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Homemade Supplement Secrets Review

“Homemade Supplement Secrets” by Jeff Anderson “The Muscle Nerd”

Homemade Supplement Secrets Program review by Karen Sessions

? Are you tired if spending half your paycheck on sports supplements that promise fat loss and muscle gain in a very short time span?

? Are you tired of the latest “breakthrough” supplement that hasn’t shown you any results yet?

? Are you tired of the empty promises?

? Are you tired of the lack of results?

? Are you tired of being taken advantage of by the supplement industry?

? Are you ready to get inexpensive supplements that are of higher quality?

Hey, I’ve been there and done that, too. We work hard dieting and training, and having that little extra push with supplements really can help muscle gain and fat loss, if the product is of quality.

However, the problem these days is that the sports supplement industry is a billion dollar industry and it capitalizes on your desperation and lack of information.

Would is surprise you to know that many sport supplement companies hide their ingredients behind a “proprietary blend” and “patent-pending” gimmick to hide the real ingredients?

Did you know that some of the “proven” active ingredients listed on many sport supplement labels are in such minute quantities that they don’t even have an effect on muscle gain, fat loss, or energy levels?

The sports supplement industry banks on you to trust their scientific jargon in hopes you view their product as essential for your goals, when most of the ingredients are worthless or in very low quantity.

jeff andersonJeff Anderson, in his top-selling eBook “Homemade Supplement Secrets,” lets you in on the sports supplement secrets and how to overcome them. Jeff provides complete outlines and step-by-step recipes for making your very own supplements that actually WORK! His directions for making your own supplements are so easy that anyone can make them right in their own home.

In addition, Jeff’s homemade supplement recipes are inexpensive and guarantee the finest ingredients for your goals.

Jeff is someone that can identify with your fitness struggles. He has had first hand experience in making supplements that are effective and inexpensive. Jeff has packed thousands of hours to develop and deliver to you the most thorough and advanced information on making your own sports supplements for whatever your goal may be.

In “Homemade Supplement Secrets” you will discover the underhanded secrets the sports supplement companies don’t want you to know because it could jeopardize their money-making success.

Rather than throwing your money away, “Homemade Supplement Secrets” shows you how to replicate the most popular sports supplements for a fraction of the price.

This ground breaking information is well worth what it can save you in the long-run. For instance, chapter 3 outlines how supplement companies actually homemade supplement secretsmanipulate legal guidelines for their own advantage through loopholes. You’d be shocked at how products make it to the store shelves mislabeled. You will discover why you can’t count on the FDA to control the quality and labels of your favorite supplement.

In chapter 4, Jeff lays it on the line and exposes deceptive marking tactics used by the supplement giants to get your hard-earned money. Jeff gives a full list of all the misleading ways some supplement companies use crafty tactics to draw you in to buy their product.

In chapter 6, Jeff tells you all you need to know about how to create your own mini home-base supplement lab. This chapter gives you all the ins and outs of where to get the right gel capsules, fillers, splitters, crushers, organizers, storing containers, kits, etc. In all, the start-up tools are very inexpensive.

Chapter 7 is my favorite chapter. In this chapter, Jeff analyzes the top three products in each of the following categories:

* Energy / pre-workout aids
* Mass gainers
* Muscle builders
* Fat burners
* Sports performance
* Post-workout recovery
* Nitric oxide enhancer’s
* Hormone boosters

After breaking down each of the top 3 supplements, Jeff shows you how to successfully replicate the exact product, making it as potent as you like at a fraction of the cost!

For example, Jeff shows how a 30-day supply of Lipo-6 costs $49.99, but his homemade version costs only $10.24 for the same 30-day supply.

Are you an NO Xplode fan? A 30-day supply of NO Xplode will cost you $134.89. Jeff shows you how his homemade version costs only $31.55 for a 30-day supply.

Each product listing is completely broken down in detail to show you all the ins and outs including colored pictures of each supplement.

In “Homemade Supplement Secrets” you get 24 complete, step-by-step homemade supplement recipes for just $27.00, which is a steal itself.

With this handy eBook at your fingertips, you can save hundreds, it not thousands of dollars on your favorite supplements.

In addition to this revolutionary supplement guide, Jeff also tosses in 3 incredible bonuses valued over $100.00!

* Jeff’s Personal Black Book of Supplement Suppliers
* Unleashed: Natural Testosterone Enhancement Manuel
* Premier Updates

I read this eBook and think it is top-of-the-line and recommend it to anyone who purchases supplements on a regular basis. It’s a huge money saver and you know exactly what’s in your product and what potency.

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