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How to Get Muscle Definition

how to get muscle definitionHow to Get Muscle Definition

If you want to know how to get muscle definition, then here is the REAL information you need to get the job done right.   When you apply the following tactics you will drop body fat and build lean muscle mass to sculpt the detail you want in your muscles.  It’s not a one-shot process.  You have to apply the triad listed below

Your Muscle Foundation Has To Be Established

Muscle definition is the combination of developed muscles accompanied by low body fat.  You have to have BOTH to have muscle definition.  Cutting calories and doing excessive cardio will burn muscle, and in turn, NOT give the muscle definition you want.

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Developed Muscles + Low Body Fat = Muscle Definition

You have to have the muscle there first to sculpt around.  When an artist does clay sculpting, he starts with a lump of clay, the foundation.  He then molds and shapes it to a degree until he can finally sculpt and detail it.  If the artist didn’t have a lump of clay to start with, he can’t carve out any detail.

Food, Nutrition, and Dieting

In order to get muscle definition you are going to have to diet.  But, when I say diet I don’t necessarily mean to cut calories.  Far too many people have the idea of dieting all wrong.  To sculpt that find muscle detail you need to implement a clean diet of whole, natural, and even organic foods.  If the food item has more than 4 ingredients in it, it’s not going to get you the results you want.

Next, you do have to watch your calories.  You can’t eat 5,000 calories of clean food and expect to get muscle definition.  Good try, but we have to get real.  You need calories to build and keep your muscles and to keep your metabolism up to burn off the body fat.  So, a good starting point for calories is to start off with your body weight x 12.  Yes, I know, very generic, but you don’t stay there.  That’s your STARTING point.

Implement those calories for two weeks, check your progress and make tweaks as necessary.  If you didn’t make any progress, then lower your calories 10% and follow for another two weeks.

Tweaking Your Training

When you are on cutting program to get muscle definition, you could lose some strength.  Typically, most muscle-building programs are designed using 8-10 reps.  When you start lowering calories some your strength can be tapped some.  You can compensate by increasing your reps a small degree.  Try taking your reps to 12.  If you can do more than 12 reps the weight is too light and vise-versa.

Also, you can tinker with various Weider Principles to take your training to a different training intensity. tells us, “The Weider Principles, [are] a list of weightlifting truisms gathered and honed by the father of bodybuilding Joe Weider.”  Training principles like drop sets, 21’s, negatives, super-sets, tri-sets, giant-sets, compound sets, partials, etc. can all be used to amp-up your workout.

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