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Tips on Entering Your First Bikini Contest

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Your first bikini contest should be a fun and enjoyable experience.  It can be if you get the right information ahead of time and apply it.  Not only do you have to diet, weight train, and do cardio, you have to follow guidelines that are based on facts and science. Simply winging it won’t have you in top condition, much less a winning physique.  So, let’s go over just a few important pointers before you get started prepping for your first bikini contest.

Full Examination

Before you even think about your dieting and training process, do some research.  You need to know a bit about the sport you are about to take part in.  Learn the difference between a figure competition and a bikini competition.  Know that they each have their place and they have different guidelines and rules to follow with attire and posing.

Be careful though.  Even though the Internet has a lot of good information, it also has a lot of garbage information.  If you are new, it’s going to be hard for you to sift through the mish-mash and determine what is quality and what is not.

One way to avoid the information overload confusion is to stay on this website or get my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course below.  Anything on this website is of quality and won’t steer you wrong.  Just look at the success stories I have.  With the right information, you can achieve the same results.

Build Like-Minded Group

Having a peer group is going to be a part of your success.  It does make prep easier if you surround yourself with other competitors.  Wikipedia tells us, “Peer groups influence individual members’ attitudes and behaviors on many cultural and social issues.”  It’s just a fact.  The more people you have around you that workout, eat well, and compete will make your journey that much easier.

Just look at the young men and women in bootcamp.  They are DRIVEN and unstoppable. More than likely, they will lose that mentality months after leaving basic training. This is because they left their like-minded counterparts.  You are what you surround yourself with.

Avoid Teams

Don’t be on a team.  Teams are not personalized.  They are more about the coaches bringing more competitors to certain competitions.  The team leader or coach that brings the most competitors to a show can win a prize, money, trophy, plaque, etc.  If you want to compete, then you compete.  Don’t compete to bring your coach to a higher status or rub his or her ego.

You see, a team is not about you.  It’s about the coach, leaders, and ALL the competitors.  You deserve to be number one and have a personalized program, not an umbrella program.

Choose a Coach for Your First Bikini Contest

There is a lot to contest prep.  If you just can’t figure it out, hire a coach to guide you.  A good coach will create a personalized diet, training program, and cardio workout, as well as a list of natural supplements you can take if you choose to.  When you hire a coach, opposed to a team leader, you’ll get personalization.  The more a coach can personalize your workouts and diets, the better you will be on stage.

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Getting on stage, competing, and even placing isn’t impossible.  You just need the correct information.  It’s time for you to live your dream.  You can get a jump start on it by getting my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course.  See below…


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