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How to Get Muscle Definition

These Are The Secrets on How to Get Muscle Definition

How to Get Muscle Definition

People often come to me and ask how to get muscle definition.  That’s a good question.  However, the answer may not be so easy.  Getting that cut and defined look comes in dieting and training primarily.  Cardio and supplementation have their place too, but you have to get that diet right first.

Dieting to Get Muscle Definition

A diet to get you cut and defined is a process.  You just don’t don’t jump on 1200 calories a day thinking it’s going to get you cut.  First you need to diet off any excess body fat.  This can vary from person to person.  If you are 20 pounds overweight, it’s going to be a longer process, but it can be done.  Once you diet off the excess body fat and you are in the 12% body fat range, that’s when you can start tweaking your diet to really drive in on the body fat and try to avoid too much muscle loss.  In the last 12 weeks of diet tweaking is when you fine-tune your calories and macros.

Training to Sculpt Your Physique

Training to get muscle definition has it’s place.  Now, your diet is where your fat loss is going to occur.  Weight training is where your muscle building is going to occur.  Use the weights to build the muscle and use diet to sculpt out the detail.  Ideally, you want to keep the poundage that you use as heavy as possible in the 10-12 rep range.  Only when you lose strength from the strict dieting is when you lower the poundage.

Cardio and Fat Loss

Another part of getting lean and cut is doing cardio to burn extra calories and excess fat stores, if timed properly.  While cardio has it’s place, many people go overboard.  When you do an hour to two hours of cardio a day the weeks up to a show, then cut it back or stop it post-comp, expect rebound weight gain.  The key to cardio is to build it slowly over the course of contest prep.  After your competition, you still have work to do.  You need to cycle down the cardio over the course of several weeks.

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