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Garcinia Cambogia – Miracle Pill or SCAM?

Could Garcinia Cambogia Be A Miracle Supplement?

Garcinia Cambogia

I came across an article about a BREAKTHROUGH weight loss supplement that’s getting well-known around the world, Garcinia cambogia, also known as Brindal Berry.  This “breakthrough” supplement is something I have used since 1996 for fat loss and contest prep, and have recommended it to many of my e-clients online to reach their body transformation goals.

But, is it really a miracle supplement?  Does it really do what it claims and just how long has it been around?

This product has come BLAZING out of the woodworks and people are calling this supplement the “miracle pill” for weight loss. Why is it suddenly so popular?  Thank Dr. Oz for its recent fame.  It’s nothing NEW.  The first studies of this supplement were conducted in the 1970s.

Now, if you have any of my eBooks (Figure Competition Secrets, Iron Dolls, How to Lose Weight Forever), you will notice this is one supplement I hold on a pedestal.  That’s because Garcinia Cambogia IS a great product when you take it properly.

What IS Brindal Berry (Not Mumbo-Jumbo)

It is a fruit from India that looks like a small pumpkin.  It contains an organic acid compound called (-) hydroxycitric acid (HCA).  HCA is similar to citric acid in lemons and other citrus fruits, but it has different properties, one of them being the ability to help with weight loss.  Cool stuff.

The dried fruit rind contains roughly 16-26% HCA and is used in cooking in Asian counties.  In fact, it has been consumed in cooking there for centuries with no harmful effects.  HCA has a sweet and sour taste, and when added to food it makes the meal more filling and overall more satisfying.

The form of HCA used in weight loss products is a calcium/potassium salt of 50-60%.  The brand CitriMax™ is the best brand, with a calcium/potassium salt of 60%!

Side-Effects  of Garcinia Cambogia (Must Read)

There have been no reported side effects with proper dosage on healthy people. Garcinia Cambogia is stimulant-free so you won’t get a case of those nasty jitters.  This supplement works best with a diet containing at least 25% or more carbs.

Those who combine Garcinia Cambogia with a whole host of other supplements, as well as taking excessive amounts of other supplements, combined with dehydration may experience headaches or light nausea.

Overall, HCA IS safe for the majority of healthy people. However, you shouldn’t take it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have Alzheimers or dementia.  In addition, I would avoid combining Garcinia Cambogia with any Rx drug.

How HCA Helps With Fat Loss (The Secrets)

HCA can be a wonder supplement if you take it consistently and correctly.  The how’s and why’s of how it works is not typical of the average “fat loss” supplement.

HCA Does 3 Amazing Things:

  1. It suppresses the appetite by causing the body to burn glucose and fat in the liver.
  2. It prevents carbohydrates from being stored as fat by releasing sugar into the blood stream. When there is no sugar building up in the blood stream, you don’t have fat building up since sugar stores as fat.
  3. It cuts cravings for sweets and carbs when #1 and #2 are combined.

Ineffective Formulas (Must Knows…)

It is essential that you get the salt form of HCA, rather than the lactone form, which is less effective.  To be certain you are purchasing a quality supplement, it is better to buy online or from a health food store rather than your local supermarket or pharmacy.  Getting the brand CitriMax™ will ensure 100% quality.

Recommended Dose

Now Super Citrimax: Take 2 caps, 20-30 minutes beforebottle of now super citrimax containing Garcinia Cambogia a meal that contains complex carbs.  Taking it before a carb meal will prevent the carbs in that meal from being stored as fat.

If you eat 3 carb meals a day (carbs combined with protein) then take 3 doses of Now Super Citrimax.  If the meal does not contain any complex carbs, you don’t need to take the supplement for that meal, but you can if you like.

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Beware of Garcinia Cambogia Scams (What to Look Out For)

Anything that gains popularity overnight or that is featured on Dr. Oz will have scams involved.  Karen Weathers at states, “Loads of companies will jump on a trend and sell nothing but that hot product because they know there’s a demand. If the Garcinia Cambogia product you find isn’t backed by a reputable seller, you should steer clear of that company. These people only want your money and likely don’t care about selling you a high-quality product.”  Supplement websites that popped up overnight have some wild claims.

Here are Some Garcinia Cambogia Claims…

CLAIM: The average weight loss is 15 pounds a month (.5 lbs a day) without diet or exercise.dr oz in black suit

TRUTH: Actual average weight loss while taking this supplement is about 5-7 pounds a month (.2 lbs a week).

CLAIM: HCA will boost your metabolism 800%.

TRUTH: Your metabolism is the rate that your body burns calories as a result of diet and exercise.  Since this product doesn’t stimulate your metabolism, it doesn’t boost it.

CLAIM: Your energy level will soar.

TRUTH: HCA does not boost your metabolism so it can’t explode your energy.  If you DO get energy from your HCA, it’s because the brand you are using contained a high-potency stimulant.

CLAIM: Real and quality Garcinia cambogia cost about a $1 per capsule.

TRUTH: You can get high-quality Brindal Berry (GC) for 14 – 25 cents per capsule.

CLAIM: Just take 2 pills a day, that’s it.

TRUTH: In order for this herb to work, it must be in your system BEFORE the carbs get there.  Therefore, take 2 caps 20-30 minutes BEFORE a meal that contains carbs.

You can try the expensive version, paying up to $64 for 60 caps OR get the REAL DEAL that I use and that I recommend to my personal e-clients and get 90 caps for just 12 bucks and some change.

4 Tips for Scoping Out the REAL Stuff

  1. Make sure that the supplement has the brand name CitriMax™
  2. Avoid formulas containing ephedrine.  Companies may include this so you can “feel” something
  3. The label should read: Contains No Sugar, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Soy, Milk, Egg Or Preservatives
  4. Cost .12-.25 per capsule

More Supplement Secrets (Shhhhh…)red arrow pointing down

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