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These Terms of Use (referred to here as the "Agreement") relate to a legally binding deal between figurecompetitionsecrets.com and you ("You" or "Your") with regards to the use of this site. By reading the information listed here, You will be agreeing to the terms listed in this Agreement. You must leave this website immediately if you do not agree to any of the terms listed in this Agreement.

Private Policy

Upon use of this site, You will agree to the collection of details relating to You in accordance to the terms listed in the Privacy Policy. Figurecompetitionsecrets.com strongly recommends that you check back on the Privacy Policy on occasion to see if there are any changes to it over time.

Changes to the Agreement

Figurecompetitionsecrets.com holds the right to change the details in this Agreement at any time. A notice of the changes will be listed on the website as needed. You are responsible for reviewing these changes as they occur. You will be asked to leave the site if you do not agree to the changes.

Also, the Privacy Policy's changes will only relate to the information taken in by figurecompetitionsecrets.com after the new Privacy Policy is created unless you have a request to change it otherwise.


You will be representing yourself as a person over the age of 18 when using the site and will be legally able to enter info as needed. This part of the Agreement will be void where prohibited.


figurecompetitionsecrets.com will give You a non-transferable license to use this site and its services provided that you agree to the terms listed here. This site cannot be reproduced, edited, copied or sold to others without out permission for doing so. Your rights to this license will be removed if you do not obey this rule.

This site is not a professional medical service provider nor does it offer professional advice or a doctor-patient relationship.

The information listed here should be used for informational purposes only. The information must not be considered as a direct medical opinion. The site should not be considered a substitute for an actual medical professional.

You will agree that, before you choose to use this site, that you will talk with a doctor for assistance. This is particularly if you are at risk of serious dietary or health issues.

Third Party Content

There are some pieces of third party content on this site that come from outside sources not associated with us. figurecompetitionsecrets.com does not guarantee that the third party content is accurate and does not accept any responsibility for the content. Figurecompetitionsecrets.com is not responsible for damages that may come from following this content.

User Info

You are responsible for ensuring that the details that You list about Yourself are accurate.

Email Communication

You will agree upon buying an item through this site to receive occasional emails from figurecompetitionsecrets.com about products and services on figurecompetitionsecrets.com. You will also be agreeing to this if You voluntarily send your email address to sign up for this service. You have the right to opt-out of these emails if desired later on.

Third Party Services

Some features on this site are covered by third parties. You must obey the additional terms and conditions listed by these third parties when engaging in activities with them. You should not follow these parties if you will not agree to their terms.

These third parties may also collect information about You. The privacy policies of third parties are different from the policy listed by figurecompetitionsecrets.com. You should not use a third party's services if you will not agree to any of these privacy policies.

Third Party Sites

Many third party websites that lead out of this site are linked here and are consistently promoted as well. Figurecompetitionsecrets.com is not responsible for the details or information on these third party websites nor can it be held responsible for the accurate of the info or any liabilities resulting from following the info.

Illegal Uses

You are not allowed to copy or duplicate any part of the site without its permission. You cannot use any software that might allow content to be read for off-line use nor can you redistribute or rebroadcast data with the site's permission. You cannot get into content that has not been authorized for your access nor can you attempt to breach any blocks that prohibit you from getting access to it. Attempts to spam, mail bomb, crash, send unsolicited email or modify the site are also prohibited. You may be subjected to legal liability if you break these rules.

Intellectual Property

All information on this site is the intellectual property of figurecompetitionsecrets.com or other licensors.

Disclaimers and Warranty Limits

No Warranties

Figurecompetitionsecrets.com will disclaim any warranties listed "as is" and are not responsible for liabilities relating to warranties.

Responsibilities for Damages

You will agree to not hold figurecompetitionsecrets.com responsible for damages caused by information on the site or your access to the site.

Limitation of Liability

Figurecompetitionsecrets.com, its licensors and suppliers cannot be held liable damages relating to your use of this site. These include damages from lost data or profits. This is regardless of if this is from a tort or breach of contract among other points.


All disclaimers listed here do not limit other disclaimers or liability limits between you and figurecompetitionsecrets.com or its licensors.

Your Representations

You will be representing that your use of this site is done in agreement to the policies listed here.


You will agree to hold figurecompetitionsecrets.com and all parties involved innocent of any legal issues relating to you voiding this agreement, violating the terms of use on the site or any other functions relating to its use.

Governing Law

The Agreement must be taken as if it were established and enforced in Miami, Oklahoam and will work alongside the laws in Oklahoma. All causes of actions that come from the agreement must come within a year of when the action occurred. All judicial actions involved will come from courts in or around Ottawa County, Miami, Oklahoma.


Any party involved with the use of the site has a right to terminate this agreement in the event that any terms are breached. Any rights established in the agreement will be removed expect those in Sections 6, 7 and 10-20. You will also be responsible for legal fees relating to any legal actions that come from this termination.


All notices in the Agreement must be given in writing. You are responsible for keeping your email address for receiving these notices accurate. A notice may also be given by postage-paid mail to PO Box 6, Commerce, OK 74354.


The Agreement states that you are agreeing to use "site name" under these terms. All rights cannot be transferred without figurecompetitionsecrets.com giving you permission for doing so.


All passwords used here are for individual users only. You are responsible for protecting your password. Figurecompetitionsecrets.com is not responsible for when your security is compromised. Also, figurecompetitionsecrets.com has the legal right to share your security info with others if necessary.


All terms listed compromise the entire Agreement with all terms being eligible to be edited as needed.

Username and Password

You will get a username and password of your choosing when using the site. You must protect this information on your own. Figurecompetitionsecrets.com cannot be held responsible for losses that come from your account being used by an unauthorized party. Also, you must contact figurecompetitionsecrets.com if any credit or debit card listed on this site has been lost or stolen or is being used without your permission.


When registering with the site you will be agreeing to a Monthly Plan fee of $27 per month. This is recurring fee that involves a rate of $4.97 for the first month only. All charges are nonrefundable and no refunds for partially-used time will be given. The site also has the right to change its fee schedules. You may choose to cancel your membership by visiting http://theelitephysique.com/helpdesk/index. You will lose access to the site if you do this.

Last Updated: Janurary 28, 2016