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Congratulations!  You found the freebie page.  Browse through my list of free fitness eBooks and grab the ones that pique your interest the most.  It could be one of them, it could be all of them.  You choose.  Simply enter your name and email address.  Check your inbox (filters too) and click the confirmation link to get your download.  Let’s goooo….

The 10 Laws of Bodybuilding

My FREE fitness eBook, The 10 Laws of Bodybuilding, breaks muscle building down to the basics.  With this guide you can deconstruct your old habits and build new ones, the right way.  Learn how to eat to build muscle and how to implement specific training tactics to boost overall muscle development.  Learn how to use true intensity and proper form to build your weakest muscle group. into your strongest muscle groups.  Misinformation will kill your muscle gains, so learn how to avoid it and set goals and build a new body based on real principles that work.  It’s free.  What are you waiting for?  Plug-in your name and email below and get started…

free fitness eBooks 10 laws of bodybuilding

5 Figure Prep Strategies

My free fitness eBook, 5 Figure Prep Strategies for Getting Stage Ready, is a real hit among the figure competitors who have tunnel vision for winning.  In this guide you will learn how to choose the right organization for your type of physique.  All too often a newbie enters a qualifier when they have a novice body.  Don’t get that person.  Learn where you need to start and move up.  In addition, learn how to diet to lose fat and build muscle, as well as use all-natural supplementation to enhance your physique.  Figure posing and skin prep are also addressed so you will be your best on your competition day.  Go ahead, enter your name and email below and get your download…

free fitness eBooks 5 figure prep strategies

5 Leg Training Hacks

My free guide, 5 Leg Training HACKS, teaches you how to really build your legs, the raw grunt-work of core leg training.   You will gain knowledge on how to avoid over-training your legs.  Let’s face it, when you over-train your lower body, you legs will NOT grow.  Learn the exact method for training legs to super charge them into unbelievable growth.  When you can avoid the leg training mistakes, you leave a lot of room for quality training which leads to muscle growth.  It’s free, so snatch it up now.

free fitness eBooks leg training hacks

Bikini Prep Tips

My free, Bikini Prep Tips, guide will give you all the in’s and out’s on how to build a bikini-ready body fit for the competitive stage.  In this free report you’ll learn more about diet and nutrition, training and cardio workouts to build an amazing bikini-body.  In addition, for bikini contest prep, you’ll learn about how to pose and present your physique to the judges.  With the right guidance, you can create a head-turning body, compete on stage, and win your Pro Card.  What are you waiting for?  It’s FREE.  Just put in your name and email address.  Check your inbox for the confirmation link.  Click it and download.

15 Weight Loss HACKS!

Among my free fitness eBooks I have, 15 Weight Loss Hacks.  This is a true gem for help you lose weight and reshape your body.  In this report you will learn how to read food labels, and I mean beyond the chart listed on the box. Also, learn about an all-natural essential fat that will BURN body fat and boost your thyroid function.  Learn how to eat, balance your pH, and tweak your carbs to burn fat.  Everything is based on 100% natural food, NOT diet foods.  Find out how you can eat and still lose weight.  It’s all about how you combine your foods.  It’s free.  Just enter your name and email address below and I’ll send it right to your inbox.

Easy Tips to Combat Cellulite

In this freebie, learn quick and simple tips on how to combat cellulite.  It’s true.  You can knock cellulite out, dead in it’s tracks.  You just need to learn the root cause.  Cellulite is not caused by eating fat or carbs.  It’s not caused by drinking carbonated drinks.  Once you learn and understand it’s origin, you will be better quipped to knock it out and regain your body.  It’s a free report, so just enter your credentials below and gain access immediately.

protein shake recipes

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