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How to Build Feminine Muscle

How to build feminine muscle

If you ask ten different people how to build feminine muscle you will get ten different answers. Information on bodybuilding is a dime a dozen. Muscle building data is in ample supply. Many people new to the sport of bodybuilding are freely giving misinformation encouraging women to lift lighter weights and employing the use of more reps for fat burning and toning.

The internet and fitness magazines are littered with muscle-building information promising fast results to muscular and tight body of your desires and dreams.


If you want to build feminine muscle you have to stop implementing a multitude of tricks and tactics in every training session. You must challenge your muscles, and you have to know when to stop training to allow your body to recover.  The absolute best way to gain muscle is to get educated.  Learn the working factors on how to train.

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The Best Way to Build Feminine Muscle is to Learn:

  1. How a muscle grows
  2. Procedures to fuel and nourish your body
  3. Ways to train properly
  4. Plan to implement cardio
  5. Schemes to rest sufficiently

Each of the above is a very important factor in building muscle.

How a Muscle Grows

To build feminine muscle, a few factors need to take place. First, you need to stimulate the muscle through weight-bearing exercises which creates microscopic damage to the muscle fibers. After an intense training session you need to supply your body with the proper nutrition to replenish your fuel stores.  Once you feed your muscles you need to rest to allow your muscles to recover and repair the damage done during training.

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How to Fuel and Nourish Your Body

To build feminine muscle, you have to feed the machine. What you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat, and how you combine your food groups all have a dramatic effect on how you build feminine muscle, and even burn fat.

Protein is an essential element for building muscle. If you don’t eat enough complete protein, you will be robbing yourself of muscle gains.  Strive to eat at least 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass.

Carbohydrates provide energy for working muscles.  Carbs also direct protein and other nutrients into your muscle cells.  While carbs are an important ingredient to build feminine muscle, too much or the wrong type (processed) can be stored as body fat.

Even though your ultimate goal is muscle gain, you need to also be receiving essential fats in your diet. Without the proper amount and type of fat, your body is unable to build and regulate hormones necessary for growth.

After training, you have 20-45 minutes in which nutrients can be immediately utilized for muscle repair. During this time, it is absolutely essential to consume carbohydrates and protein. I don’t care if you are limited to 50 carbs a day, those carbs must go before and after training if you expect to build muscle.

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How to Train

To build feminine muscle you have to weight train. A muscle grows when it’s forced to grow. Therefore, in order to build feminine muscle and strength, you have to challenge your muscles. This can be done with heavy weight training and progressive overload.

Compound exercises target the all the muscles in the trained muscle group. You should begin your training with a compound exercise, followed by 1-2 auxiliary movements. Choose 2-3 exercises per body part using approximately 3-4 sets each.

Another confusing muscle gaining element is repetitions.  So, what’s your current rep range?  Do you use 10-12 reps or 12-15? Do you feel that’s a heavy workout?  High rep ranges can be effective for muscle endurance, but if you want to build muscle you have to lower your reps to the 6-8 rep range. Using heavy poundage in the 6-8 rep range targets the type 2B muscle fibers, those responsible for growth.

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How to Implement Cardio

Adding cardio to the end of your training session can be catabolic.  Cardio can increase your metabolism. But, too much cardio can eat muscle and lower your metabolism. Too much of a good thing can work against you. You need to be able to assess yourself and know how to properly implement cardio, when, and duration. notes, “When too much aerobic work is added on top of a strength or hypertrophy (muscle growth) program, there is an interference effect.  Once the cardio duration, frequency and or intensity cross a certain threshold, muscular power, strength and size can all be compromised – in that order.”

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How to Rest

To build feminine muscle, you gotta chill. An overtrained muscle will never, ever, ever, EVER grow. You build muscle at rest, provided you train and eat correctly.

Rest is the number one, absolutely most important muscle-growth factor and it’s grossly overlooked. You DO NOT build muscle in the gym. Weight training tears down muscle. Your muscles grow when you feed them immediately after training and allow them to rest.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Train, Eat, Rest = Growth. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, folks.


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