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Figure Posing Suit Selection

Your Figure Posing Suit Style And Design Are Very Critical Aspects

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You’ve been looking at local fitness contests and now have the itch to compete.  If you are going to own your spot on the stage you need the perfect figure posing suit that highlights your physique.  For that figure posing suit to fit right, there is a lot of homework that comes before ordering it.  You will need a lean, fit, muscular, and tight physique to display to the judges.

So, you will need a good GREAT figure prep diet, one that allows you to lose body fat.  Getting excited already… Not only that, you will also have to do cardio to burn the excess body fat your body may be holding.  Yeah, that yucky stuff we don’t like, fat.  While the diet and cardio are doing their thing, you need to implement a well-structured weight training program to retain muscle, and even build muscle, while you are prep mode.  No worries, it can be done.

We have your physique expectations squared away.  Now we need to find the perfect figure competition suit.  One that has been sent from the heavens to fit your body to the letter.

What Makes A Winning Figure Posing Suit (Know Your Physique)

Posing outfits have come a long way since the introduction of figure.  Top level pros like Kimberly Dickson, IFBB Figure Pro Monica Brant, and Megan Wyble have really set the mark at sporting a classy figure posing suit on stage.  This is because they know their physique well to choose the right cut and style.  They also know how to match suit color to their skin tone and hair color.

There was a day when the figure competitors competed in a one-piece AND two-piece suits.  Physique contests have grown, and nearly tripled in the amount of contestants entering.  The two rounds were taking up too much time.  Therefore, the IFBB did away with the one-piece suit round.  Now athletes only need to compete in a two-piece.

Choosing A Cut (It’s NOT A One-Size-Fits-All)

Knowing your body, what your strong points are and what your weak body parts are will enable you to choose a posing suit that will compliment your body.  For example, if you feel you just aren’t lean enough, it’s a good idea to go for the Brazil or Rio cut that sports a round top.  These are a bit more modest and can offer you a little more comfort on stage if you are a little nervous about your physique and going through the judging process.

Skin And Suit Color (So Overlooked)

As minuscule as this may seem, I can’t stress the importance of choosing the right suit color to compliment your skin tone.  Royal blue may look GREAT on you when you wear a shirt and matching ball cap, but stripping down and wear it as posing attire next to your bare skin can just look hideous on you.  It’s ESSENTIAL that you know what color and cut to wear when making your selection.

In addition to this, keep in mind you’ll be tanned withe either spray tan or have a few coats of ProTan and JanTana on. All of these factors can greatly change how a color looks on you.

Your posing suit color should blend with your skin and at the same time it should highlight your physique.  Your posing suit should not stand out like a sore thumb!  You don’t want a suit that’s too bright or one that blends in too much with your skin tone.

If you show up on contest day with a suit that just doesn’t accentuate your physique, you could be green with envy, admiring your competition that did their homework.

Hair And Posing Suit Color (The Art Of The Science)

A figure competition is not only a science (getting the diet and exercise right to burn fat and build muscle), but it’s also an art, your posing, suit color, hair color, etc.  You need the whole shebang.  If you have blond hair, chances are an orange figure suit is not going to look good on you.  Not that it won’t.  You really have to take your skin tone into consideration as well as how tanned you will be and the applied skin dyes.

Bling (Gotta Sparkle It Up)

You can show off your individuality and style by having some glitter, gems, sequins, and rhinestones added to your posing suit.  Creative and eye-catching patterns work well and look snazzy.  Don’t forget to wear your jewelry.  You can catch the spotlight with bracelets, ankles, and other pieces to bring all eyes to you.

What’s The Cost? (The Price Of The Spotlight)

Now, is competing in fitness cheap?  Not really, unless you go the bare basic.  To hold your own on stage, I highly recommend looking into getting a suit designer that is well established.  They can work with you one-on-one for your build, measurements, and the right color and style you need.  The cost of a posing suit can vary from a couple hundred all the way up to a thousand.  But keep in mind that a suit designer’s specialty is posing suit customization and personalization.

As you can see, not only is the diet and training quite the chore, but so is picking out the right figure posing suit for your build.  However, you do have the advantage of finding a suit designer to take that headache off of your shoulders.

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