Are You Interested in Losing Body Fat Your Figure Competition?

Identify The Top 3 Problems Of Why You Are Having Trouble Losing Body Fat...

By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT
Figure Coach

Are you aware that when you implement certain combined tactics such as dropping calories and ramping-up your cardio, that you can actually STOP your body from burning fat and cause it to burn your muscle tissue instead?

After 6 Weeks On Such an Ill-Planned Program The Results Are:losing body fat

  • Muscle loss
  • Metabolic downgrade
  • Fat increase
  • Fatigue
  • Overall soft, yet strung-out appearance

Did you know that approximately 90% of the women prepping themselves for figure competitions are doing it 100% completely WRONG, destroying their metabolisms and setting their bodies up for a cascade metabolic issues for months and even YEARS afterwards?

Did you know that you can actually prep for your figure contest safely? There IS a SPECIFIC way to diet down and implement workouts so you can start losing body fat and NOT kill your metabolism.

This is not wishful thinking on your part. Getting contest-ready doesn't require you to eat 1200 calories of tree bark and rabbit food.

Figure prep does not require an hour of cardio every day. Your figure competition prep does not require you to workout for hours on end.

You CAN be figure-ready without using harsh tactics of starvation and over-exercising.

How do I know? My name is Karen Sessions (NSCA-CPT) and I'm a figure coach and the author of several best-selling fitness eBooks. I've been teaching proper contest prep methods for women from 18-64 for 30 years.

The system I teach starts with AVOIDING the 3 Biggest Problems MOST women make when they start their figure prep. By nipping these 3 issues in the bud, you can start losing body fat, building muscle, and transforming your body week after week and be stage-ready for your goal date.

Here's the kicker... What I'm about to reveal may go against "conventional" contest prep and other advice you may be getting online. That's because contest prep has gone trendy with Crossfit, core training, spin classes, etc.

Girl, if you want to get a body that's worthy to walk across that stage you are going to have to diet like a champ, do cardio like a pro, and workout like a brute.

These 3 Problems Reveal The REAL Reasons You Haven't Been Able To Lose An Ounce Of Body Fat And What You Can Do To Fix Those Issues And Start Losing Body Fat INSTANTLY...

Hold on... The shock may have you in for a bumpy ride. Here's Problem #1...

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You Are Cutting Your Calories Too Low Right Out The Gate And It's Preventing Your From Losing Body Fat...

Obviously you will need to lower your calories to start losing body fat, but FAR too many Figure Competitors are cutting calories TOO low TOO early.

The problem with cutting calories too low too early is that it spawns off a cascade of events:

  • You lose muscle and strength
  • Your fat loss stop immediately
  • Your BMR is lowered to that of a 90-year-old
  • Your cravings take over
  • You blow your diet and gorge

...Can't feel too good.

What you must understand is that losing body fat and calories work together. Your body needs calories to function and to burn fat. Chris Aceto states, “If you cut calories too drastically, the body tries to hoard energy by slowingcutting calories down its metabolism, the calorie-burning mechanism in the body.”

When you start your figure prep diet you need to allow yourself enough time to diet down slowly. This is why competitors diet for 12-16 weeks, so they can lose body fat and keep muscle.

Dieting down slowly (losing 1-2 pounds a week) ensures that you are losing body fat and retaining lean muscle mass. If you start your diet with very low calories, you won't have any room to lower them when you hit a plateau...

...And I can 100% guarantee that you will hit a plateau. It's just a part of prepping.

Ideally, it's a good idea to being your prep diet with enough calories to support your cardio and high-intensity weight training.


But that's not the only problem. Even MORE women are making this error, causing more muscle loss. See Problem #2...

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problem 2

Getting Caught In The Cardio-Trap By Doing Far, FAR Too Much Cardio When You Begin Your Figure Prep...

It's common to see an eager Figure Competitor start her cardio off, Week #1 - 45 minutes of cardio Monday through Saturday. Sunday is that well-deserved Rest Day! cardio for fat loss

It's also common to see Figure Competitors who follow such DRASTIC cardio formats either:

  1. Don't make it to their show day
  2. Arrive at their contest looking strung-out and depleted

With THAT amount of cardio for a solid 12 weeks you would THINK that one would be losing body fat and looking the part of a Figure Competitor. Right?


What MOST coaches WON'T tell you is that doing excessive cardio from day one to contest day will do more harm than good.

When you start cardio out the gate full-force, 100% from day one, doing 45-60 minutes of cardio 5-7 days a week are you just setting yourself up for failure.

The Pro's can't even do cardio structured like that!

If you are prepping for 12-14 weeks, what are you going to do when your body adapts to that amount of cardio? There only 24 hours in a day, how do you build your cardio when you max it out the first week?


You think your heard it all, but there is STILL one more problem many newbie Figure Competitors are making, preventing them from losing body fat. And this one might be the REAL shocker! See Problem #3...

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problem 3

You Aren't Drinking NEARLY The Amount Of Water Necessary For Your Body To Flush Out Toxins So You Can Start Losing Body Fat...

Flushing the fat out your body... How wonderful that would be if it was true. Want to know a little tip? It IS TRUE. You CAN flush the fat out of your body by drinking the right amount of water.

First, sodium attaches to water, so the more water you drink the more excess sodium you flush out of your body. Not only that; drinking enough water flushes toxins out of your body.

Here's the deal. Fat and toxins get trapped in your fat stores. When you drink the proper amount of water for your body, your fat stores begin to let go of excess body fat and toxins, allowing them to be purged right out of your body. water for weight loss

Yeah, a bunch of hocus-pocus, holistic, quackery?

Let me paint a picture. Now, we've all had food poisoning at one time or another. What happens when you get a touch of food poisoning? Your body starts to reject it! You get cramps, you may throw-up and have bouts of diarrhea.

That's your body doing its natural thing, PURGING TOXINS.

But it's not just about purging fat and toxins. Figure Competition diets are typically high in protein so you can build muscle. A high-protein diet requires you to drink a LOT of water to keep your kidneys flushed. Many people think high-protein diets are bad for the kidneys, but it's actually the LACK of sufficient water that's hard on your kidneys.


The truth is, when you stop doing the wrong things in your Figure Prep, you will begin to see changes in fat loss and muscle development. And what's really cool is that you can have a Figure-Ready body in just 12 week by following the tactics that DO Work on the Next Page.


But, A Bullet-Proof Figure Prep Program PROVEN To Work...

Now you are aware that you need to eat calories, approach cardio in a progressive manner, and drink enough water to allow your body to release body fat. Just KNOWING these pitfalls and avoiding them will put you a step ahead of the rest,

Now it's up to you to take it to the next level and implement a Figure Prep Program that's proven to work. This program will allow you to eat real food, use cardio as a strategy, and drink water to keep your body flushed of gunk and healthy.

You made it this far, so I'm confident that you can take the next step and start your prep the right way. Just click the "Next Page" button below and I'll show you a Proven 7-Step Figure Prep System Guaranteed to Work and Have You Stage Ready in 12 Weeks..

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