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How to Enter a Figure Competition

What It Really Takes To Enter A Figure Competition

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How to enter a figure competition?  What am I talking about?  Come on, you’ve seen them on the covers of the popular muscle mags and on websites. It’s those women with those flawless bodies, polished to the “T”. They look fit, strong, tight, powerful, confident, like the own the world. They are figure competitors!   You wish, hope, and just pray that you could have the same type of physique to enter a competition, too.

There are a LOT of ladies who do not pursue their dream of entering a figure competition because they have no idea where to start. For a total newbie, the simple task of just reading about it online is overwhelming!

I want to give you just a few quick tips on how to get started on how to enter a figure competition.

Critical Step for a Newbie

If you are newbie and really want to how to enter a figure competition, compete in and win, I encourage you to attend a local bodybuilding contest. You need to sit in the audience and be a spectator so you can be in the environment, feel the energy, and see up front what  competitions are really all about!

Be sure to get a seat up close so you can take accurate notes and evaluate each competitor individually and as a group. When you are watching each figure competitor take written notes on which competitor catches your eye and why. Notice how each competitor poses and how each looks in her pose. Be an audience judge. Judge each girl how you think each will place in the competition.

But don’t stop there. Watch the judges, too. Take notes on their responses to each competitor. Take notice on what catches their eye and their attention. The judge’s body language can give you a lot of feedback on what they are looking for.

The Truth About Pre-Judging

Usually after pre-judging the competitors leave to get some food to fill out their muscles and then go rest to prep for the evening show. After pre-judging try and catch some of the competitors and talk to them. Often times they will be at a nearby restaurant or back at the hotel. If you miss them after pre-judging, get to the evening show early so you can chat with them there.

Pick their brains. Find out how they got started, what they did, how they prepared, what motivated them. Having like energy and resources helps you leverage yourself and your confidence. You’ll find many of the figure competitors were just like you, unsure, didn’t know where to start, and may have been over or under weight.

What makes them stand out now is that they made a decision to transform, reshape their body, and take it to the competition level to enter a figure competition. If they can do it, so can you!

Your Plan to Get Started

Now that you are motivated to enter a figure competition, it’s time to get some ground work going. First, I highly suggest you have a solid year’s worth of training under your belt.  You need to have a good muscle base to diet down and get on stage. reports, “To effectively prep for your figure contest, you should have a full year of good solid weight training under your belt. You need to have that solid foundation built so you can properly sculpt your muscles for a stunning stage presentation.”  If you are unsure about how to weight train, there are resources online, such as Figure Competition Secrets eBook. It’s a complete guide on how to do everything you need to do and how to enter a figure competition.

Another option is to work with an online trainer to personally structure you a diet, menu, training, cardio, and optional supplement program you need to build muscle and lose body fat.

Learn How to Pose Like A Pro

Once you get your prep diet going the next thing you need to do is learn how to pose. Figure posing is an art, so it’s going to take some practice. The art of posing comes in learning and knowing how to pose to give the judges what they want and need to see to judge you properly, and also knowing how to pose to hide your weaknesses and highlight your strong points.

The quarter turns display your physique from all 4 sides. This allows the judges to assess your physique and to compare it with the other figure competitors on stage. Learning how to master each pose will give you an advantage in your contest so you can place higher and win.

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There is a lot that goes into preparing for a competition.  But, if you use the right resources you can achieve your goal of competing. Just keep in mind that the prep journey and the competition are learning experiences. Everyone, even pro figure competitors learn something new each contest.


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