example…

Let’s go with the incline press.  Let’s say you can comfortably incline barbell press 55 pounds for 3 sets at 12 reps. That’s a great incline press and it will sure impress others in the gym, but as you advance, 55 pounds at 3 sets for 12 reps each week is not enough to maximize strength or muscle gains.

A good rep range for muscle growth is approximately 6-8 reps. If you can’t get 6 reps the weight is too heavy and if you can do more then 8 reps the weight is too light. So, with logging your training you can find your strength niche and try to beat it each training session.

Example #1:

incline press week 1 on how to increse your strength

Okay, on Week #1, on set #3 you found that you can do 8 reps with 65 pounds. This is good INFORMATION. It tells you what to start your training off with next week.  Let’s slide into Week #2.

Example #2:

incline press week 2

There, you have made progress and are better zoned -in on your strength level.  Again, good information for continual progress.  You did well with 65 pounds and was able to increase your lift again.  Use that information to start your 3rd week.

Example #3:

incline press week 3

You will notice on Week #3 you started off with good strength, but since the amount of poundage is new, you began to fatigue quickly. But, keep up this type of training format and you’ll break through it and start a new growth and strength spurt.

Continuing The Progress

For your fourth week you might stick with 75 pounds.  From there, see if you can bring each set up to 8 reps. If you do, that means Week #5 you need to increase the poundage to 80 pounds.

Do you see how easy it is to advance your training when you log it and actually capitalize on it? The key to strength and muscle success is to work hard, yet briefly in the gym.

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