Do You Want To Get Cut And Defined For Your Figure Competition?

Learn 5 Proven Figure Prep Principles To Get Ready For Your Contest In 12 Weeks FLAT!

By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT
Figure Coach

Are you aware that most Figure Prep Programs cause DRAMATIC muscle loss and KILL your metabolism within the first 6 weeks?

The RAW truth is, there are things you are doing RIGHT NOW in your diet and training, things you are unaware of, that are PREVENTING you from getting that extremely fit body that you want. bridget kidcaff

That's because very few Figure Coaches reveal the Real Truth behind Figure Prep. Most athletes go on severe caloric restriction diets topped with cutting carbs, combined with extreme overtraining, and in the end, kill their metabolism and lose precious muscle...

After 2 Weeks On An Improperly Prepared Figure Prep Program This Can Happen:

  1. Your fat loss stops dead in its tracks
  2. You hold water
  3. You lose lean muscle
  4. Your metabolism bottoms out

Continue it and you'll tap your thyroid and adrenal glands and you'll spiral into a vortex of muscle weakness and lack of energy.

Final outcome, you lost muscle, gained body fat, and destroyed your metabolism. When this happens, you may experience gastrointestinal problems, muscle cramps, gluten intolerance, muscle weakness, bloating, fatigue, foggy memory, salty and sweet cravings, feeing lethargic, etc.

So, you see... it's not your body or your metabolism that's the problem, it's the damaging effects of an Improperly Prepared Diet and Exercise Program that leaves you lost in the dust.

General copied and cookie cutter programs cause a cascade of damaging results that not only set you up for failure for your Figure Competition, but for a longtime afterwards due to Metabolic Downgrade.

As you can realize, crash dieting, overtraining, and 2 hours of cardio a day are NOT the answers to a figure-ready body. To Build a Steady-Ready Body you have to have a Structured Strategy.

If you don't know how to properly diet, weight train, and apply cardio, you'll just end up EITHER Not competing (backing out) OR competing and looking downright horrible on stage. To add insult to injury, your body will then REBOUND and put the weight back on in the form of body fat, not muscle. But that's not all. Since it is weight due to starvation and overtraining, that weight will pack on you Very QUICKLY and will bring on 10 more pounds (at the least).

But you can avoid ALL that confusion, frustration, and misinformation by following these 5 Proven Figure Prep Principles which I reveal below.

Yeah, gurl... It's your LUCKY DAY! This article is about revealing fat loss road blocks and how you can overcome them with your diet and workouts so you can actually build and transform your body and not destroy your metabolism.

These 5 Figure Prep Principles Expose EXACTLY How You Can Lose Pure Body Fat On A Weekly Basis, Workout To Literally TRANSFORM Your Physique, Supplement Naturally To Enhance Your Condition, Pose Like The Pro's To Get Noticed, AND Approach Peak Week To Pull In Hard And Detailed...

Now... I'm going to tell you these 5 Proven Principles that you need to implement to start losing fat as soon as this week and be stage-ready in 12 weeks. Here we go...

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principle 1 figure prep

Use Calories To TORCH Fat And Keep Your Metabolism Running In HIGH-GEAR During Your Figure Prep

figure prep diet

Let's face it.. To get a Figure-Ready body you are going to have to adhere to a structured eating program.

But HOW You Diet Down Will Oversee:

  1. The rate you lose body fat
  2. If you keep or build lean muscle
  3. If you kill your metabolism
  4. If you tap out your thyroid and adrenals
  5. If you enact the rebound effect


First, you need to have calories in your diet that are balanced in protein, carbs, and fat. Why? Because your body USES calories from protein to build muscle, your body uses calories from carbs to provide energy for workouts, and your body uses calories from fat to build hormones.

When you implement ALL the macro-nutrients (protein, fat, carbs) properly in a balanced format, the final outcome is fat loss.

But That's Not All... As you diet down you will have to lower calories to some degree since you will be losing body fat. You have to know where to take those calories from so you keep your metabolism up and running.

Eventually you'll be on somewhat low calories and this is typically when the hormone levels that keep your metabolism humming along (thyroid hormones and leptin) begin to change to the new lower caloric intake. When this happens, it causes the metabolic hormones to drop.

When your metabolic hormones drop due to severe and prolonged caloric restriction, your body will do WHATEVER it takes to keep what calories it has for its survival. The cost of that is that all fat loss will come to an IMMEDIATE STOP. But it doesn't stop there... your body will compensate by INCREASING Insulin and Cortisol (those fat storing hormones).

Your leptin levels are controlled by your caloric intake. Cut your calories too much too soon and your leptin levels take a dive (causing fat storage) and when you eat enough calories or offer a re-feed day your leptin levels recover (prompting fat burning). A properly structured Figure Competition Diet can maximize the fat-burning effect.

Combining proper dieting with a properly structured workout program will boost your fat burning 10-fold. See Principle #2...

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principle 2 contest prep

Implement A Workout Program (Training AND Cardio) Specifically Designed To TARGET Body Fat AND Build Lean Muscle AT THE SAME TIME During Your Figure Prep...

It’s a fact, you have to workout to transform your physique. This part is a no-brainer and most Figure Competitors have no problem with high-intensity workouts.figure training

BUT HOW you structure your weight training and cardio program will have a DRAMATIC effect on how your body actually transforms.

If you overdo the cardio and don’t hit the weights hard enough, you’ll burn precious muscle, leaving you Soft and Flabby on contest day.

You NEED weight training to build your muscles which forms and shapes them. This is what the judges want to see on stage. You will be judged on how well you BUILT your physique. Therefore, you NEED muscle development.

The sad truth is that most Figure Prep Training Programs are NOT rigid enough to build, much less keep lean muscle during Figure Prep. They are a set-up for failure due to training the muscles in an improper format for development.

A Properly Designed Figure Prep Training Program:

  1. Alternates heavy and light training days for MAXIMUM muscle development and cutting effects
  2. Includes various training principles to keep the body off guard so you NEVER hit a training plateau
  3. Ensures that each muscle group is TARGETED with 1-2 compound exercises and 1-2 isolation exercises
  4. Uses varying rep schemes to PREVENT muscle-adapt ion
  5. Includes a MANDATORY rest day for mental and physical recovery

Now Let's Talk Cardio For A Minute...

Cardio workouts for Figure Prep are a dime a dozen. The problem is MOST Figure Prep Programs are not sound in the Contest Diet aspect, and consequently use cardio to compensate. There is NO reason to be doing an hour and a half of cardio 6 days a week. Do that, and you'll lose all your muscle needed for the stage. And, what happens when you lose muscle? Your metabolism slows down to a crawl.

Your Figure Prep Cardio Workouts should build slowly over the course of your figure prep, and it should NEVER exceed an hour. The trick is you want to use your diet AND cardio to burn the candle at both ends so you meet in the middle. If you cut your calories and kill the cardio, you just chopped your candle into a million pieces. Then what do you do?

Your diet, training, and cardio needs to play off one another. This gives you a Three-Method System for back-up methods. This way you NEVER need a Plan B or an Emergency Plan.

When you join your diet and workout program with selected natural supplements, you can enhance your body transformation results 67%. See Principle #3...

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prniciple 3 figure contest

Include Natural Supplements In Your Figure Prep Program To Enhance Muscle Development And Burn Body Fat 67%cutting supplementsFASTER...

Do you NEED supplements to compete in a Figure Competition? No, not necessarily. However, by including certain natural supplements you can enhance your body transformation and do it faster.

You see... Your body is not designed to build and keep muscle easily. The human body is still programmed for caveman times and its innate need is to keep body fat around for survival means.

You CAN overcome this inborn necessity by proper dieting and training. But you can do it a little better and somewhat faster with supplementation.

Now do I mean go out and buy every flashy supplement on the store shelves? No, in fact that's the wrong way. There are only a few key supplements you need during your figure prep to get a Figure-Ready body.

The Trick To A Well-Constructed Figure Supplement Program Is Knowing:

  1. WHICH supplements to take (muscle building supplements and fat loss supplements)
  2. How to take them (the amount per serving)
  3. WHEN to take them (before meals, pre-training, post-training, etc.)
  4. WHEN to STOP taking them before you step on stage

Your supplement selection should come from the actual product QUALITY, PURITY, and SERVING SIZE for what is required to get the desired results. Avoid programs that stick to one supplement brand only. Their product serving size can greatly vary from product to program of what you actually need.

You don't need a LOT of supplements, but a few choice supplements can help the quality of the package you bring to the stage.

After you combine your diet, workouts, and supplements, you will soon be seeing your physique transform before your very eyes... That's the time to start practicing your posing. See Principle #4...

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principle 4 figure competition

The SECOND You Step On Stage You Are Being Judged. Your Posing Can MAKE Or BREAK You Once You Step On Stage...

Figure Posing can seem scary. I mean, you are up on stage in less than a yard of expensive material, there are bright lights beaming striaght janey koltz ifbb pro down on you, there's an audience with all eyes on you, and a judging panel watching your EVERY move.

Let's be honest... You've thought about this already and that's where the buck stops. You don't know how to pose OR you are afraid of making a mistake on stage (perhaps both). Right?

The first thing to realize is that you are not the only one that feels the way you do. The second thing to realize is that you can QUICKLY AND EASILY Learn ALL the Figure Poses. The trick to your posing success is to practice your poses once you learn them. When you do something repeatedly, you become an expert at it.

A Good Figure Posing Program Will Teach You:

  1. The BASICS of how to pose
  2. How to MASTER the Mandatory Quarter Turns (transitions)
  3. The Model or Casual Pose
  4. The Left Side Pose
  5. The Right Side Pose
  6. The Rear or Back Pose (master the lat spread)
  7. HOW to practice
  8. WHEN to start practicing

In all, it's not really HARD to pose, it's just gaining your confidence that you CAN pose. It's so easy to learn the basics and once you learn them you need to practice them. Each time you practice you get better. Guaranteed.

Once you put your diet, workouts, natural supplements, and posing together you'll be ready for your First Figure Competition... Then you can begin your Peak Week to come in hard and detailed. See Principle #5...

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principle 5 contest prep secrets

Peak Week Is The FINAL Step At Pulling Your Physique In Hard And Tight. Get This WRONG And You Just WASTED All Your Time...pose like the pros

Peak week is about using manipulating TACTICS with your diet and workout to hit a mark. A peak is short-lived so you have to apply the proper strategy in a formulated manner to be ready on that ONE day you are shooting for.

The problem is that most Figure Competitors don't know how to successfully peak. Often times, Figure Competitors will typically get freaked out the last week and start doing DRASTIC things such as cutting water out or not eating just to see the scale move.

You can't enter peak week with emotions. It HAS to be 100% PURE STRATEGY.

Avoid Peak Week Programs That:

  1. Has you training ALL week up to the show (you should be resting the last few days, not working out)
  2. Has you going through a FULL workout (you need to be doing glycogen-depletion workouts)
  3. Has you carbing-up on oatmeal (oatmeal will blur muscle definition)
  4. Has you cutting out ALL fruit (fruit has a natural sugar that affects insulin differently from processed sugar)
  5. Has you taking protein powders (99% of protein powders have hidden processed sugar and other junk)
  6. Has you experimenting a week out (you should experiment off-season, not before a contest)

There IS a certain way to implement carbs and water so you actually PULL water from under your skin and DIRECT it into the muscle cells. This is the effect of what brings you in HARD, DRY, CUT, and WELL-DEFINED with nice, full muscle bellies. THIS is what the judges want, NOT strung-out depleted muscle on a soft and flabby physique.

In fact, when you implement All of the above 5 Proven Figure Prep Principles for your figure prep you will lose body fat, build lean and sexy muscle, and be able to present your physique to a panel of judges confidently because you will be hard and ripped. And, you can have all this in just 12 weeks on the next page.

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But A Bullet-Proof Figure Prep Program Is Not For Everyone...

Now you are aware that there's more to Figure Prep than just cutting calories, over-training, and taking supplements haphazardly. These 5 Proven Figure Prep Principles tell you up front that it's ALL about Applied Strategy. HOW you implement each of the 5 factors will have a DRAMATIC effect on your success.

However, it's not for everyone. If you are NOT willing to dedicate yourself to structured dieting, consistent workouts, and practicing your posing, this may not be for you. You really have to set a goal, make a commitment, and follow through. Only Then will you succeed. The choice is yours.

If you are among the ELITE few that wants to make a difference, make a change, and compete in and even win a Figure Competition, then just click the "Next Page" button below and I'll show you a Proven Figure Prep System Guaranteed to Work and Have You Stage Ready in 12 Weeks..

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