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How Much Should You Squat

Do You Know How Much Should You Squat for Your Weight?

Have you ever wondered how much should you squat?  If you are serious about lifting and building your body, this should be on the top of your list.  Knowing your squat range can help you greatly because it can tell you if you are progressing or struggling in your lifts.

how much should you squat

Make no mistake, the squat is the king of all exercises.  Yes, the leg press is similar to the squat and can be used in your training, but nothing builds raw power and strength like the squat.  While the squat is the most productive lower body exercise, you have to implement proper form to get the most out of it and to avoid injury. Let’s discuss what you need to do to create the perfect squat and the amount you should be able to squat.

Nail Your Form

To build your legs using squats, you have to do it safely.  This means you need to learn the proper form for squatting.  For some, this can be a difficult task.  It’s best to start off using a broomstick or the bar only (45 pounds).  Your squat technique has to be spot on if want to progress and remain injury-free.  Therefore, start off light and get the movement down.

It’s not that squats are bad for you, it’s that most people squat too much with poor form. Small squatting mistakes with light weights will turn into big problems with heavy weight.  Once your form is perfect using the 45-pound bar, then you can start adding a small amount of weight.  Don’t make the mistake of doing extremely heavy squats just after learning the form.  Progress slowly to ensure your form stays with you.

Strap It On

You heard me, strap on your weight belt.  The purpose of a lifting belt is to give your stomach and abs something to push against as you squat down, not to “support” your lower back.  Wearing the proper type of lifting belt can prevent a hernia(s).  Yes, you can get more than one hernia at a time.  When you do get a hernia it’s going to affect your lower body training.

The belt type you wear has a huge impact of its effectiveness.  The leather training belts that are wide in the back and narrow in the front are pointless.  Those trendy, narrow-in-the-front” lifting belts give absolutely zero support for where you really need it.  The lifting belt you should choose should be the powerlifting type.  It’s wide and the same width all the way around.

With a thick and wide belt your midsection will be supported, preventing a protruding bowel (hernia).  With the thick powerlifting belt you can choose the lever or the prongs.  As far as thickness, a 10 mm belt will work just fine.  The 13 mm belts are designed for extreme powerlifting and strongman.

Wrap Them Up

Wrapping up your knees can help you with a good squat, and protect those lower joints.  Beginners may want to start with knee sleeves.   You can get these at any local athletics store.  You just put your foot through and slide the sleeve over your knee.  Knee sleeves offer good support for lunges, squats, leg press and other knee joint exercises.

When you use knee wraps, different from knee sleeves, you can improve your squat form and even squat more weight due to the pressure the wraps create.  They kind of, hold everything together in the knee joint.  Knee wraps are actual wraps you wrap and unwrap before and after each set.  These take more time, but you can pull them really tight to really boost your squat.

How Much Should Your Squat

Now, let’s discuss how much you should squat.  This is the part we’ve all been waiting for.  You have to have all of the above in order before you get to this point.  You need to be able to squat with good form.  Use a belt to prevent hernias.  Wrap your knees to protect those joints.

Now, for experienced lifters, generally, men should be able to barbell squat about 150% of their body weight.  Women should be able to barbell squat about 125% of their body weight. Those are the numbers.  Now, read below to get even more information to build some amazing legs.

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