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Figure Posing Tips You Need In Order To Win

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If you need real figure posing tips, here’s your information.  The most important part of figure posing is correctly showing your physique to the judging panel. Good quality figure posing highlights your strong muscle groups and hides your weak points. Also, proper posing shows that you have confidence and it will help the judges choose you as the winner.

You stage presentation needs to demonstrate poise, personality, charm, and charisma. In fact, your posing should be a reflection your personality. Good figure posing is the art of looking and acting like a champion.  No matter what goes on while you are on stage you should never relax. Every second you are on stage you need to flex and keep every muscle in your body tight. While you may hear the judges tell the figure competitors to relax, take note that the athletes will go into the casual pose or the model pose.

Model Pose (Casual Pose)

The casual pose or model pose is a feminine pose held slightly to the side with one leg extended, one arm extended, and one hand placed on the hip. This pose allows you to remain tight without having to be in a full rigid pose.  This is the pose you need to go into when you are not called to go into a specific “judging” pose.  Learn it well because if you are in a large class, you will have to hold this position for while.

IFBB Figure Pro Angela Terlesky states, “A Casual pose is used when you will be standing for a long period of time. Generally used during call outs and awards. This pose will allow you to rest from mandatory posing yet it still needs to look presentable.”

Another aspect to figure competition posing is how you turn on stage. When you are on stage your turns will always be to the right, never to the left. When you go into a quarter turn you need to be in that next pose immediately.

Once your time on stage is over, acknowledge the judges and audience, give them a little wave and exit the stage.

What The Judges Are Looking (Pay Attention To This)

These figure posing tips are necessary for your success.  You see, in figure posing, a competitor’s number one question is “what are the judges looking for?” If you want to place well you will have to give the judges what they are looking for.

Competitors are judged on:

  • Muscularity with separation and no striations
  • Balanced symmetry and proportion
  • General muscle tone and muscle shape
  • Overall firmness and not strung-out and flat
  • Stage presence and ability to execute each pose
  • Overall healthy appearance
  • Good skin tone
  • Hair and makeup

Figure competitors do not need to come in as hard and as lean as female bodybuilders or female physique competitors.  Athletes are encouraged to have more muscle shape and an overall athletic appearance.

Figure Posing Pre-Judging (Quarter Turns)

The figure competition pre-judging usually happens in the morning. Pre-judging is the time when each of the athletes are judged on their physique, as well as compared to the other figure athletes in each category.

Pre-judging takes place in the morning so the evening show can run quickly and smoothly. The only judging that takes place during the evening show is when the top placements are compared for the overall title.

During pre-judging you will go through your quarter turns as instructed by the head judge.

Quarter turns involve of a sequence of 4 poses

  • Front pose
  • Left side pose
  • Back or rear pose
  • Right side pose

The poses are called out in a clockwise manner. Knowing this will prevent you from ever turning the wrong way.

You will start off with the front pose. When the head judge calls you to make a quarter turn, turn to the right (the judges will be looking at your left side). Next, the head judge will call to make another quarter turn, turn and face the curtain so the judges can see your back pose. When the head judge calls for another quarter turn, turn once again to the right (the judges will be looking at your right side). Finally, you will be instructed to make another quarter turn to face front.

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