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How Much Fat Per Day?

how much fat per dayHow Much Fat Per Day Should You Eat

Most people have no idea how much fat per day they should eat.  Fat has been touted as evil and the obesity culprit via mainstream media. This is 100% absolutely false. We have been programmed to go fat-free and count every blessed fat gram in everything.

Low-fat living was a way of life in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. With all the fat restriction, the average person gained even more body fat. Fat is a very important macronutrient. It supports the functions of the nervous and immune system  Fat supports the brain, it assists in the absorption and transportation of many vitamins and minerals.  It can even assist in weight loss, as it is essential for a functioning metabolism.

Your Body Needs Fat

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are just that, fats that are essential to health, vitality, and life.  Our bodies cannot manufacture EFAs, so it is important that we receive them through our nutrition.  These fats are essential, protective, and therapeutic, providing balance and harmony in the body.

Essential Fats:

Support the functions of the nervous and immune system
Build and supports the brain and brain cells
Improve the metabolism
Assist in the absorption and transportation of nutrients and hormones
Regulate the body temperature
Improve insulin management
Influence the productions of hormones
Assist in fat loss

Essential Fats Keep Everything Working

So, how much fat per day?  Well, that depends.  The human body needs a certain amount of essential fats a day to function properly. Failure to eat enough essential fats can cost you precious muscle gains and cause increase fat storage in the long-run.  Since the body cannot make essential fats, they must come from your diet or supplementation.

Fat is two-faced. It can be basically broken down into two groups, good and bad, because they have different molecular structure.  Fats are building blocks called fatty acids. Some are helpful, while others are not.

Your essential fat comes from fish, avocados, healthy oils, nuts and seeds, natural peanut butter, flaxseeds, etc.

Limit or avoid the fats in junk food and processed food such as deli meats.

Fat Perks

Consuming adequate amounts of essential fat lowers carbohydrate cravings and accelerates the burning of stored body fat when complex carbohydrates are limited. Your only fat concern should be that it comes from natural sources, not man-made or processed. Remember, FAKE FOOD is the enemy.  Counting fat grams is fine, you don’t want to overeat them, but don’t go completely fat-free.

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